25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

With 90s nostalgia in full force, it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are some action figures from the 90s worth a ridiculous amount of money.

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25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

The nineties aren’t remembered as being the most influential decade of the twentieth century, but they were still years that brought memorable movies, TV shows, and fashion! With films like Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Forrest Gump, and plenty of Disney Classics that are still popular and meaningful today, many people look back on the nineties fondly.

And with such popular movies and TV shows, came plenty of classic toys!

Growing up in the 90s, even though it wasn’t the long ago, there were plenty of awesome toys. While I disagree with the idea that kids don’t play with toys anymore, as there are plenty of toys that still sell and I’ve seen kids (with iPads) get more excited by new toys than new technology, things were different for children before social media and mainstream video games. When I was a kid we couldn’t afford game consoles, so my toys were my main source of entertainment.

While my nineties toys were considered cheap sources of entertainment when we bought or were given them as children, you’d be surprised how much they’ve raised in value in such a short amount of time! I’ve read stories before about how much your old Disney tapes have raised in value, or how much your first edition of Harry Potter would be worth if you hadn’t let it get crumpled in your school bag. But what about those simple plastic action figures? Maybe a beloved childhood playmate, whom you carried everywhere, is now worth a short fortune.

After this list, you might want to call your parents and see if you can go through the loft! Some of these may surprise you!

25 Saving The Planet One Figure At A Time

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was a very bizarre tv show. I liked how it tried to teach children and young people about environmental issues, even dealing with substance abuse and diseases. But the villains were literally the worst super villains ever! They never wanted to gain money or even power, they just seemed to want to hurt the planet…

In any case, if you were a fan of the show, then maybe you collected the series of action figures.

Well, if you never took them out of the package, then you could score around $275 to $370! Even if you did play with them, it might be worth looking around to see what you could get for them. After all, it’s better for the planet than just throwing them away!

24 He’s So Bendy

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Flexi-Friends were weird, right? I’ve never looked at a toy and thought “Wouldn’t it be better if there were wires inside rubber coated arms so I could pose them in odd, but still unnatural positions?” Then again, this was the 90s. Plus, Sonic isn’t exactly a normal subject matter. I’ve never seen a blue hedgehog, but the hedgehogs I have seen haven’t really been remarkable for their speed.

Nevertheless, those random bendy playmates could really be worth something nowadays! A packaged Sonic Flexi-Friend could sell for $270, depending on the condition. Even if you weren’t a big Sonic person as a kid, why not just pull out whatever Flexi-Friend you did have and see if it might be worth something to a collector?

23 Heroes In A Half-Shell

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles if you grew up in Britain) have been popular for over thirty years. Pretty good, considering they’re still only fifteen! The original cartoon series ran from 1987 to 1996 and three live-action films were released between 1990 and 1993.

As a result, their toys sold like butt-kicking, ninjutsu-trained hot cakes!

Good news for 90s kids is that value of your pizza-loving turtle depends more on the extent of your collection rather than in being in mint condition! If you were a devoted turtles fan, you may have collected all the turtles, heroes, and villains of the series, along with the vans and buildings. They might be able to catch a good $345!

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22 Journey Back To The Park

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Jurassic Park was awesome, wasn’t it? As terrifying and as stupid as the idea of resurrecting the dinosaurs was, we’d all want to go to that park. Also, if I ever want to annoy any of my scientist friends, I just tell them obstinately that Jurassic Park could happen! With 2015’s Jurassic World grossing over 1.6 billion dollars and the sequel coming out later this year, there is knowing how much longer this franchise will be going on for.

So, if the filmmakers are still cashing in, then why don’t you? If you still have any toys from the original film from 1993, you may be able to flog them for $180, depending on your set and the quality of the toys. The dinosaurs will always be cool!

21 Worth His Weight In Silver

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Marvel has always been awesome, hasn’t it? So many films, TV series, and video games have come out of Marvel characters, and I don’t know if that will ever stop. And with all of these comes plenty of action figures! Everybody wants their own Spider-Man toy or their favourite member of the Fantastic Four to make their own adventures with.

And, as it turns out, collectors want your favourite characters too!

This rare, highly collectible Silver Surfer figure, for example, released before the 2007 movie, can be sold for around $60. Other Fantastic Four figures can be worth a lot too, the price depending on the condition of the figure, the accessories included and the rarity of the individual figure. Those are the kind of superheroes we can all enjoy!

20 The Price Keeps Speeding Away

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

The 1994 action thriller film Speed featured the now heavily parodied plot, where a terrorist places a bomb on a city bus that will activate once the bus goes over fifty miles an hour and detonate when it next goes below that speed. Officer Jack Traven, played by Keanu Reeves, is tasked with saving the passengers of the bus!

