Apple Watch SE Rumored To Be On The Way & Thats A Game Changer

Apple Watch SE Rumored To Be On The Way & That’s A Game Changer

Apple Watch SE is rumored to use the Series 3 body and exterior design but with upgraded internals for a closer match to the upcoming Series 6.

You Are Reading :Apple Watch SE Rumored To Be On The Way & Thats A Game Changer

Apple Watch SE Rumored To Be On The Way & Thats A Game Changer

After the whirlwind of Series 6 revelations, there has been yet another Apple Watch rumor as the end of August approaches. September is the month that the new Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be announced, but it may not be the only new watch coming this year. The latest leak suggests Apple may apply the iPhone SE formula to its smartwatch category and release an Apple Watch SE.

Apple currently sells the Watch Series 5 along with the Watch Series 3 as a lower cost option. Series 3 is two years older and lags significantly in specifications and features. This makes the decision very clear for shoppers. Those unfamiliar with Apple’s smartwatch may choose the lower cost option, while those that feel certain of a need will more likely opt for the latest model.

If the rumors of an Apple Watch SE announcement are true this changes the game in subtle but intriguing ways. The leak, from Komiya on Twitter indicates Apple will use the Series 3 body and exterior design but upgrade the internals to be a closer match to the Series 6. Rather than selling a newer and an older smartwatch, Apple would thereafter offer a flagship and a budget model smartwatch. This pattern matches that of the iPhone SE and some recent iPad launches. There isn’t an iPad SE, but over the last few years, Apple has reused the design of older iPad models, such as the 10.5 iPad Pro case being reused in the third generation iPad Air.

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Apple Watch SE – Old design – Replacement of Series 3 – S6 & W4 chip – All 16GB – Only Aluminium model – Digital Crown with haptic feedback? – Bluetooth 5.0 – international SOS calling (only cellular model) – Coming next March – Same prices as Series 3

Apple’s Brilliant SE Strategy

By reusing the body and possibly screen technology of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple saves significant manufacturing and component expense maintaining the value proposition that helps buyers decide on a purchase. By upgrading the internals, Apple enables watchOS to advance at a faster pace. Allowing for varied and older hardware is a burden on Windows and Android operating system and application development. For over a decade, Apple sold only new iPhone and iPad models, discontinuing older devices. Keeping previous models in its online store is a somewhat recent development that may be phased out soon.

This doesn’t mean that Apple won’t continue to support older models of its smartwatch. It will, just as it supports older iPhone and iPad devices. This simply will mean that the processor speed and wireless connection speed of the Apple Watch sold for a given year will be consistent. Bluetooth reliability is much improved in version 5.0, so the wireless update alone will solve many problems. An SE model benefits everyone involved, except competitors, which will face further trouble when trying to unseat Apple from the smartwatch throne it occupies.

If Apple does indeed announce an Apple Watch SE in September, it will match the S6 processor and W4 wireless chip of the new Series 6. The body and screen will be the same as the Series 3. The new Apple Watch SE will be pre-loaded with the latest watchOS 7 and have a starting price of $199. It will look the same as the Apple Watch Series 3, but feature updated internals somewhat on par with the Series 6. This could be the extra incentive needed for iPhone users that do not yet own an Apple Watch to make that purchase decision.

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