20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Modern-Day Girls

Cartoons take us to all kinds of fantastical lands with various fashion styles. These 20 fan artists showcase famous characters in modern outfits!

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20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

This is a shoutout to all the female cartoon characters! You ladies are awesome, and you deserve all the love! Whether your favorite female character was absolutely gorgeous and wore the prettiest of lace, or they were the tough greaser girl that could take on evil by themselves, female cartoon characters have built up a lot of our childhoods.

Some of my favorite characters include Ahsoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Raven from Teen Titans, and pretty much all the women in Avatar: The Last Airbender. All of these girls are so interesting in their own way, and they have some amazing (and sometimes hilarious) quirks. They’re all people who are fighting their own unique battles.

I’ve noticed that many modern cartoons are making more female characters more complex than they previously were, which is a refreshing change. Being a cartoon girl now doesn’t mean they’re obsessed with pink and frills and nothing else. And we have more female characters that have multiple aspects to their personality and aren’t just defined by one trait. It’s like we’re finally realizing that women are complex people too (go figure).

But how would some of our favorite female characters look like in a more modern setting? What would they do and how would they fit in our own world? Here are 20 cartoon characters that have been reimagined as modern-day women. Think we missed some good art pieces? Make sure to let us know!

21 Waterbending Never Looked So Good

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

When it comes to being a tough, yet incredibly classy lady, Katara has it down to a science. This girl was a great example that you could be strong and powerful and still be kind and compassionate. But you definitely didn’t want to make her mad; she holds one heck of a grudge.

I like these two sides of modern Katara; one has her in a classy dress while the other shows her in a more casual setting. I think she’s the type of the girl that would be pretty comfortable in both. Katara is anything if adaptable. I could see her going to college and being an activist for all kinds of groups and issues. She would definitely be a strong supporter of feminism, and anybody with gender bias ideas should think twice before talking to her.

Art by Key-To-My-Hart13 and Tasia.


19 It’s The Teen Titans Like Never Before

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

The characters in Teen Titans are in the modern world, but since we rarely see them in anything other than their superhero outfits, it’s nice to see them in something a bit more…normal. (Though normal is a relative term when it comes to these heroes. But hey, we love them for it, right?)

I like how each character’s style really fits them. Starfire has all sorts of awesome colors going on, Raven’s style is much more conservative but pretty comfortable (and I love the boots!). Bumblebee’s style is a great mixture of casual and fierce, and Terra just looks like she just came back from traveling the world, which fits her nicely. It would be interesting to see how these girls would interact in a more civilian setting.

Art by DefinitelyOneOfTheGuys.

18 This Scientist Is Cute And Dorky

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

What I like the most about Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is that not only is she a princess and royalty, but she’s also a scientist. She even uses her smarts and skills often to help out Finn. I love it when you see women in science, so watching this feisty princess also play around with experiments is pretty awesome.

I think she looks fabulous no matter what her preferred style is.

I love these two interpretations of modern Princess Bubblegum because she really could do both depending on her mood. She could be this beautiful woman dressing in simple clothing that shows off all her curves, or she could be a complete dork and wear the craziest ensembles because she doesn’t care; there’s science to do! Both of these pictures fit Princess Bubblegum well, and I think she looks fabulous no matter what her preferred style is.

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Art by Datrosy.

17 Don’t Mess With This Blind Punk

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

The day the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender added Toph to the cast was a blessed day indeed. Toph is the epitome of a tomboy, and she’s got some crazy attitude to match it. She’s rough, she’s sarcastic, and she’s fiercely protective of the things she cares about.

Toph would totally either dress like a guy or dress like a punk; probably both to be honest. She’d likely take advantage of the fact that she’s blind and not really care much about what she’s wearing. She’s not going to see it, so what’s the point? At the same time, I could see her getting into the punk style. It seems to suit her so well. Maybe she had Katara help her out. Or Sokka. Either way, modern Toph is here to take on the world and fight anyone who gets in her way.

Art by ForTheLoveOfPizza and AsherLuck.

16 This Lady Could End You Easily

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Out of the three main Gems that live with Steven in Steven Universe, Garnet is very popular among fans, and who could blame them? She’s this powerful, yet compassionate Gem who loves Steven like her own son. There’s also an air of mystery to her in the beginning since she doesn’t really talk much more than is necessary, especially about herself.

It’s fun to see a couple of different looks at her personality.

It’s fun to see Garnet in more modern clothing. And it’s fun to see a couple of different looks at her personality. On one hand, Garnet can be this seemingly cool and aloof person and feel unapproachable. But on the other hand, she can be this very kind and rather sweet person, showing genuine affection and emotion. I also like that the first picture kept her big glasses, they seem to suit her personality very well.