If you happened to be a big fan of this film, you may have bought the accompanying Office Jack action figure. If so, I hope you kept it as they are now in high demand! Prices for this figure vary depending on the source, but the average cost for an Officer Jack figure in good condition seems to be around $250! I guess some people really want a mini Keanu Reeves.

19 A Real American Hero

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

G.I. Joe was probably one of the most iconic toys of the nineties. After being first released in 1963, G.I. Joe steadily raised in popularity over the decades, in various different military branches and heroic scenarios. Several TV series and films have been made surrounding the popular toy, most recently the 2009 film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, that grossed over 300 million at the box office, despite negative feedback from critics. Released as Action Man in the UK and sold all around the world, he is one of the most well-known toys of all time.

And he’s one of the most collectible!

There are some collectors out there that are desperate for your old G.I. Joe, willing to pay over $400 per figure, maybe even more depending on the rarity and condition of your old American Hero!

18 A Shadow Of What Was To Come

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

As a lifelong Tolkien fanatic, it’s always nice to see something fandom-related that came before the Peter Jackson movies. Tolkien’s books have been classics for a long time and there has always been a great demand for related products. Including toys!

During the 90s, ToyVault released a series of figures from The Lord of the Rings, including members of the fellowship, the Lady Galadriel, Gollum, and plenty of Middle-earth monsters! Although Jackson’s films encouraged many to read the books after their release, there were always young nerds who wanted to recreate the stories they held so dear. This may prove to be more rewarding than you thought, as some of these figures are now considered rare and can now be sold for up to $50 each! Some of the monsters and orcs could even be worth more to the right buyer, so shop around.

17 The Toy Version Is So Weird

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Nothing says 1960s children’s TV in Britain without creepy, non-blinking puppets! Thunderbirds has been a cult classic for many years now, first appearing on ITV in 1965. The series was a science-fiction show, made with electronic marionette puppets, surrounding the adventures of a rescue squad with five different rescue crafts, called the “Thunderbirds.” Each Thunderbird was designed for a different rescue mission: some in space, some in the ocean, and some for other less cool places.

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The show re-aired during the 90s and as a result, toys became in very high demand.

So much so that the playset of the show’s setting, Tracy Island, allegedly sold out in stores! The Thunderbirds figurines themselves have increased in value over the years and could now be worth around $75.

16 The Originals Are Always The Best

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

I can never bring myself to watch Power Rangers these days. I’ve tried to, and God knows during the nineties these rangers were awesome. But these days I find myself cringing behind my fingers at the sheer cheesiness of it all. But I suppose that was part of the main appeal! The Power Rangers have been through a lot, during the 90s and early 00s. They’ve been Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and for the 2017 film, the Power Rangers again!

Despite all these different series, it’s the original action figures that are the most valuable, and can be sold for $150 per toy! You go, Power Rangers!

15 Just Hanging With The Girls

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Okay, so some might be questioning my use of the words “Action Figures” at this point, but considering that “They’re just action figures” was my go-to defense when adults asked me why I was playing with dolls (including these dolls), I reserve my right to include them on this list! Action figures are defined as a poseable character made of plastic, and I think we can all agree that’s what these are.

Many Barbie dolls are expensive now.

Barbie’s little sister Stacie and her friends are also a lot more valuable now than when you first bought them in 1998! Depending on the condition, a complete set of these fun sleepover dolls can sell for around $120. Kind of wish gender roles hadn’t pressured me into giving mine up now…

14 Monster Mash

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Frankenstein and his monster have been popular characters for centuries now, appearing in plenty of films and parodies of Mary Shelley’s original book. They were even sought after in the nineties, appearing as a set of Burger King collectible figures, possibly inspired by Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 film based on the book! If you were a big collector of these toys when you were a kid, you might be able to help out someone who is a big collector of them now… for a respectable amount of money.

Despite being worth almost nothing during the nineties, this collection of toys can be sold to the right person for around $80! Fast food may be bad for kids, but I’m sure it’s hard to regret the collecting of these classics.

13 The Final Frontier

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Star Trek just seems to be one of those fandoms that may never go away. But really, why should it? It’s a classic sci-fi series that lead to several sequels and films, along with inspiring pretty much all other mainstream sci-fi fandoms to date. Who can say if Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, or even Futurama would be the same if it hadn’t been for Star Trek? There have obviously been several generations of Star Trek toys for kids to play with, including a series released in 1999.

This series of toys are now somewhat difficult to locate.

If you have one gathering dust in the cupboard, you might want to clean it up, as some can be sold for $100 each! Thank you, Star Trek!

