10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

With WW84, HBO Max is about to release DCEU’s latest Wonder Woman movie. What should you know before watching, though?

You Are Reading :10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

With the release of the second Wonder Woman movie just around the corner, some information will help fans refresh their memories and prepare for the sequel.

The first Wonder Woman movie was released in 2017, showing off the brilliance of Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana, the Amazonian Warrior. Her performance along with the brilliant cinematography gave the audience memorable scenes like the No Man’s Land action sequence and her battle with Ares.

From the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, the sequel promises to be even better. Fans are anticipating more action, better costumes, and an unforgettable storyline. And of course, there are lots of theories about Wonder Woman 1984 going around.

10 Wonder Woman Is A Demigod

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

Like most superheroes in the DCEU, Wonder Woman has an interesting origin story. Her mother, Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, sculpted her from clay and Zeus gave her life. Growing up, she was oblivious to the fact that Zeus was actually her father, which meant she was a god, too.

In an effort to protect her daughter from her destiny, Hippolyta hid the truth from her. Even when Diana went to stop the war, Hippolyta left her to believe that a certain sword from their armory was the god-killer, yet it was her all along. The truth only comes to light when she faces off with Ares and he tells her she is a god, like him.

9 Her Powers

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

Although Diana discovered her powers late, she wielded them perfectly when the time came for her to use them. Her superhuman strength, speed, and agility are all demonstrated during her training where she’s shown to be far beyond her fellow Amazons. She also has powers unique to her because of her demigod nature, namely flying and wielding lightning.

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In the comics on which the movie is based, Wonder Woman has lots more powers, which fans hope to see in the second movie adaptation. It would be fun to see Wonder Woman in action with a lot of these powers like astral projection ad her resistance to fire.

8 Her Weapons

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

While the Amazons were secluded and hidden away from the real world on Themyscira, they had cool weapons that could stand their own against modern ones. Diana used her weapons and training to fight along with Steve and his friends against men wielding guns, bombs, and all manner of weaponry. The most prominent weapons Wonder Woman is known for are her bulletproof bracelets and shield, as well as the Lasso of Truth.

Diana uses these weapons in every action and fight scene of the movie; some of which are fan favorites. But the most memorable one is the No Man’s Land sequence where she charges into battle, deflecting bullets, bombs, and everything the German army had to throw at her.

7 Her Last Name Isn’t Actually Prince

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

Whenever Diana introduced herself, it was always as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Upon meeting Sir Patric Morgan (who’s later revealed to be Ares), she begins to introduce herself as usual when Steve cuts in. He introduces her as Diana “Prince” instead, to avoid the inevitable questions that would have followed her candid revelation.

Even after the war is won, she carries on using the last name, Prince. While it’s most likely she continued using it because it made more sense than referring to herself as a princess, it’s also nice to think she kept using that name in honor of Steve, who made it up for her.

6 She Falls In Love

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

Captain Steve Trevor is the first man Diana meets when she saves him from drowning after his plane crashed into the sea just beyond their Island. Naturally, the two grew close as they fought side-by-side and it’s no surprise they fell in love. Unfortunately, with war raging around them, the two lovebirds didn’t get much chance to truly explore their love story.

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The chemistry between Diana and Steve—portrayed by Chris Pine—was one thing the audience loved and enjoyed in Wonder Woman. It added to the emotional side of the movie, balancing it perfectly with all the action, and a bit of comedy.

5 Her Story Is Set During The First World War

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

The first Wonder Woman movie is set during the first world war in the year 1918. At several times in the movie, this war is referred to as the war to end all wars, and Diana goes on her adventure with Steve, determined to end it for good by killing the god of war.

The movie adaptation executed this timeline and plot well enough. Setting the movie during a war that many are familiar with, even if mostly from history books, made it feel more relevant and easier to connect with on an emotional level.

4 Ares Is Her Brother

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

Diana’s destiny was always to kill Ares, the god of war, and bring peace to the world and upon mankind. To the best of her knowledge, Ares is a monster, hell-bent on corrupting mankind and causing war. The realization that she is Zeus’ child brought with it the revelation that Ares is actually family; her brother to be exact. The stunning revelation caught her off guard at first, but it didn’t stop her from fighting him with all she had.

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During the battle, Ares used his powers to try and manipulate her into joining his cause. He even showed her his vision of the world through astral projection but Diana was not swayed. Her love for and belief in humanity gave her the extra push she needed to embrace her powers and fight Ares.

3 Captain Steve Trevor Dies

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

In a truly heroic moment that touched the hearts of many fans, Steve sacrificed himself to save everyone else. After he and his friends found the poisonous gas that General Ludendorff planned to unleash upon innocent people, he decides to fly the plane ferrying the poison to a safe place and blow it up, effectively killing himself in the process.

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Before he takes off, he says goodbye to Diana and gives her his father’s watch to remember him by. When the plane exploded into a ball of flames, killing him and destroying the deadly gas poison, a grief-filled Diana unleashed immense power on the world in her anger.

2 She Defeats The God Of War

10 Things About Wonder Woman You Need To Remember Before WW84

When she eventually understands Steve’s sacrifice and that humanity is not perfect, she channels her power differently. It’s only then that she is able to finally defeat Ares. During her battle with him, she embraces her powers and finally uses them in all their unfiltered glory. One of the most memorable scenes of the movie is when Ares strikes her with a bolt of lightning, which she redirects and charges at him, destroying him once and for all.

The sky clears almost immediately after that and soldiers are seen emerging from hiding, smiling, and looking at peace. At that moment, Diana realizes she has achieved her mission.

1 She Doesn’t Return To Themyscira

When Diana left the Island with Steve, Queen Hippolyta told her if she left, she may not return. Her words came true as Diana is seen in an office in the modern world at the beginning and end of the movie. During her ending monologue, she mentions that she chose not to return because she wanted to keep fighting for the world and humanity, flawed and destructive though they were.

Before he took off heading for his death, Steve told Diana he had to die to save today so she could save the world. By staying there and not returning to Themyscira after completing her mission, she’s fulfilling Steve’s final wishes as well. Hopefully, her reasons for staying and many other unanswered questions will be addressed in Wonder Woman 1984.

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