20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Hinata needed the extra time to come out of her shell and show fans their investment in her character would pay off, big time.

You Are Reading :20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Characters need goals to become sympathetic. Those goals reach the viewer and help them align with the character on an emotional level. From here, the character will progress and regress over some time. Some characters grow episode to episode. Some characters take seasons to develop, and others take an entire series. Part of what makes Naruto so unique is its ability to juggle so many characters with different goals and keep the fans invested. One of the most significant examples is Hinata Hyuga.

Hinata starts off as a reserved observer with faith in Naruto that fans had not seen to that point. She is shy and shelled in such a way that protected her from too much critique. Throughout the series, fans see Hinata begin to come out of her shell and attempt to act on her crush on Naruto. The tension it builds was the kind of goal fans stay invested for the long term, and the end result was so monumental it spanned two series. Some viewers will admit, the reason some began watching Boruto was to see Hinata and Naruto.

The question becomes how did they get to this point? There is a blank period that needs to be filled between the two series. Not every fan was able to watch that filler, and that is why Screen Rant is here with answers. Now, the title of this article says “wild,” and, to be honest, Hinata is a reserved character so consider the term “wild” in context to her role. The period between the Naruto and Boruto series saw Hinata grow tremendously. She had milestone life moments and grew closer to people she cared about. Ultimately, this list is dedicated to the character with the most sympathetic goal in the show, and how she achieved one of her dreams.

With this in mind, here are 20 wild things Hinata did between Naruto and Boruto.

20 Kisses Naruto For The First Time

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

There is no better feeling than saving the world and getting the guy. Hinata gets put through a roller-coaster during this significant part of the interlude. She has to avoid getting whisked away and save her sister. Not to mention, she watches her crush nearly pass away in front of her and gets brainwashed. However, the end makes the journey all worth it.

Fans likely cheered (or at least pumped their fists in the air) when Hinata and Naruto finally kissed. The moment led to a wave of relief over an audience that waited patiently for that moment. The two characters end up floating in the stars above the moon as they share their first kiss. It’s a cinematic moment that made the pay off worth it.

19 Goes On Her First Date (After Already Being Engaged)

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Yes, this entry does say her first date. Hinata is a shy character, and she doesn’t put herself out there all that much. She and Naruto begin dating at the end of the final movie, and with that, they have to go on dates.

The oddest part is their first date comes after their proposal (again more on this later). The sweet part is the fact Hinata recognizes where Naruto is most comfortable. This familiarity with him is why she proposes they go get ramen at his favorite spot. It shows how well the couple already understand each other, even if this is her first date with him.

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18 Develops Her Relationship With Sakura

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Sakura and Hinata were never super close in the series. That fact will seem odd to fans, but upon reviewing it becomes clear. The two do not cross paths all that often, and that seems intentional.

Both Sakura and Hinata are key women in Naruto’s life. The fact the interlude period shows them connecting on a deeper level is essential. Sakura is one of Naruto’s closest friends and her encouragement for Hinata to confess her feelings is almost like a blessing. The two become more intimate through these interactions that only viewers who saw these filler arcs would know about.

17 Does Everything She Can To Rescue Sakura

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

When Sakura is captured, it is a chance for her to prove her growth to the audience and the cast. Still, a rescue team is sent to retrieve her without the knowledge that Sakura is capable of saving herself. This arc focuses more on Sakura but reveals a little more about Hinata.

In the early chapters of the manga, Hinata is not considered strong, and most shinobi would not recognize her for a team. Her Byakugan is her saving grace, but her reserved disposition leaves her “weak.” The fact she is automatically included in this rescue team is an essential sign of how far she has come. No one doubts her strength as a shinobi anymore. The end result is more to the benefit of Sakura, but fans know the chase highlights Hinata’s growth too.

16 Learns To Live With The Hokage

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Living with Naruto cannot be easy. Living with Naruto when he becomes Hokage must be even more difficult. Hinata is exceptionally proud of Naruto for achieving his dream, and the life they share appears to be idyllic. However, everything cannot be sunshine and roses.

Fans are given peeks into the adjustment period. For instance, Naruto gets carried away at his Hokage celebration with Shikamaru, and it is Hinata who takes care of him that night. Hinata also has to take on a lot of the duties around the house, as being Hokage is a full-time position. She had to grow accustomed to the idea of her husband not being there for extended periods. She handles this all with grace and love, which is why so many fans adore their relationship.