12 It’s Morphin’ Time

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

I’ve already talked about the Power Rangers on this list. While original toys can be valuable, other figures from the series can be worth even more! There’s something fun about six teenagers running around in colourful costumes, kicking the butts of plastic aliens. “Megazord” was the combination of the five “Dinozords,” a series of Dinosaur themed vehicles piloted by the Power Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Each Dinozord had its own advantages, that came together when forming “Megazord” (from what I remember…).

If that doesn’t sound like an awesome thing of itself, the toy, including all five Dinozords, can now be sold for $900! Some people, it seems, will pay anything for an epic combination of Dinosaur themed battleships!

11 He Sees You When You’re Sleeping…

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

I don’t think anyone who grew up in the 90s or 00s doesn’t know what a Furby is. To those of you who somehow managed to avoid them, I really don’t know how to possibly explain them. Furbys were animatronic creatures that spoke to you, slept, and were generally quite cute and annoying.

The toys were so popular that over 40 million were sold in the first three years of its release.

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The National Security Agency of America even banned Furbys, with fears that they were being used to spy on people and record information (despite the fact that the original Furby could not hear or record sound). Hasbro re-released the Furby, with new features, both in 2005 and 2012. Since then, then original nineties Furbys has massively increased in value! An original Furby can go for $450, with reports of rarer editions being sold for even more.

10 Going Rogue

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

We’ve already discussed the joys of some Marvel classics! When kids really get into their favourite comic books, it’s only natural that they want the toys. And when those kids grow up into wealthy business people, they want to relive their childhood by collecting those toys again, despite the high costs.

These sort of vintage Marvel X-Men action figures, including Official Marvel Universe Trading Cards, are very highly sought after. That’s something you probably didn’t think of when you were flying them into the door as a child! A figure in decent condition can be sold for around $80, possibly more if it is in mint condition. Although, I’m guessing your old ones aren’t! We should teach our kids to not take their toys out of the packets.

9 The Girl Who Fits In Your Pocket

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

While nowadays Polly Pocket is around three inches tall, she used to be an exclusively tiny plastic doll that lived in a teeny tiny dollhouse that could be carried around everywhere. She often lived in bright, colourful, adorable settings and several sets were made to compliment Disney releases.

Some of these are super collectible now.

I remember my older sister often telling me off for playing with hers. It’s not hard to wonder why, given how much they can go for nowadays. While the concept of Polly Pocket may be an odd one to some, you won’t be laughing when you find out that some 90s sets can sell for $1400! That’s right! Some Disney sets can even go for more, and even the smaller sets can go for $380. We hope you hung on to some of yours!

8 Surprisingly, Some Of These Were Actually Worth Something

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Okay, so this one doesn’t fit in with my earlier description of an action figure. But believe me, you’ll want to hear about this one! TY’s Beanie Babies were a big thing in the nineties and everyone wanted to start a collection. Even at the start, some people were convinced that they would increase in value one day. They thought a large collection was worth having. Well, they were right! While I remember seeing plenty of babies chewing on their legs during the nineties, an early Beanie Baby is worth a lot of money.

Rare Beanie Babies can be sold for hundreds of dollars. Since they didn’t come in packages to begin with, collectors aren’t as picky about the condition as with earlier mentioned action figures, so long as they are clean and still have the tags. Some rare BBs can even go for over $1000!

7 We’re Not Trolling You

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

Just like Beanie Babies, a Troll Doll was just something everyone in the nineties had. I remember having quite a few, but I don’t know why. Like, I never really played with them. I just sometimes styled their hair or brushed it under my nose (because I’m weird). There was just something about these weird, ugly, crazy-haired little things that kids liked! And a good thing, too!

Some people are still into them and will pay a lot of money to expand their collection.

While the most common dolls probably won’t get you a lot of money, some of the rarer editions are in high demand and can sell for $150! So if you have any unusual Troll Dolls, in their original outfits, maybe a special edition one, have a look and see what it could be worth.

6 Would You Like Fries With That?

25 Action Figures From The 90s Worth A Fortune Today

I remember going to friend’s houses when I was younger and seeing large collections of McDonalds Happy Meal toys! They were often out on display for everyone to see. We never went to fast food restaurants a lot when I was a kid, and even when we did I’d never keep the toys for long. They were often boring and soon lost their novelty. I never understood why people went to McDonald’s so often, and why they kept the toys. Well, now I do know!

Although these toys cost next to nothing to make and came free with your Kids Meal, they could now be sold to collectors for around $70 to $500! That certainly makes it worth keeping them around (although to me they never really lose their gross McDonalds smell…).

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