Animal Crossing Player Designs a Pokémon Center & Cosplays As Nurse Joy

Animal Crossing Player Designs a Pokémon Center & Cosplays As Nurse Joy

An Animal Crossing player recreates a Pokémon Center decked out with all its features, complete with a Nurse Joy cosplay and Poké Ball design codes.

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Animal Crossing Player Designs a Pokémon Center & Cosplays As Nurse Joy

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has designed their house to replicate the inside of a Pokémon Center, complete with a custom design Nurse Joy cosplay. A Pokémon series staple, Pokémon Centers are well known for being warm and welcoming lobby areas in which trainers can restore their Pokémon, and this replication captures that same coziness that they provide.

There have been other fan recreations of Pokémon locales in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some of these include Gen II’s National Park, an island transformed into a Pokémon stadium, and even a few faithful recreations of Pokémon battles. The amount of customization Animal Crossing offers has never provided a shortage of fan content, be it with recreating locations or clothing. With how big the Pokémon series is, it’s not surprising that it would be a popular choice for fan creations in the world of Animal Crossing.

Made by Reddit user limtehbojio_acnh, this Pokémon Center is decked out with all the functionalities you’d expect from it. A good amount of the decor is provided with furniture in the diner series, with diner sofas and tables used for the waiting area and the counter tables placed as the stall many trainers would go to ask Nurse Joy to heal their Pokémon. Other noticeable features include a Poké Ball designed gas station in the back, a PC to represent the Pokémon PC, and a world map to represent the region map. Poké Ball hats are also used for decal on the stall, which limteh has posted the design code of in the post, along with an additional Safari Ball design.

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Unfortunately, inviting fellow villager neighbors to enjoy the Pokémon Center experience isn’t a possibility. Villager interactions with players have decreased since Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a reduction many players understandably bemoan. In the past, villagers could invite themselves inside players houses, either through invitation or surprise drop-ins. Not only is that no longer a possibility, villager favors aren’t as common as they used to be as well. Though as an alternative solution, villagers can be invited into house-like rooms using Photopia, which has been used to create many, many well-done fan creations.

Regardless of whether or not sick villagers can come in to be healed, this replica perfectly captures the look and ambiance of a Pokémon Center. Should any trainer or villager wish to bring in their Pokémon, bugs, or fish to be healed, rest assured Nurse Joy will restore any and all to full health. We hope to see you again!

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