15 Makes A “Soul Scarf” For Naruto

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

The red scarf that Hinata knits is a crucial symbol for her and Naruto’s relationship. Hinata plans on gifting it to him and confessing her feelings. However, she sees another scarf around Naruto’s neck and assumes it must be from the girl he loves.

Hinata does not realize the scarf was given to Naruto by his mother. However, Hinata’s scarf becomes just as special because it illustrates their spiritual bond. During their genjutsu entrapment, the scarf wraps around Naruto and represents the spirit it holds within it. That moment links the two characters together through this plot device that Hinata spends the entire movie trying to finish.

14 Is Forced To Watch Naruto Nearly Lose His Life

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Naruto needed something to fight for, and Toneri needed his revenge. After Hinata betrays Toneri, he reacts with rage and traps her inside a cage while he attempts to eliminate Naruto. The moment hangs in the air and audiences are caught in Hinata’s perspective on the fight.

Naruto is fighting for more than the world this time. This time he is fighting for love, as well. Hinata watches on as Naruto is pushed to the brink of defeat. However, right at the moment of desperation, Naruto clinches the last piece of the scarf Hinata made and channels his chakra into it. Their connection seems to give Naruto an immense power up that helps defeat Toneri.

13 Is Proposed To By Two Different Men

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Fans know that Hinata gets married during the interlude (more on that later). However, fans who did not see the final movie will not realize she is proposed to twice during that time. No need to worry. This list covers the entire last film extensively, but this entry is saved for this plot point alone.

Toneri Otsutsuki is the main villain of the film, and aims to control the “Byakugan Princess.” Since Hinata is the heiress of the clan, Toneri proposes to her in an attempt to gain the power this way. He already has Hanabi’s eyes and wishes to have Hinata join his side as they create a new Earth. Hinata accepts the proposal only after Toneri forces the issue, but there are plenty of more entries that get into that. Do not worry; obviously, the first proposal ends poorly for Toneri.

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12 Starts Her Own Family

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

The titular character, Boruto, does not exist without Hinata. This entry is the most obvious of the moments to happen during the interlude, and that is why it is first. Fans of the new series know that Hinata is the mother of Boruto. She even has a daughter named Himawari.

Fans are still watching this series progress, but most would agree it is nice seeing Hinata take on this role. In Naruto, Hinata is shown to be a nurturing and caring character, who invests in the well-being of her friends. This sympathetic lens that she sees the world is not appreciated by the warrior-instinct needed at the time. However, the ninja world is more at peace by the time she becomes a mother, and that attitude is more appreciated.

11 Grows Out Her Hair

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

This decision may not seem like much, but there’s a lot of detail packed into this seemingly minor action. Some fans speculate that Hinata is given short hair for a specific reason. The first, is as a mark that she has failed her family and its traditions. The second, is as a subtle statement to Naruto that she is not interested in Sasuke, because all the girls that like him grow their hair out long.

These are both possible explanations, but either way, Hinata grows her hair out as she gains more self-esteem. The decision marks her growth in confidence and her growing connection with Naruto. The growing hair is a symbol of their developing relationship as they get closer and closer to one another.

10 Saves Her Sister From Danger

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Hanabi is positioned as the heiress of the Hyuga clan only after Hinata fails to deliver the critical blow in a duel between these two sisters. Hanabi is portrayed as the more gifted of the two, and the dynamic puts a strain on their relationship early on.

However, when Toneri kidnaps Hanabi and steals her eyes to awaken the Tenseigan, Hinata is one of the ninjas sent to save her. Hinata rescues her sister and returns her eyes to her. It is the kind of sacrifice for a sister that the series never shows before this moment. At that moment, Hinata and Hanabi become closer, and the strain of Hanabi replacing her as the heiress is forgotten. The two are at peace with one another, and the result is a notch of pride in Hinata’s spirit that she will never forget.

9 Confesses Her Feelings For Naruto

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

It takes a brave person to confess that they love you. Imagine admitting feelings that have laid dormant for years. It takes a lot of courage to turn all that pent up emotion into a coherent confession of love, especially when that person is one of the most legendary shinobi of all-time.

Hinata needs a lot of help finding the courage to tell Naruto that she loves him. Lucky for her, the feeling is mutual and the two finally admit their love to one another. This moment is monumental for the series and shows just how much the two care for one another. Fans will never forget the pivotal scene where Hinata finally sheds of years of discouragement and empties of all her feelings to her long-held crush.

