10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

Death is rarely shown or mentioned in the Pokémon anime, but there are times where Pokémon are saved from a tragic end.

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10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

Over the course of Ash and Pikachu’s journey in the Pokémon anime, the two have done a lot together. Most of the time, these adventures are on the lighthearted side. Making friends with new trainers or growing stronger by battling new rivals are the adventures fans have grown accustomed to. However, the world of Pokémon is made up of much more than just lighthearted encounters and participating in Pokémon Leagues.

The world of Pokémon is not a stranger to danger, and throughout the anime, Ash and his friends have gotten themselves involved in various risky situations. In extreme cases, a Pokémon might have been one wrong move away from death. Luckily, with the help of others, these Pokémon are able to escape a deadly fate and embark on new adventures.

10 Pikachu Falls Off A Building & Is Saved By Mega Blaziken

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

With all the chaotic adventures Ash and Pikachu have had over the course of their journey together, it might not be a surprise to learn that they have been in multiple life or death situations. When Ash and Pikachu arrive in the Kalos Region, they offer to help a rampaging Garchomp, following the Pokémon to the top of a building in Luminos City. Just as the iconic duo save Garchomp, part of the building crumbles away underneath Pikachu. Ash follows Pikachu off the building in hopes of protecting his friend, but all seems lost. Thankfully, Mega Blaziken suddenly appears and saves both Ash and Pikachu, ensuring the two make it safely back to the ground.

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9 Jirachi Is Saved When Butler Sacrifices Himself

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

Jirachi, a legendary Pokémon that awakens from its slumber once every thousand years, is pursued by a former Team Magma scientist named Butler. Butler hopes to use Jirachi’s power to resurrect the legendary Pokémon Groudon. Ash and friends are able to save Jirachi from Butler, but a fake Groudon is still created.

The fake Groudon begins absorbing the energy out of the earth and Pokémon. In an attempt to right his wrongdoings, Butler sacrifices himself to the fake Groudon to protect Jirachi. Because of Butler’s sacrifice, Jirachi is able to defeat the fake Groudon and save everyone.

8 Charmander’s Tail Flame Would’ve Gone Out If Ash & His Friends Hadn’t Rushed It Out Of The Rain

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

When Ash and his friends first encounter Charmander, the Pokémon is alone and weak, indicated by the tiny flame on its tail. However, despite their attempts to help Charmander and bring it to a Pokémon Center, Charmander refuses to leave its perch. The Pokémon stubbornly waits for its trainer instead. When Ash and Brock learn that Charmander’s trainer abandoned it, Ash, Brock, and Misty run to save Charmander. As Ash and his friends reach Charmander, the Pokémon is soaked with rain and being attacked by wild Spearows. Thankfully, Ash and his friends are able to bring Charmander safely to the Pokémon Center, and Charmander is able to fully recover.

7 Mewtwo’s Pokémon Guests Almost Fought Their Clones To The Death

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

In the first Pokémon film, Pokémon: The First Movie, Ash and his friends are invited to a mysterious island. When they arrive, it is revealed that Mewtwo has invited them to create a new world that Mewtwo and his cloned Pokémon would rule. In order to achieve this goal, Mewtwo would have its cloned Pokémon battle and defeat their originals. In doing so, Mewtwo would prove that the clones were superior and would permanently replace the “real” Pokémon. However, thanks to Ash’s self-sacrifice, both the original and cloned Pokémon realized that there is no true reason for them to fight.

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6 Lucario Sacrifices Itself To Save Mew & The Tree Of Beginning

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

The Legendary Pokémon Mew is known for its curious and playful nature, which can be seen when it brings Pikachu and Meowth back to the Tree of Beginning to play. However, when it learns that Pikachu’s human friends have been absorbed by the tree, Mew uses its power to bring them back.

Unfortunately, in doing so, both Mew and the Tree of Beginning become gravely ill. In order to save both Mew and the tree, Ash and Lucario combine their auras to reverse the self-destruction. In the end, Mew and the Tree of Beginning are saved at the cost of Lucario’s life.

5 Bulbasaur Escapes A Deadly Boulder Incident By Learning A New Move

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

In a Pokémon episode, Bulbasaur visits Professor Oak’s laboratory to help make peace amongst some fighting Pokémon. As Bulbasaur works to help the Pokémon make friends with one another, it leaps into action to save a wild Oddish from a falling boulder. Bulbasaur is able to push the Oddish away, but it appears to have been unable to escape the boulder itself. The anime then plays a flashback of Bulbasaur’s memories of meeting Ash and journeying with him. However, the memory montage is misleading. In reality, Bulbasaur is healthy and safe, having escaped the boulder by learning the move Dig.

4 Lugia Is Revived By Melody’s Song

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

Lugia is summoned when Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are fighting one another in Pokémon the Movie 2000. The legendary “guardian of the sea” attempts to stop the other Legendaries from battling one another and maintain balance. However, in its attempt to quell the fighting and protect the world from impending doom, Lugia is gravely injured. Unable to continue fighting, Lugia crashes into the sea and is then trapped under ice by the Legendary bird Pokémon. When all hope seems lost for Ash and his friends, Lugia is revived by Melody’s legendary song played on her flute.

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3 Celebi Is Resurrected By The Voice Of The Forest

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

In the movie, Pokémon: 4Ever, the legendary Pokémon Celebi is being pursued by a vicious Pokémon hunter and is saved by a boy named Sam. In order to escape from the hunter, an injured Celebi time travels with Sam to the future, where they meet Ash, Brock, and Misty. Unfortunately, Celebi is still being pursued by a hunter named Marauder and falls victim to his Dark Ball. Ash and his friends are able to break Celebi free from Marauder’s control, but Celebi dies in Ash’s arms. However, this is not the end for Celebi, because the Voice of the Forest resurrects the Legendary Pokémon.

2 Arceus Is Saved By Ash After Being Betrayed By The Humans It Put Its Trust Into

10 Times A Pokémon Was Saved From Death In The Anime

Arceus, the Legendary Pokémon that creates worlds, lends its Jewel of Life to a human named Damos. However, when the Pokémon wants its jewel back, Arceus is attacked and nearly killed by the humans it has trusted.

However, thanks to Dialga’s power of time travel, Ash and his friends learn that Damos never betrays Arcus but is manipulated by his ally Marcus. Despite Marcus’ trickery, Ash and Damos are able to save Arceus by returning the Jewel of Life to the Pokémon.

1 Brock & May Release Their Pokémon Before Being Absorbed

In the movie, Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Ash and his friends travel to the Tree of Beginning in order to find Pikachu. As they reach the tree and begin their search, Brock, May, Max, and Kidd trigger the Tree of Beginning’s self-defense system. Multiple glowing jelly-like Pokémon appear and begin to absorb anything that does not belong in the tree. As both Brock and May are captured by the tree’s antibodies, they release their Pokémon, in hopes that they won’t be absorbed with them.

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