10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Become the very best, by using strategies no one ever has.

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10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Pokemon has long been praised for its battling system. It’s a simple enough mechanic for casual players to grasp, and fun for younger children to play through the main game with. It also has some surprising depth and challenge when brought into higher-tier competitive play.

The biggest draw of the Pokemon VGC is the fact that no tam is too powerful to overcome. By using a healthy combination of strategy and RNG, it is always a toss-up as to whether you will win or lose a match, no matter how good your team composition is. This inherent balance can be thrown off however, and certain strategies can wipe an opponents team without losing a single Pokemon. Here are some unconvential but effective strategies to try.

10 Rattata Sweep

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

This build should only be used against a foe to totally humiliate them, so use with caution. First, make sure you have six level one Rattatas on your team. Each one needs to know Endeavor and Quick Attack.

Next, give the Pokemon a Focus Sash to hold onto. Your pokemon will always move last, so all you have to do is wait for the enemy to attack. Your pokemon will be brought down to 1 HP. Using endeavor will bring the enemy Pokemon down to 1 HP as well. Then all you have to do is use Quick Attack which is a priority move in order to outspeed the opponent. Rinse and repeat six times. This strategy can only be countered if the opponent has any Ghost-Types, priority moves, or the Toxic move.

9 Sticky Barb

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Sticky Barb is a lesser-used item that is transferred to Pokemon via contact. As long as a Pokemon holds this item, it will lose about 13 percent of its HP each turn. The item can only be transferred if the attacking Pokemon holds no item, so put the Barb on a fast Pokemon that has access to Knock Off.

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The strategy here is fairly straightforward. Identify a dangerous physical attacker on the enemy team. Send in your Sticky Barb Pokemon, and transfer it onto the enemy. Then switch to a tanky Pokemon that holds an item and stall the other out. This process can be sped up by using Toxic or applying the Poison status effect to the barbed Pokemon.

8 Reduce, Reuse

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Berries can change the outcome of a Pokemon battle on their own. In the right hands though, they can create an almost game-breaking synergy. Recycle can make berries work for you in the correct format.

Recycle can be used to powerful effect in two ways. First, if you have a Dedenne, with the Ability Cheek Pouch, you can use Recycle after Dedenne has consumed health-restoring berry. This is essentially infinite healing as long as the Pokemon can take more than two consecutive hits. Recycle can also be used by Pokemon like Snorlax or Shinotic who already have HP restoring moves. Their Berries can be replaced with ones like the Petaya or Liechi Berry to slowly stockpile damage boosts.

7 Fell Stinger

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

If you are having trouble turning the tide of battle, consider making Fell Stinger a part of your team. Fell Stinger has low attack damage, but if an enemy faints from its use, your pokemon will gain two stages in Attack.

The best way to utilize this move is to set up Sticky Webs and try and drop the enemy’s stats with Parting Shot. The hardest part of this build is to make sure the other Pokemon does not switch out. Once you can lower the opposing Pokemon to low health, switch in your Fell Stinger user and proceed to sweep the game. Some good candidates for this move are Drapion, Togedmaru, and Beedrill.

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6 Strength Sap Stall

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

The addition of new Pokemon forms really shook up both the general and the battle communities. No Pokemon shook things up more than Galarian Corsola. This Pokemon is so powerful, a strategy can be made around it alone.

All that’s needed is a Galarian Corsola with Haze, Toxic, Strength Sap, and Night Shade. Slap an Eviolite onto this tank and your foe will struggle to damage you. This strategy works as follows: Apply Toxic to the opposing Pokemon. Use Strength Sap to recover Health. This move recovers less health the less Attack the other Pokemon has. Reset the Attack with Haze, and use Night Shade as needed to make the Pokemon go down faster.

5 Super Sponge

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Pokemon sure would be easier if the other Pokemon can’t hit you. The idea of this team is to maximize that chance as much as possible.

Create a team with Pokemon that have the Sap Sipper and Lightning Rod as their abilities respectively. Take Heliolisk with Dry Skin, and a Chandelure with Flash Fire. Finally, take a Grimmsnarl and a Steel-type with Levitate as your fifth and sixth party member. With this composition, your team will be immune to any attack in the game, except Dark, Rock, Bug, Flying, and Fairy, so long as you can anticipate their next move accurately.

4 Soul Transfer

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Baton Pass can feel like a wasted move, as you often get hit right after you use it. There is a way to mitigate this risk.

A strong starter for this build is Ninjask with Focus Sash. Its Speed boost will allow it to passively gain speed, and you can Swords Dance until you are brought to low health. At that point, alternate between tanky Pokemon like Mew and Chansey to set up Calm Minds and Cosmic Powers. Once you are comfortable, Baton Pass into any Pokemon with Stored Power to sweep your opponent.

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3 Stun Lock

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

Another build that focuses on the opponent never being able to touch you, but this time with double the effect.

Choose Jirachi and Togekiss. Make sure that each carries a King’s Rock, and that their movepool consists of Thunder Wave and any move with a flinch chance. If both these Pokemon have the ability Serene Grace, flinch chance on both the items and moves will be doubled. This combined with Paralysis will make it so that the opponent can almost never move so long as you outspeed it.

2 The Gambler

10 Creative Strategies To Win Pokemon Battles

RNG is a huge factor in whether a Pokemon Battle will be won or lost. If you are feeling lucky try this build. Take Glalie and Octillery with the Moody ability. Then fill your other slots with Acupressure users like Drapion, Shuckle, and Toxicroak.

The aim of this build is to get extremely high in every stat and then sweep with a single Pokemon. This build requires as many turns as possible to set up so try putting Protect on all party members and giving Baton Pass to Shuckle and Toxicroak to preserve any positive stats you roll.

1 Weatherman

Weather is a powerful effect in the Pokemon franchise. When you are in control of it, you have a better chance of winning. Rain and sun are the most powerful offensive weather in the game but we will take a look at how to use a few.

Obviously setting up the sun and then sending in a Pokemon with Solar Power is a strong combination. Rain and any Water-type are the same way. But if you set up Sandstorm or Hail, and then send in a Pokemon holding Bright Powder, weather can be used defensively. All you need is a Pokemon with the Sand Veil or Snow Cloak Ability as appropriate. These abilities along with the item will make it much harder for your opponent to land a hit.

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