15 Are They Still Superheroes?

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

The Powerpuff Girls were probably some of the most iconic cartoon female superheroes in the 90s. They showed you that you can be both cute and incredibly dangerous at the same time. And the fact that they all had different quirks and personalities made them even more entertaining.

So how woud these girls look modernized? Pretty good, actually. I love that Buttercup went with a more casual boyish look, since that matches her personality perfectly. Bubbles looks so sweet in her sundress and Blossom has the pretty, yet casual look down great. All three just look super comfortable in their own styles. It would be kind of interesting to see these three in a high school setting. How would they deal with certain issues like dating and finals?

Art by AlineSm.

14 It’s The Mystery Ladies

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

You can’t deny that both Velma and Daphne have quite a few fans. They both have their own kind of appeal, with Velma being very nerdy and bookish and Daphne having that cheerleader look going for her. But how would these girls look if their style was. . . updated a bit? (Because let’s face it, as iconic as their outfits are, they look like they’re still stuck in the 60s.)

I would love to see more of these two solving their own mysteries.

And they both look amazing! Velma does pull off oversized sweaters very well, and I love that she paired it with leggings. And Daphne is playing up all of her curves, though I do like her in a simple and sweet sundress. I would love to see more of these two solving their own mysteries. They would make quite the dynamic duo!

Art by Rossowinch and Wiccimm.

13 This Torgruta Is Rocking It

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

While she may have started out as pretty annoying, Ahsoka quickly grew to become one of the most popular characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I can see why; she’s sassy, a bit impulsive, and tends to disregard most rules, but she also grows and learns when to act and when to bide her time. She does grow up to become a rather wise character.

Modern Ahoska would totally slay it, no matter if she was casual or dressed up for the red carpet. I feel like she’s the character that would be perfectly comfortable in whatever she wore. And she’d probably give a big middle finger to any haters who dared question her style. I could see modern Ahsoka being involved in some big activist groups; she’d probably even be a police officer.

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Art by Spinekicksy and Chrispandart.

12 She’s A Fabulous Vampire

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Marceline is one of those classic characters that start out as an adversary to the main character, but soon becomes an ally and a close friend. She also hasn’t had an easy life. She’s definitely a girl with quite a bit of attitude, filling that wild rocker girl persona perfectly.

I could see her doing something like that with her hair.

I like these two interpretations of Marceline since they do show some different sides to her. One shows her rocker side with her choker and combat boots, while the other shows her softer side, giving her fancy heeled boots and a soft pink shirt. I also love how the first picture gives her this massive amount of hair. I could see her doing something like that with her hair. She is both stylish and kind of intimidating.

Art by CannedArt and Tasia.

11 This Would Be An Interesting Sitcom

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

You can’t think of Hanna-Barbera and not think of The Flintstones. Who doesn’t remember this classic cartoon series set like a sitcom in the stone age? Granted, a lot of things about this series didn’t make a lot of sense (A rock car? Seriously?), but hey it was a cartoon.

So how would the two main ladies of this show, Wilma and Betty, fair in the modern day? To be honest, they would fit right in, probably. I could see these two becoming the epitome of a suburban housewife. They would totally be neighbors and good friends, bonding over complaining about their crazy husbands and setting up their kids on play dates. They’d probably also have a “friendly” competition over whose yard was better.

Art by E-Ocasio.

10 She’s Totally Still Into Photography

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Did you know that Lilo and Stitch got their own TV series? And it was pretty good, if a bit silly. The series involved the two of them searching for all of Jumba’s other 625 escaped experiments and finding ways to integrate them into society.

I could see college-age Lilo double majoring in dance and something like biology.

So how would Lilo look in a modern setting? On one hand, I could totally see her just wearing a bigger version of the dress she usually wears because she seems like that type of girl. But I do like her in the short sundress (though the lack of a face is freaking me out a bit.) I could see college-age Lilo double majoring in dance and something like biology. Stitch would totally go with her to college, though I don’t know if he’d be allowed in the dorms.

Art by Ayeshasiddiqah and Hyung86.

9 These Kids Look A Little Different

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Hey Arnold! was one of those shows that was surprisingly mature, considering the show was aimed at kids. While there wasn’t much inappropriate about the show, there were a lot of heavy topics, and the kids were often dealing with situations that were a bit darker than your average cartoon.

But a more modern version of these characters looks pretty cool. I could see Helga getting a couple of tattoos and working as some type of tender. That seems about right for her. Phoebe looks both sweet and very capable. This is the crazy smart girl, so she would totally go to college and get several degrees. And she would sing on the side, because why not? It would be interesting to see how these girls ended up as adults.

Art by Nuridurr.

8 She’s A Total Sweetheart

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? She’s both a super cute and awesome lady who isn’t afraid to call Mickey out if he’s being stupid. But she’s also very sweet and kind, making her a pretty awesome mouse lady! Since Minnie’s been around for quite a while, she has gone through a few style changes.

