All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

After being in the spotlight for over a decade, the Kardashian-Jenners have been mentioned in many rap songs. Here are some notable examples.

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All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

The Kardashian-Jenner family has been inspiring rap lyrics for more than 10 years. Whether it’s rappers who know them personally, or artists who just want an impressive name drop in their songs, the Kardashians have been referenced in countless songs. Here are some of the most well-known rap lyrics that feature the famous family.

Closed On Sunday – Kanye West

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

Now that Kanye and Kim have reportedly filed for divorce, this song hits different. It debuted on Kanye’s 2019 album “Jesus Is King,” and is about his then-wife Kim Kardashian. It is both a religious anthem and a love song. The song’s most repetitive line is: “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A.” More lyrics that reference Kim and her family are, “Hold the selfies, put the ‘Gram away / Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray.” He even got his wife and children to star in the music video for the song. When it was released, fans got a good laugh out of the cheesy lyrics, and many are still not over it, as evidenced by many tweets that look like the one below.

I will never forgive Kanye for singing, “Closed on Sunday / You my Chick-Fil-A” 😠

Sicko Mode – Travis Scott

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

“Sicko Mode” was released in 2018 by Kylie Jenner’s then-boyfriend and father of her child. Travis Scott references Kylie and even Stormi in the song a few times, including: “Ain’t by the book, yeah, this how it look, yeah / ‘Bout a check, yeah (Check), just check the foots, yeah / Pass this to my daughter, I’ma show her what it took (Yeah) / Baby mama cover Forbes, got these other b**ches shook” With these lyrics, Travis is referencing Kylie Jenner being named the youngest “self-made” billionaire by Forbes magazine – though Forbes later rescinded that title. Music fans and KUWTK fans loved the single, and it became the number one single on Billboard by the end of 2018.

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Wouldn’t Leave – Kanye West

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

Before Kanye was singing Kim’s praise in “Closed On Sunday,” he was putting her business out there in the song “Wouldn’t Leave.” After Kanye notoriously said that slavery was a choice during one of his campaign stops (remember when he ran for President?), he penned this rap to discuss the fallout. The revealing lyrics are: “They say, ‘Build your own,’ I said, ‘How, Sway? / I said, ‘Slavery a choice,’ they say, ‘How, Ye?’ / Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day / Now I’m on fifty blogs gettin’ fifty calls / Wife calling screaming saying we’re about to lose it all / I had to calm her down cause she couldn’t breathe / I told her she could leave me now but she wouldn’t leave / This is what they mean for better or for worse, huh?” When Kim and Kanye’s divorce was announced many fans returned to the song, noting how it didn’t age too well.

wouldnt leave by kanye just hurts so much more knowing that theyre getting divorced omg

Sauce – The Game

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

The Game stirred up controversy with his song that referenced the Kardashians. In “Sauce,” released in 2016, he rapped, “Bought my first Bentley and let Kim and Paris picked the colors,” and, “I used to f–k bches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I f–ked three Kardashians, hold that thought.” It’s rumored that The Game did date Kim Kardashian, and he later told Wendy Williams that the three Kardashians referenced in the song were Kim, Khloe, and Blac Chyna. Fans were surprised by the lyrics, since The Game is friends with Kanye and Kanye and Kim were married at the time. The Game also mentioned the Kardashian-Jenners in an unreleased song that someone captured on their phone. The Game rapped, “Her sister made a billion in makeup / I used to make her Frosted Flakes when she wake up.” This could’ve been an innocent reference to spending time with his girlfriend’s family, but fans seem to think otherwise.

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The Game says he used to make Kylie Jenner “Frosted Flakes” when she woke up. 💀💀💀💀.

Stimulated – Tyga

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

Tyga creeped out fans with this song when it was released in 2015. At the time, he was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner, who was 17 when she began dating the 25-year-old rapper. Referencing criticisms about Kylie’s age, Tyga rapped, “They say she young, I should’ve waited / She a big girl, dog when she stimulated.” Kylie even starred in the music video for the song. Twitter was not amused, and people still can’t believe the inappropriate lyrics. For example, @CDTVProductions recently tweeted, “tyga really said “they say she young, i should’ve waited- she a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated” and mostly got away with it.”

Tyga really dropped a music video with Kylie Jenner and said “she a big girl dog, when she stimulated” Re-open the case and lock him up.

Berzerk – Eminem

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

Eminem is not one to miss out on referencing something controversial, and the Kardashian-Jenners gave him fuel in his 2013 song “Berzerk.” Eminem raps, “They say that love is powerful as cough syrup in styrofoam / All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo / With the ugly Kardashian / Lamar, oh, sorry, yo, we done both set the bar low.” Kardashian fans likely were not happy with Eminem after this song came out, especially those who watched Khloe struggle with her insecurities as well as her marriage to Lamar Odom. Eminem’s claim of waking up next to Khloe was brushed off by listeners, who know he likes to exaggerate in his music.

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Girls Fall Like Dominoes – Nicki Minaj

All The Top Rap Lyrics About The Kardashians & Jenners

Way back in 2011, Nicki Minaj rapped about all of her famous friends. In the song “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” she rapped, “Okay, so when I’m in the hills, I hang with Kristin Cavallari / And when I’m in Miami, I’m with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe / And when I’m in the A, I’m with Ciara or it’s Keri / I’m feeling like a diva, then I hit Mariah Carey.” You can tell it’s an old song with its reference to Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, a KUWTK spin-off that ran from 2009 to 2013. Nicki might have just been joking then, but she has since become friendly with the Kardashian family, even sending Kim’s daughter North a diamond Barbie necklace when she was born.

Let Me Dope You – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s 2010 song “Let Me Dope You” proves that rappers have been dropping the Kardashian name for over a decade. The song, released in 2010, references Kim’s public relationship with Reggie Bush, who appeared in the early seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, rapped, “You wouldn’t think from the things I’m fashionin’ / I’d get more bush than Kim Kardashian.” Kanye might be jealous of the witty pun, for both personal and professional reasons.

With all these song references, it’s clear that the Kardashian-Jenners were at the forefront of these rappers’ minds for the last decade – whether that was because they were dating one of them or because they just wanted a controversial lyric. With no sign of the family leaving the public eye any time soon – and lots of single Kardashian-Jenners – there are sure to be many more lyrics penned about the Kardashians in the future. Not to mention Kanye’s (probably) upcoming breakup album.

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