10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

10 New Years’s Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones can help you start your 2020 the right way. By looking at the characters, you can get ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

You Are Reading :10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

Fans will always remember 2019 as the year that Game of Thrones went off the air. It’s hard to look at a new year (and a future) without the epic HBO program. But, as we look back on the year that was and contemplate the year ahead, perhaps we can all learn a little something from the characters we are leaving behind. What resolutions might have meant something to these characters before they ended where they did? What might have made a difference in their lives before the future of Westeros was so profoundly rewritten? What might have staved off the tears of so many fans? Here are just a few ideas for some of our long lost favorites.

10 Cersei Lannister – Spend More Time With Family

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

If only Cersei Lannister had made such a resolution for herself, those of her city and her children included might have been saved. Imagine if, after the loss of eldest son Joffrey, the Queen regent had taken a step back and resolved to spend more time with her remaining family members? Would her twin brother Jamie ever have ridden from her side? Would her son Tommen have been so unhappy? Would her father have died?

She will never know, and neither will we. But maybe everyone should make a point of spending more time with family this coming year.

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9 Jamie Lannister – Learn a New Skill

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

This classic resolution could have made all the difference for our fallen, risen, and then fallen again knight, Jamie Lannister. Perhaps having his right hand, his sword hand cut off could have been an opportunity for Jamie. He didn’t need to learn to fight with his left hand, he needed to learn something else, something new. If he had, perhaps the world of Westeros would have looked different in the end. If he’d taken on diplomacy he might have been able to save his sister from herself. He might have been able to save at least two of his children. But Jamie only went back to what he thought he knew. Learn from the Kingslayer’s mistakes. Learn something new this year.

8 Tyrion Lannister – Drink Less

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

It may not have made the show any more fun since Tyrion always had the best sense of humor, but perhaps he would have been more successful and even more brilliant for it. It was no secret that in the last two seasons of Game of Thrones, Tyrion’s brilliance seemed to slip ever so slightly. Always so sure, even when standing trial or being sneered at, Tyrion used to know what was needed and when to do it. Whether he had to lead the fight on Blackwater Bay or manage the musings of a tyrant, (Joffrey) Tyrion was always full steam ahead.

Only later did he begin to question the people he claimed to believe in and thus question himself. Only after drinking his way through Essos did he decide that making a deal with slavers was smart. Only after returning to the well-wined halls of Westeros did he decide his sister’s word was something he could trust. Let us all toast to moderation in honor or our favorite Hand.

7 Sansa Stark – Believe in Yourself

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

Sansa eventually does take on this resolution herself and fans cheered for it. Audiences also felt bad that the once suffering eldest daughter of Eddard Stark did not try to fulfill this resolution a little earlier in her life as a damsel in distress. Anyone can take a cue from Sansa and start a little bit sooner. These are the 365 days where you can decide to believe in yourself. Hold your head up, know where your home is, and use your past experiences to your advantage. Follow the path of Sansa Stark, believe in yourself, and start soon.

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6 Arya Stark – Get Organized

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

We know that she is going on a trip but the internet still has questions for young Arya. Some want to know if she’s really prepared for this sea journey she has decided to take. Has she done as much research as is necessary for this trip? Is it possible she left someone behind? (Someone like Gendry Baratheon maybe?)

Everyone loves brave, strong, ruthless Arya. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. Perhaps if this “Faceless Man” had taken a bit more time to organize before setting off on her next adventure, she might have found something she wasn’t even looking for, like happiness.

5 Jon Snow – Invest in Life Insurance

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

No one is sure that there is a policy out there that covers both death and resurrection, but if there is, that’s the one Jon Snow needs. With his track record and the danger of most of the jobs he’s held, it’s sort of amazing he never thought of this before. Don’t be Jon Snow. Consider your life as worth something. This is practical, straightforward advice and could be one of the simplest resolutions for the new year. It’s not abstract so make an appointment. Sign the papers. Get it done, especially if you have plans coming up that will lead you on another dangerous outing into the unforgiving north.

4 Brienne of Tarth – Take a Vacation

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

That’s right, reward yourself in the new year. If anyone deserves a reward, and certainly a vacation, it’s Ser Brienne of Tarth. Brienne has always been the most heroic of any character on Game of Thrones. She has made oaths and kept them. Few characters in the world of Westeros can be seen as good, inside and out, and the only example that comes close is Ser Brienne. After dealing with Jamie’s quips, insurmountable battle odds, and the whims of half a dozen monarchs, no one deserves a break more than Brienne.

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3 Jorah Mormont – Practice Self Care

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

What is self-care? It can be anything that is meant to help a person take care of their health, be it mental, emotional, or physical. Dear Jorah could certainly have used all three. It is amazing, important, and selfless to love someone. But, as a single-minded endeavor, it can ruin you in a countless number of ways. Had Jorah taken a moment to rest, a day to consider his past, offered himself a kind word, perhaps he might have spared himself even a sliver of anguish. He suffered beautifully, but fans will always wonder what a happy Jorah Mormont might have offered the world. Don’t spend this year making the same mistakes.

2 Daenerys Targaryen – Read More

10 New Yearss Resolutions Inspired by Game of Thrones Characters

We know Daenerys read the books Jorah gifted her on her wedding day, but there is always more to learn. Perhaps if she had read more and understood more about the people and country she sought to rule she would not have had to depend on so many advisors, many of whom did not always have her best interests in mind.

It’s hard to be self-taught, self-educated, but one does wonder what a few more looks through “Histories of the Seven Kingdoms” might have meant for her plans when she finally made her return to her homeland. Try to read more this year before you don’t have any more chances.

1 Rhaegal Targaryen – Learn a New Skill

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, except perhaps for Rhaegal, because (spoiler alert) Rhaegal died. If only he had tried to learn something beyond flying and hunting the year before. Consider Rhaegal’s fate if the dragon had spent the previous year learning to swim. Don’t make the same mistake this dragon made. Learn a new skill in the new year. It could end up saving your life.

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