High fashionista Minnie is a very interesting concept.

So how does she look a little more modernized? Fabulous! I could see Minnie going for the super cute style; that seems to match her personality really well. But at the same time, high fashionista Minnie is a very interesting concept. She is a very classy lady, after all, so I could see her wearing something a bit more highbrow and sophisticated. No matter what, she will be looking fantastic. You go, girl!

Art by Gilzean and Occhietti.

7 She Would Slay It In The Technology Field

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

You can’t deny it, Asami is a pretty awesome character in Avatar: The Legend of Korra. While she’s not a bender, she’s proven to be quite the formidable person. She’s a businesswoman, an engineer, and a very fearless woman. There’s also the fact that she’s just gorgeous. She’s seriously such an amazing lady who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

A modern Asami would definitely kick behind. She would be perfectly comfortable wearing some practical yet classy clothes for work, but then changing into something sultry later on. This is a lady who’s comfortable in her own body and would completely own anything she wore. I could totally see her studying business and engineering and starting up her own technology company.

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Art by Yukihyo and Blue-Wave-789.

6 She Takes Fashion To A New Level

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

If Minnie Mouse is cute, Daisy Duck is sassy and classy. It’s fitting that she’s dating Donald Duck (well, on and off), since she’s also got quite the temper on her. Daisy is basically that girl who likes to be fancy and is generally pretty nice but can turn into a terror when she’s angry. And I have to admire that about her.

A modern Daisy would totally be a fashion diva.

A modern Daisy would totally be a fashion diva. And depending on the day, she would be all about the sparkles, or she would just want something sleek and simple. She’d be that kind of girl that would seem completely unapproachable, but she’s actually pretty nice once you get to know her. I could see her being a model for an agency or something like that. Or she would be the head of her own fashion company and line. Look out world, here come’s Daisy!

Art by Darkodordevic and Darren-The-Designer-J.

5 These Two Ladies Have Grown Up Nicely

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Doug had a pretty wide variety of characters, all with their own struggles. It was another one of those shows that had some pretty heavy themes for a kids’ show. But two characters that often stood out to me were Patty Mayonnaise, Doug’s crush, and Judy Funnie, Doug’s sister. They both were pretty interesting characters with their own quirks and personalities.

So how would these two be as modern girls? Well, for one, they look amazing. I love how Judy’s unusual sense of style carried over. She looks like she belongs walking around New York. And Patty still looks incredibly sweet but with a more sophisticated twist. Whatever these two girls plan on doing, they’re ready to take on the world. Let’s hope Doug can keep up.

Art by IsaiahStephens.

4 She Can Totally Take You Down

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

Korra got mixed reactions from Avatar fans; some liked her more aggressive personality, others compared her to Aang and didn’t think she was a good successor. But whether you like her or not, you have to admit that she was a rather powerful character, and she goes through a lot. I’m actually pretty impressed by her strength.

She would totally rock the jeans, t-shirt, and jacket.

I absolutely love modern Korra with tattoos; that just seems completely up her alley. Korra would be that girl that’s perfectly comfortable in things like sweats and jeans. She doesn’t really seem like the type of person that would wear a dress unless she was required to. But she would totally rock the jeans, t-shirt, and jacket. I could see Korra going into something like police work, or maybe she’d try the whole diplomacy thing, though I’m not sure she’d be very good at it.

Art by Iahfy and Kelly1412.

3 Oh My Glob, She Is Fabulous

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

If you want unique characters, look no further than Adventure Time, where you’ve got rainbow unicorns, flame princesses, shape-shifting dogs, and more. And probably one of the more unique characters is Lumpy Space Princess, who is basically a purple cloud. And she is the definition of sass. Seriously, I aspire to have her confidence. This is a character who’s not afraid to speak her mind and doesn’t care what you think.

Modern Lumpy Space Princess could go two ways, super casual or super fabulous. And she’d rock both styles with grace and sass. She’s that type of girl that would wear whatever she wants and be totally comfortable in it wherever she is. I also like the fact that these two interpretations give her purple hair; it seems fitting. Look out world, you’re not ready for this princess to take over.

Art by Tasia.

2 Fabulous And Classic

20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ModernDay Girls

He-Man and She-Ra were pretty much the two main icons of fantasy cartoons in the 80s. Their shows had everything you’d want in a good fantasy cartoon: an interesting protagonist, crazy magical artifacts, villains that were both entertaining and a bit intimidating, and a lot of awesome fantasy creatures. But let’s talk about He-Man for a bit.

I don’t know if the modern world is quite ready for these two yet.

In He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, two of the most recognizable female characters are Teela and Lady Valtira. And I think this interpretation of Lady Valtira is interesting. I could see Lady Valtira being that type of woman who would go to the biggest parties and be all about those high fashion dresses.

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