10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Fantasy 13 takes some time to get used to. These beginner tips should help newcomers along during the early game.

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10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

There are many amazing games that come to mind when it comes to the Final Fantasy series. Whether it be the amazing scope of Final Fantasy VI, the groundbreaking nature of Final Fantasy VII, or the amazing next-gen experience that is Final Fantasy X — there are several options that players can choose from when it comes to selecting their favorite Final Fantasy title.

However, there’s one game that most people tend to discard in this conversation, and that is Final Fantasy XIII. The game took a ton of liberties with the Final Fantasy formula, resulting in a title that split new fans right down the middle. However, players who are willing to look past the faults of Final Fantasy XIII will find that the gameplay and story of this title get more and more interesting further down the line. Players who want to get into Final Fantasy XIII should check out the following tips to make their journey through this game slightly easier.

10 Using Debuffs Is Critical For Success

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Unlike the other games in the series, debuffs in Final Fantasy XIII are almost as effective on bosses as they are on normal enemies. So, players should make it a priority to afflict enemies with negative status effects as much as possible.

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Given how challenging some of the bosses in Final Fantasy XIII are, these debuffs can make fights significantly less challenging. It’s a great way to mitigate the unnecessarily high level of difficulty in these climactic encounters.

9 Shift Paradigms As Much As Possible

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Paradigms are one of the most important gameplay elements in Final Fantasy XIII. Mastering these systems is imperative to succeed in each and every combat encounter.

Players should make it a point to shift these paradigms as much as possible during gameplay to make the most of each class. Along with this, shifting Paradigms after one ATB bar is filled causes the entire gauge to fill up. This can be less helpful during the first Paradigm shift — when the animation is way longer — but ends up being quite helpful when players abuse this mechanic over and over again throughout a battle.

8 Ravagers Are Great To Build Stagger Damage But Don’t Abuse This Class

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Ravager is one of the best paradigm roles in Final Fantasy XIII. It allows players to fill up an enemy’s stagger bar as quickly as possible to stun them and leave them more susceptible to damage.

However, keep in mind that the stagger damage dealt by a team comprising solely of Ravagers isn’t sustainable. The stagger gauge goes down way quicker… unless players have Commandos in the team that can slow down the gauge’s rate of decline.

7 Commandos Are Ideal To Deal Damage When Enemies Are Staggered

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

After staggering the enemy, it’s recommended that players switch to a team comprising majorly of Commandos to deal as much damage as possible. It’s a great way to maximize the damage during this portion of a battle.

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Of course, players are free to experiment around with staggered enemies by utilizing different systems. However, during challenging boss fights, it’s recommended that players make full use of this Stagger system and hit them where it hurts with Commando paradigm roles.

6 Learn How To Make The Most Of The Upgrade System

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

The upgrade system of Final Fantasy XIII might seem rather basic, at first glance. However, there might be a point where players will get frustrated that their weapons aren’t upgrading fast enough.

A general rule of thumb followed by most players here is to use organic materials to increase the upgrade multiplier all the way to 3x. Following this, players should start using powerful inorganic materials to maximize the speed at which weapons can be upgraded.

5 The Game Opens Up After A Few Hours, So Bear With The Linear Phases

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

A common criticism of Final Fantasy XIII is that the game takes almost 30 hours to get to the good stuff. It’s an absolutely ridiculous requirement, and fans of this game understand why so many people leave this title before fully completing it.

However, there’s no denying the fun and enjoyment that players can experience after powering through the first ten chapters of the game. It’s a huge ask, but the manner in which the game opens up and allows players to access a wealth of content is certainly quite commendable regardless.

4 Grinding Isn’t Necessary — Or Recommended — In This Game

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

For the most part, Final Fantasy games don’t really make grinding mandatory unless they plan to tackle some of the hardest challenges in these titles. However, given how challenging some battles in Final Fantasy XIII can be, one can’t be faulted for thinking that grinding is a must in this game.

This isn’t even remotely the case. More often than not, players who hit a roadblock in the game do so due to improper paradigms that don’t let them capitalize on an enemy’s weaknesses. They’re better off experimenting with their paradigms instead of grinding to upgrade a Crystarium that is locked away behind story progression anyway.

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3 Never Emphasize Defense Over Offense Unless Absolutely Necessary

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Prioritizing defense in Final Fantasy XIII is a great way to suck out all the joy from the game’s admittedly impressive combat system. It might seem like a viable tactic when players are getting the hang of the combat system, but it’s a completely unsustainable tactic in the long haul.

Players need to go on the offensive all the time against enemies to fill up their stagger gauges and leave them open to attacks. Failing to do so and constantly holding back will lead to unnecessarily long and boring battles.

2 Use Gestalt Mode Wisely

10 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy 13

Gestalt Mode is easily one of the most overpowered modes in Final Fantasy XIII. Fighting helpless enemies while riding a summon is easily one of the coolest parts of any Final Fantasy title.

That being said, players should keep in mind that this mode shouldn’t be abused whenever players get the opportunity. Rather, players should bide their time and use Gestalt Mode only during the most challenging encounters to defeat their enemies in style.

1 Summoning Eidolons To Avoid Damage Is A Viable Tactic

Summons are a classic aspect of any Final Fantasy title, and Final Fantasy XIII is no exception to this rule. Bringing a godlike deity to right alongside the party leader is a wildly enjoyable moment pretty much all the time.

One thing to be aware of is that players are invulnerable during the summoning animation. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary damage and ensure that players don’t get one-shotted when facing an immensely powerful attack during a challenging boss fight.

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