10 Best GhostType Pokemon

10 Best Ghost-Type Pokemon

Over the decades, Game Freak has introduced 44 number of ghost-type Pokemon to the Pokemon franchise. These are the 10 best ghost-type Pokemon in series history.

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10 Best GhostType Pokemon

In the first generation of Pokemon games, Game Freak introduced three ghost-type Pokemon, all part of the same evolutionary line. Since the days of Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, the number of ghost-type Pokemon in the Pokemon series has grown to 44, making ghost-types some of the rarest and most sought-after Pokemon.

Ghost-type Pokemon are unique, often having abilities or odd backstories that help them stand out from the hundreds of other pocket monsters. For any Pokemon trainers looking to add a ghost-type Pokemon to their roster for Halloween, we think these are the 10 best ghost-type Pokemon in series history.

10 Aegislash

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Aegislash earns a spot on this list for not only being a special ghost-type Pokemon, but one of the most unique Pokemon in general. As of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Aegislash and its evolutionary line are the only Pokemon that are both ghost- and steel-type. Its rare type combination isn’t the only reason why Aegislash is such a unique Pokemon, though. It also has two forms that it can switch between in battle, with its Blade Forme used for offensive attacks and its Shield Forme used as a defensive stance. And if that weren’t enough, Aegislash is also the only Pokemon in the series that can learn the move King’s Shield, so saying it is a “unique” Pokemon is a bit of an understatement.

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9 Banette

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

First introduced as a part of the third generation of Pokemon, Banette is the evolved form of Shuppet. And as far as ghost-type Pokemon go, Banette has one of the creepiest backstories. Initially a mere puppet, Banette has been brought to life by hatred and specializes in cursing its enemies by sticking pins in its own body like a voodoo doll. Later games would see Banette’s supernatural powers increase with the Banettite item, which transforms it into the powerful Mega Banette.

8 Chandelure

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Chandelure looks like a chandelier possessed by a ghost, which seems like reason enough to earn it a spot among the dumbest-looking Pokemon. However, Chandelure has proven to be a favorite ghost-type Pokemon nevertheless, making appearances in video games outside the mainline Pokemon titles. For example, Chandelure appears as an enemy in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS, and is also a part of the Pokken Tournament roster.

7 Decidueye

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

When the starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon were first revealed, by far the most popular new creature was Rowlet, whose cuteness caught the attention of Pokemon fans the world over. Rowlet became even more popular when its final form, the grass/ghost-type Pokemon Decidueye, was revealed. Decidueye’s popularity saw the Pokemon added to Pokken Tournament DX as an exclusive fighter in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

6 Gengar

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

One of the most recognizable ghost-type Pokemon in series history, Gengar was first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. The evolved form of Gastly and Haunter, Gengar has been regularly featured in all forms of Pokemon media since his introduction and is notable for being one of the first on-screen Pokemon in the anime series. Gengar’s creepy Pokedex entry in Pokemon Moon makes the creature even more noteworthy, as its loneliness and desire for a traveling companion apparently cause it to kill people to create other ghosts.

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5 Giratina

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Out of all the ghost-type Pokemon on this list, Giratina is arguably the most powerful, with the ability to travel freely between different dimensions. A ghost- and dragon-type, Giratina is one of the legendary Pokemon in the fourth generation of games, and serves as the mascot for Pokemon Platinum. Giratina was also featured prominently in the Pokemon anime movie Giratina and the Sky Warriors, cementing itself as one of the most important ghost-type Pokemon in series history.

4 Lunala

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Lunala is another legendary ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon . Lunala is powerful enough to create wormholes, which is remarkable as it is the final evolved form of the relatively weak Pokemon Cosmog in Pokemon Moon. Lunala’s immense power is also the only Pokemon (to date) that can learn the ghost-type move Moongeist Beam, which forces the Pokemon to transform into its Full Moon phase when activated.

3 Marowak (Alola Form)

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced a popular new concept to the franchise called Alola forms. For the uninitiated, Alola forms are redesigned versions of first-generation Pokemon, which have developed differently than their Kanto region counterparts due to the unique climate of the Alola region. Marowak is one such Pokemon that has an Alolan regional variant, going from a ground-type Pokemon to a fire/ghost-type Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

Alola form Marowak being a ghost-type Pokemon is arguably more fitting for the creature’s backstory. As fans may recall, Marowak evolves from Cubone, which is a Pokemon wearing the skull of its dead mother as a helmet. In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, players encounter a ghost Marowak in Lavender Town, so the Pokemon always had a spooky element to it, even before it became a ghost-type.

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2 Mimikyu

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

Some ghost-type Pokemon have dark backstories, but Mimikyu’s is just depressing. This small ghost- and fairy-type Pokemon desperately wants to be friends with people, but since its appearance reportedly causes illness, most people avoid it. In an attempt to boost its popularity, Mimikyu takes on a disguise, dressing up as a Pikachu, the most famous Pokemon.

1 Sableye

10 Best GhostType Pokemon

A strange, goblin-looking creature, Sableye is a dark- and ghost-type Pokemon introduced in the franchise’s third generation. Sableye is rarely seen in the daytime and tends to live in caves, with its diet mainly consisting of gemstones. Pokemon GO players may be lucky enough to find a shiny Sableye out in the wild, but they should be careful not to look into its eyes, as rumor has it that doing so will cost a person their soul.

Even though there are currently over 800 Pokemon out in the wild, fans can expect Game Freak and Nintendo to dream up even more collectible creatures for future games, like the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG. How many of those new Pokemon are ghost-types remain to be seen, but at least a few should be supernatural.

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