10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

Anyone looking to permanently commemorate their love for Jurassic Park on their bodies need look no further than these brilliant tattoo ideas.

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10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

One way fans show off their love for certain television shows and films is through tattoos, as interests and passions can be permanently displayed on bodies in this way. And one film franchise that has a huge following, really stands out, and has expanded over the years is Jurassic Park.

The dinosaurs, the park, the characters, the quotes… There are so many memorable images and words associated with these movies! That being said, a good amount of people have gotten ink that honors it all, such as the ten that are listed down below, which may inspire some more tats.

10 The Entrance

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

This fictional park must be entered through these tall and towering gates, with the name of the park written out above them. The scene that first showed these off probably still fills many viewers with excitement, and a replica of them can even be seen and walked through at Universal Studios’ theme park.

A tattoo artist named Ben Delongchamp created an illustration of this entrance, which can be found on World Tattoo Gallery.

9 A Piece Of History

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

In the first Jurassic Park film, this little object is seen: It is a piece of amber with a mosquito in it; as this insect could get caught in and fossilized in sap. This was then adhered to the top of John Hammond’s cane… as well as turned into a tat by artists such as Stu at Tattoo Studio 81 Preston.

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8 Claw Marks

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

A Reddit user, AustinGames_, put his love of these movies on display with this awesome artwork: Like several other tattoos on this list, this one has the words “Jurassic Park” and a dinosaur on it. But it also has claw marks through it, which is very fitting and which makes it stand out from the rest!

7 A Collage

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

A neat way to celebrate a TV show or flick is through a collage, such as this one from Next Luxury. The amber that was mentioned above can be found in this, as well as a T-Rex, since this creature is a big part of this story.

True fans will also recognize a shaving cream can, which Dennis Nedry creatively used to sneak dinosaur embryos off the island. Yes, collages can be personalized, full of Easter eggs, favorite scenes and obscure references, making them super special.

6 Mr. DNA

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

Those who watched Jurassic Park got a history lesson, along with the main characters, as Mr. DNA gave an animated presentation.

Speaking of this little guy… One does not have to get a dino tattoo to honor this dino movie; Matt Robinson at Anchor Tattoo, which is in Vacaville, California, inked this character onto a fan!

5 Life

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

Many people like to get quotes and lines from series and movies on their bodies, such as this one, from Reddit, that was spoken by Jeff Goldblum’s character, Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Life, uh… finds a way.”

It is a simple yet true statement, and people will see it, hear it in his voice and smile, thinking back on a notable man from a classic story.

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4 Objects In Mirror

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

Through the years, there have been tons and tons of incredible scenes that are referenced and copied all the time. One such scene is from this franchise, during the chase scene; a Tyrannosaurus Rex is behind the main characters, and its face is shown in the mirror of the vehicle, along with the words “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

Another fan of these films got this moment as a tattoo, then shared it on Pinterest. The details, the colors, the excitement… It definitely should make fans want to go re-watch this flick.

3 That Iconic Quote

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

There are a few more iconic quotes from Jurassic Park, and Reddit user W_A_Brozart also has one permanently on their body: “Clever girl.” In addition to those words, a little claw was added to, which is a further nod to the franchise and, more specifically, to Dr. Alan Grant.

Some may see this and be confused by it… and those people, sadly, do not know these movies and this line well enough!

2 The Logo

10 Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Jurassic Park

A common tattoo idea, when it comes to TV shows and films, is to think about the logo; many of them have the title featured with a distinct graphic, like the one shown here on Paper Chasers Ink.

In color or in black and white, this is a very neat and bold way to show off a love of this franchise.

1 And This Masterpiece

Last but certainly not least, there is another nod to Jeff Goldblum, who is such an idol. This particular moment, which shows Ian Malcolm leaning back, with his shirt hanging open, has been printed onto art, backgrounds and even bodies.

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This one was posted on Twitter and done by Erick Olano, and while it may not be for everyone, there are people reading this who are now thinking and wishing they had this!

Link Source : https://screenrant.com/jurassic-park-tattoo-ideas/

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