10 Best Anime Like One Piece

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

One Piece is an iconic anime, but what other shows like Dragon Ball or Vicky the Viking will fans of One Piece be sure to enjoy?

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10 Best Anime Like One Piece

One Piece isn’t a perfect anime, but it has made a huge impact on fans all over the world. Few other anime have exactly captured that same sense of adventure, kinship, and endless possibilities the way that One Piece has. While that’s probably for the best, it’s easy to get stuck in that anime void of not knowing what to do next after watching it.

In the likeliest of scenarios, people have spent weeks if not months and years catching up with the anime; and once that latest “To Be Continued” hit, it’s hard to adjust back to any other anime. With that in mind, there are a few anime out there that can make adjusting back to being a normal otaku much easier while still riding the same momentum from the Straw Hat Pirates.

10 Dragon Ball

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

It’s hard not to compare One Piece to the very franchise it owes its legacy to. While Dragon Ball’s sci-fi setting and heavier focus on combat may delineate from One Piece’s focus on adventure and fantasy, it still matches up well with the pirate anime’s imaginative characters and sense of friendship. Look no further than Son Goku to see a near carbon copy for Luffy’s entire being.

And, if people really are itching for a strict, adventure series, then there’s nothing like early Dragon Ball, where a young Goku and Bulma explore the world to collect the titular MacGuffins. After experiencing all that Son Goku has to offer, there will be no question as to how his adventure eventually led to Luffy’s.

9 Vicky The Viking

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

While Dragon Ball may have helped inspire One Piece’s characters and shonen principles, it wasn’t the main inspiration for Eiichiro Oda’s work. Oda himself has accredited all that he envisioned his work to be after the classic anime series Vicky the Viking. In this anime, Vicky is the son of the chief of all Vikings who just wishes his son to be a brave warrior (an oddly Usopp-esque aspiration).

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Vicky’s father decides to take him along on his adventures, but most of the stories involve him and his crew getting into trouble while Vicky himself has to find a way to save them. While far from the same series, Vicky the Viking is still an interesting watch for people wanting to know where One Piece came from.

8 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

There are few adventure anime as grandiose and large as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. For those that loved One Piece for telling the story of friends on an adventure, then Gurren Lagann is a great recommendation. Coming from mines lying beneath a planet’s crust, Simon and Kamina begin exploring the grander world after getting their hands on a giant robot.

Their adventure only gets exponentially larger after they travel more of the world, make new friends, and add new robots to size up their own. There are plenty of twists and battles along the way as well as a special brand of high-octane animation that can only come from the people who would eventually form Studio Trigger.

7 Hunter x Hunter (2011)

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

Hunter x Hunter is virtually the inverse of One Piece in terms of craft and detail. Instead of being a long-running series that consistently builds one, big adventure, Yoshihiro Togashi’s biggest work has wide gaps between serialization that lead to some of the most detailed storytelling ever seen manga or anime (though a lot of those gaps are due to health issues).

Much like Oda, Togashi set out to create a large, imaginative world but became more fascinated with the details and intensity of every character interaction and arc. There’s still plenty of creative ideas to match One Piece’s imaginative world and there are plenty of entertaining friendships; but for those who really just wanted One Piece’s fights to be more rewarding, then nothing can beat Hunter x Hunter’s special brand of cerebral combat.

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6 Trigun

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

In a world where One Piece was initially meant to be a Western series, Trigun is here to fulfill some of the what-if scenarios. While some people will like One Piece for its grand adventure, others may simply just like the idea of wanted criminals on the run who have plenty of personality.

In Trigun, Vash the Stampede is the most wanted man in the world, and he’s being hunted down by every outlaw and bounty hunter with a gun. Vash, however, is a pacifist, and always strives to save other people. That is whenever he’s not trying to run away. A sci-fi spin on the Western format, Trigun has that same mix of optimism and surprising stoicism that has helped make the Straw Hats themselves so endearing.

5 Cowboy Bebop

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

Though its sci-fi setting lends itself to a much larger world, Cowboy Bebop doesn’t concern itself with exploring fantastical kingdoms or taking down warlords (for the most part). Its characters are also much more reserved and nostalgic than One Piece’s colorful line of characters. What bridges these two, however, is the fact that they’ve both managed to make either of their worlds feel detailed and lived in.

Every One Piece kingdom has a tangible sense of culture and history, and nearly every room and planet of Cowboy Bebop speaks volumes to the people that have lived there. These two shows have very different personalities but they both make that style incredibly palpable in their art and storytelling. Also, it’s just one season. There’s no excuse to skip this classic.

4 The Seven Deadly Sins

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

The Seven Deadly Sins focuses on a group of criminals trying to skirt the law (at least initially) who each have incredible powers and personalities, yet they are also drawn to the same magnetism of a charismatic albeit airheaded leader.

Both series also take place in a fantastical setting and have an anthropomorphic animal mascot (though that may not be saying much in anime as a whole). But what separates this series is its constant battles and action. There isn’t a meticulously detailed magic system here. Everyone just has enough development to describe their backstory and justify why they’re lifting mountains like weights.

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3 Fairy Tail

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

Fairy Tail is often derided for being a knockoff of One Piece, often tying back to a false rumor that Hiro Mashima once worked under Oda and stole a couple of his ideas. These claims are unfortunate, as they’ve kept some people from enjoying the wild and emotional adventure that takes place in Fairy Tail’s wizarding world.

While the series may not be for everyone, it does have One Piece’s same sense of personality and camaraderie within its titular adventuring guild, and every story arc is a strong showcase for shonen fundamentals like friendship speeches, power bursts, and lots of tears.

2 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

10 Best Anime Like One Piece

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shonen staple that has been ongoing since the late 1980’s, and it has come to show shonen battles and adventures at some of their best and, of course, bizarre. For those wanting something similar to One Piece’s imaginative fights, eccentric villains, and funky-looking world, then look no further.

Early Jojo stories focus on a grand family battle against vampires, while its later stories bring in Stands, an ill-defined but wonderfully imagined power that has allowed people to stop time, personify sound effect bubbles, and trap people in an electric pylon.

1 Gintama

If anyone doesn’t really care for One Piece’s whole “traveling around the world” schtick but just cares about the loveable band of misfits who get into a lot of trouble, then there are few other series better at that formula than Gintama. A comedy anime dedicated to parodying shonen series and the manga/anime industry as a whole, Gintama has taken its core cast of characters to strange and interesting places.

Focusing on the exploits of an odd jobs team comprised of an aspiring dojo student, an ex-revolutionary rebel, and an alien fighter, Gintama looks at the various ways its main characters can mess up a job while still managing to be endearing when it comes to protecting their friends. The series also has a surprisingly good live-action movie.

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