8 Meets Her Ancestor, Hamura

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Hinata goes on quite the adventure during the last film. She is put in all sorts of bizarre situations, but this one takes the cake. After all, not every shinobi has the honor of meeting one of the first people endowed with chakra.

Hinata goes into a crypt and is confronted by Hamura Otsutsuki, the character that Toneri is basing his plan off of in the story. Hinata shares chakra with Hamura’s line and the connection is shown vividly at this moment. Hinata is able to learn that Hamura wanted to save the earth not destroy it and she uses this information to stop Toneri in the end.

7 Begins To Dislike Kakashi

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

This entry is a tad bit odd. Technically, Hinata does not dislike Kakashi for a long time, but this does happen for a brief period in the between period. The details of this decision are important to understanding that the dislike only comes from a purely sensitive part of Hinata.

See, Hinata is super protective of Naruto. When Naruto starts a lousy rumor about Kakashi, Hinata faithfully agrees to dislike Kakashi at the suggestion of Naruto. However, the talk is proved to be just that— a rumor. In response, Kakashi hits Naruto. The action leads Hinata actually to regard Kakashi as dislikable. The whole reaction is in defense of Naruto.

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6 Relives Some Of Her Worst Memories

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Genjutsu is a devastating technique that can leave an opponent shattered. Toneri uses genjutsu to trap Naruto and Hinata at one point, and the results are revealing. After all, nothing sticks out more than digging up old memories.

The past can sting in context of the present. Hinata is forced to relive her old memories and these moments show her how shelled she use to be. The crux of this moment is when the genjutsu then forces Naruto to live in these memories too. Her feelings for Naruto are transferred, and the two share an intimate moment despite the peril involved in it.

5 Laughs Openly For The First Time

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Hinata used to faint at the sight of Naruto acknowledging her. This is a bit of an exaggeration, of course, but she is seriously reserved. Audiences do not see much of her personality during the majority of the series, at least not until the end.

The wedding arc is the first time fans see Hinata openly laugh wholeheartedly. In response to Iruka apologizing for how he raised Naruto, Hinata gives him a full-fledged laugh. The keenest fans will notice it as one of the only of its kind in the series for her. It’s actually a touching moment that only the detailed oriented fans will catch.

4 Gets Brainwashed By Toneri

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

This entry is a tad concerning, but the basics of it are easy enough. Simply put, Toneri throws a temper tantrum and locks away Hinata’s true feelings so she will go through with their wedding. Simply put: Hinata is brainwashed.

Toneri does not fully control Hinata, but he controls enough of her to make her fight Naruto. The whole ability is done by placing a green chakra sphere inside Hinata’s body, so the exact limitations are not understood. The entire conflict is meant to spark Naruto’s understanding of his genuine love for Hinata. Though the details could be more explicit, the result worked well.

3 Goes To The Moon

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Anyone who watched The Last: Naruto the Movie will not be surprised by this entry. The entire Hanabi rescue team ends up inside the moon. The moon is a unique location in the series that represents creation. Hamura and Hagoromo created the moon when they sealed their mother and her chakra.

This detail is why Toneri ends up making it his base, and he plans on using it as a weapon to destroy the earth. Toneri believes he is acting in Hamura’s best interest. Luckily, Hinata makes the trip to the moon to save Earth and explains Hamura’s actual dream to Toneri. Plus, she gets to fall in love with Naruto while on the moon. That detail is a nice touch for the long-awaited payoff.

2 Gets Taken By Toneri

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Technically, Hinata is not taken as much as she is coerced into coming with Toneri. However, one can argue that the threat of destroying the Earth is forcing Hinata to go with Toneri. She goes “willingly,” but only because Hamura makes it her duty to stop him.

Hinata is given her own individual sense of purpose in this role. By allowing Toneri to escape with her, she is setting up her personal confrontation with him that gives her the best chance to save her sister. The “kidnapping” is a risk taken by Hinata by putting faith in herself.

1 Gets Married

20 Wild Things Hinata Did Between Naruto and Boruto

Naruto never made his swearing-in ceremony to become Hokage. Konohamaru had to fill in for him and transform into his appearance. The moment shows how difficult Naruto’s life can be, but the one moment that was easy enough was marrying Hinata.

The wedding arc is simply a joy. The conflicts are minimal, and the entire point is to show how happy these two characters are together. The build to the final day is all about the other characters getting gifts. The arc merely is meant to celebrate Naruto and Hinata. The inclusion of this entry is obvious, but every fan will agree that this arc breathes unusually in the context of the series. It lends itself to the pure appreciation of all the two did to end up together.

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