Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Alice In Borderland: 10 Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Bravery is a necessary trait if characters want to survive the life-or-death games in Alice in Borderland. Who among them are the most courageous?

You Are Reading :Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

It would be impossible to survive any of the deadly games in Alice in Borderland without at least a little bit of courage. The bravest characters on the show are often the ones who make it past each lethal round.

From Karube’s courageous sacrifice to Aguni’s last-minute change of heart, there’s no shortage of brave acts in the series’ several life-or-death games. The most fearless characters in Alice in Borderland are usually the selfless ones, often putting others’ lives ahead of their own. They’re not afraid to jump headfirst into a dangerous situation if it means they and their friends can live for a few more days in the twisted competition.

10 Takeru Danma (Hatter)

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Hatter is far from being a likable character on the show, as he’s revealed to be a manipulative leader who lies to other players about the nature of the games. There’s a moment when Arisu points out how Hatter uses hundreds of other people to collect cards for him instead of going out to get them on his own. This perfectly describes how much of a coward he actually is.

Despite bragging about never losing a game, viewers never actually see how Hatter wins the ones he joins. It’s not too far-fetched to assume that he probably uses his goons to survive each round, considering how he seems to bring a group of disposable armed guards wherever he goes.

9 Saori Shibuki

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

The way Shibuki acts in the “Dead or Alive” says a lot about her cowardly strategy in the competition. She doesn’t hesitate to force a complete stranger to die if it means survival for her.

Like Hatter, she replies on manipulation, albeit at a smaller scale, to ensure that she lives through each game. If others can be brave for her, then she doesn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. She does show that she’s slightly courageous by never being afraid to cross over the barrier to enter the games, but her boldness pretty much ends at that point.

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8 Chōta Segawa

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Chōta is depicted as a meek and fearful character, at least when compared to his best friends, Arisu and Karube. This is why he’s easily manipulated by Shibuki into thinking that he’s out of place in the group, which is far from the truth.

He’s terrified when his friends don’t show up on time for the “Hide-and-seek” game and even lashes out at them because of his fear and insecurity. He thankfully redeems himself in the end by bravely choosing to sacrifice his life and take Shibuki down with him so that Arisu could go on.

7 Yuzuha Usagi

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

There’s no telling how far Usagi could have gone on her own if she had never decided to help Arisu. Trusting in a complete stranger is a bold act in itself, but following him through different challenges and then risking her life to save him in the “Witch Hunt” game is even more impressive.

That said, compared to the other daring characters in the competition, the extent of her courageousness hasn’t been totally highlighted on the show. Until she proves she’s more than just a strong and loyal friend, fans will have to rely on her mediocre actions so far to judge her bravery.

6 Ann Rizuna

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

There’s a nerve-wracking moment in the show that emphasizes Ann’s fearlessness. Fans may recall how as an executive member of The Beach and one of the smartest characters in Alice in Borderland, she’s sent to test Arisu in the game “Light Bulb.” Despite knowing the answer from the start, she chooses to let the water get dangerously close to the electric rods, even as the other players were starting to panic.

She also keeps her cool in a different situation in “Witch Hunt,” as she knows she can solve the puzzle despite the chaos going on around her. Ann hasn’t done anything exceptionally brave, though, but has shown that she has the potential to based on her actions in the first season.

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5 Shuntarō Chishiya

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

No one can contest the fact that Chishiya is one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He’s able to trick Arisu into unknowingly becoming the bait for his plan to steal Hatter’s cards, which is a bold move that could have gotten him in trouble with Aguni.

The moment that really underscores his bravery is his standoff with Niragi. Although the antagonist is armed with a sniper rifle, this doesn’t bother Chishiya at all, as he’s able to think quickly and scatter the deck of cards to confuse Niragi. Chishiya’s moves are daring but still calculated, so it would be interesting to see how he does in a life-or-death situation that requires a courageous and risky action.

4 Aguni Morizono

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Aguni is the typical strong man who carries around his rifle and intimidates new players to convince others that his fake feud with Hatter is real. He’s brave in the sense that he’s aggressive towards others and doesn’t value human life, not even his own.

He does show that he can be genuinely courageous, as fans may remember how Aguni is a villain who becomes a hero in the end. When Arisu helps him realize that he’s lashing out because he’s hurt, he blocks a hail of bullets and saves the protagonist’s life. As if that wasn’t enough, he charges towards Niragi and takes him down with him in the burning building. It’s unfortunate that his single and truly fearless act happens to be the one that kills him.

3 Daikichi Karube

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

Karube is depicted as the stereotypical loud, reckless, and carefree friend who follows the protagonist around during their wild antics. He’s forced to act more mature when he realizes the dangerous situation they’re in during the first game, however, suddenly turning into a bold character who’s desperate to survive.

His recklessness sometimes translates into bravery, like when he foolishly gets cornered by the masked shooter in “Tag,” but refuses to give up. He’s also responsible for one of the most unforgettable and courageous acts in the show, as he sacrifices himself in the difficult game of “Hide-and-seek” so that Arisu could survive. It’s disappointing that he’s killed off so early in the series, as fans don’t get to see what other daring moves he’s capable of.

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2 Hikari Kuina

Alice In Borderland 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery

It’s easy to gauge Kuina’s bravery in the competition, as fans won’t ever forget the way she fearlessly faces off against The Last Boss. She uses her bare hands to defeat his aggressive attacks with his samurai sword, allowing Ann to escape.

That said, a better measure of Kuina’s courage comes from her moving backstory. She’s had to face challenging situations in her personal life, as she struggles to find acceptance because of her gender identity. This doesn’t stop her from embracing herself and pushing forward with her transition, though. It makes sense that she draws from her past experiences to become emboldened in the games. Her only moment of weakness so far is her uncharacteristic fear in the “Light Bulb” round when Arisu was struggling to figure out the correct answer.

1 Ryōhei Arisu

The protagonist of the show is unsurprisingly the bravest character in the competition. Arisu is thrust into an unfamiliar and dangerous world with his friends and quickly adapts to the new reality. He shows that he can think under pressure in the “Dead or Alive,” “Light Bulb,” “Tag,” and “Witch Hunt” games, courageously relying on his own abilities despite knowing one wrong answer could prove fatal.

His fearlessness has helped save other players, like when he chooses to go back for the competitor left behind in the game “Distance,” inadvertently rescuing Usagi as well. Perhaps his bravest act is to keep going despite the loss of his closest friends – his bold determination to avenge not just them, but all of the players trapped in the twisted competition, is admirable.

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