8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

8-Bit Christmas: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

The new HBO film 8-Bit Christmas features loveable main characters that are some pretty smart Christmas cookies.

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8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Just a couple of days ago, HBO released a new holiday movie called 8-Bit Christmas that follows Jake, played by Neil Patrick Harris, as he tells his daughter the story of how he got his Nintendo, which was his most treasured childhood possession. The movie has many entertaining character dynamics that are sometimes derived from the perceived intelligence of each character.

What’s interesting about this film is that some of the youngest kids are actually the smartest characters. While it’s not always a hard and fast rule, this cleverness or, for some characters, lack thereof, makes them especially fun to watch. All this being said, ranking the characters based on their intelligence will help viewers get a better sense of why these people make this story a compelling festive film.

10 Josh Jagorski

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

In comparison to HBO Max’s Love Life characters’ intelligence, Josh is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn, and that muscle certainly seems to come in handy for him.

He is a champion at playing King of the Mountain and he loves to scare other kids with his size and strength. Not to mention, he doesn’t seem particularly driven to do more in his studies for school anyway.

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9 Teddy Hodges

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Teddy Hodges is Tammy’s twin brother who is practically the opposite of her. He doesn’t have the best situational awareness, but he is incredibly fun to watch and genuinely sweet to his sister and friends.

He’s a good wingman and he supports his sister when she needs it, which makes him a great brother, but not necessarily the brightest character in the entire story either.

8 John Doyle

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

John Doyle is just a dad that wants to fix things and loves dealing with the intricacies of building and creating. He plays the goofy dad who doesn’t really know what’s going on all the time because he’s lost in his own world.

The fact that he didn’t know Nintendo was a video game company, even back in the late ’80s, is a sign that he probably doesn’t get out too much or know what his kids are actually doing. He might have a certain kind of smarts, but pop-culture knowledge is clearly nonexistent with him.

7 Annie Doyle

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

When the 8-Bit Christmas Trailer first came out, it was clear that Jake’s daughter, Annie, is obviously much more interested in texting her friend Maeve than listening to his story about getting his Nintendo.

As an average child in the digital era, she’s been exposed to a lot and she most likely knows a lot more at her age just by the nature of having access to the internet. But even with that said, it’s clear that she doesn’t understand the art of persuasion and subtlety when it comes to trying to get her dad to end his story.

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6 Kathy Doyle

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Kathy Doyle is a hardworking multitasker who deals with a lot of drama on a daily basis. However, sometimes when she has too many things to deal with she can be forgetful or have a momentary lapse in judgment.

She is a great mother and she never forgets to care for her kids, but she would be a little bit sharper if she had less to worry about all the time and got more sleep.

5 Jake Doyle

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Neil Patrick Harris’ role as Jake is one of the best he has done since How I Met Your Mother even though his character has pretty average intelligence. As a dad, he isn’t overly goofy or silly, but he knows how to tell a story and he always does the best he can in any situation. He just has some tough luck at times.

As a kid who wanted nothing more than to get a Nintendo, he tried to work his magic on his parents and he was even able to sneak into Timmy’s house by calming down his dog with a gourmet sausage, which displays at least a tidbit of ingenuity.

4 Timmy Keane

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Based on the short clip of his recorded dream diary, it’s clear that Timmy is a bit of a deep thinker. Even though he can be full of himself and selfish, he knows how to strategize in order to keep people around him.

It becomes increasingly clear that part of the reason he flaunts his wealth is that he wants to be with other kids and he doesn’t know how to socialize in other ways. Overall, he’s smart, but he certainly needs to work on his emotional intelligence.

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3 Jeff Farmer

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Jeff Farmer knows how to sweet talk his way into giving people, both kids and adults, a great first impression of himself. However, because he is a bit of a compulsive liar, he has a difficult time actually backing up most of his claims.

Keeping all of that in consideration, he has the makings to be a great salesman and he is overall deceivingly smart. “Fake it until you make it” is practically this boy’s motto as he tries to rack up as many wreath sales as he possibly can.

2 Elizabeth Doyle

8Bit Christmas The Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence

Much like any younger sibling, Lizzy knows how to control and manipulate her parents into loving her and yelling at her brother. Her cute façade is just an illusion to distract parents from comprehending the actual Christmas movie criminal mastermind she is.

She is still extremely young, but Lizzy certainly understands how to get what she wants when she wants it, which is the sign of a burgeoning genius.

1 Tammy Hodges

Tammy Hodges, as Jake explicitly states, is a confident leader and she often has some of the best and most intelligent ideas of their friend group.

Even though she’s the only girl in their close-knit circle, she knows who she is and her desire to learn aids her ability to lead. Overall, she is one of the smartest characters in the film and she has so much potential to be great.

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