Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Visit Harvs Island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Visit Harv’s Island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has an entire island that functions as a photo studio, run by a hippie dog named Harvey: here’s how to get there.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons  How To Visit Harvs Island

While a decent amount of the moment-to-moment gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is similar to its franchise predecessors, a lot of what’s been added to the newest entry in the series was done so in favor of facilitating sharing content online. Now, entire islands can be redesigned to a player’s exact specification, full of custom art and strategically-placed decorations. Among the new features meant to improve online sharing is an entire island that functions as a dedicated photo studio, run by a hippie dog named Harvey. Players won’t have access to Harv’s island from the get go, however.

How to Find Harvey

Harvey is “unlocked,” so to speak, as soon as the player is tasked by Tom Nook with building houses for three new villagers. Chronologically, this is the fourth major milestone in building your village following your first home payment, opening the shop, and building your island’s first bridge.

Once players have been given this task, however, Harvey may not visit for a little while. While there’s a chance he appears the very next day after starting the house building task, he can also wait till as late as the third villager has moved into their new home. He can be found more or less anywhere that’s accessible in your village, so it’s worth sweeping the entire island grounds while searching for him.

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Visiting Harv’s Island

Once you talk to Harvey, he’ll immediately invite you back to his own private island. The sole activity on Harv’s Island is taking photos within Harvey’s “Photopia” photo studio.

Upon entering, Harvey will explain just how the studio works. Essentially, players can choose one of six themed rooms as a backdrop and place within their chosen room any of the furniture items they’ve already unlocked as well as villagers that are currently living on their island. The villagers can then be dressed up in unlocked clothing items and posed using any unlocked reactions.

Before leaving, Harvey will explain the game’s Amiibo functionality, which allows the player to purchase a poster associated with any scanned Amiibo.

At any point thereafter, Harv’s Island can then be returned to at no cost on a quick flight over from the Dodo Airlines building.

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