Avengers Infinity War 10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Avengers: Infinity War – 10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Thanos was close to claiming victory in Infinity War, but he overlooked these 10 cheats that would’ve saved him from Endgame

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Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Thanos is one of the most successful villains not just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but of all time. In fact at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, he had effectively won. Unfortunately for the Mad Titan, this win would prove to be short-lived, with our heroes reversing his work in Avengers: Endgame.

When Dr. Strange looked into the future, he said there were 14,000,604 possibilities in which Thanos accomplished his goal of wiping out half of all life in the known universe, and only one in which the Avengers were able to defeat him. If any slight detail had been changed, Thanos would have been victorious. There are also several steps Thanos could have taken to make a win for himself more likely. Check out these 10 ways that Thanos could have won!

10 Thanos Should’ve Snapped That Pesky Rat

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

At the end of Infinity War, the Avengers accepted their failure until Ant-Man came into the picture. After being stuck in the Quantum Realm for five years, Ant-Man was finally released when a rat accidentally activated his portal, releasing him back into the world.

This rat should be given more credit for essentially saving the world. The Avengers are very lucky that this rat happened to be around. When Thanos snapped his fingers, he erased half of all living creatures – which would include rats. The heroes are only lucky that this particular rat wasn’t snapped away.

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9 Thanos Shouldn’t Have Snapped Spider-Man

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Tony had found a way to move on after the snap. He built a life with Pepper and was raising his daughter Morgan. Deciding to help was an extremely difficult decision for Tony – one to which he initially did not agree. Tony was the key to the mission’s success as he figured out the way to successfully time travel and he even eliminated Thanos with his own snap.

Thing is, Tony might not have been willing to risk his new life had he not felt a tremendous amount of guilt over the loss of Spider-Man. His bond with Peter Parker is ultimately what tipped the scales and compelled him to rejoin the fight. By snapping away Peter, Thanos sealed his own fate by ensuring that Tony would be determined to take him down.

8 Thanos Shouldn’t Have (Unintentionally) Encouraged Black Widow’s Sacrifice

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Black Widow’s sacrifice was crucial to the Avengers’ success. After the snap, Natasha stepped up as a leader for the remaining Avengers. She was deeply disturbed by the wreckage that consumed the Earth. This provided her an entirely different outlook on life. Self-preservation, which had always been so important to Natasha took a back seat to defeating Thanos.

Had Thanos’ world been half as great as what he had promised, Natasha wouldn’t have been feeling so bleak about the circumstances surrounding her. This would have made her less likely to sacrifice herself. It can be assumed from Dr. Strange’s insight into the future that Natasha needed to be the one to secure the Soul Stone. Had any other character retrieved it, the plan likely would not have worked.

7 Thanos Should’ve Forcibly Taken The Time Stone From Dr. Strange

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

When The Ancient One learned that Dr. Strange had freely given the Time Stone to Thanos, she realized that she needed to follow his lead. This prompted her to give the Time Stone to Bruce Banner. Obviously, securing this Infinity Stone was crucial to defeating Thanos.

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Had Thanos taken the Time Stone by brute force instead of accepting it from a willing Dr. Strange, things may have played out differently. Without this key piece of information, it’s unlikely that The Ancient One would have parted ways with the Time Stone.

6 The Snap Should’ve Been Selective, Not Random

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Thanos was extremely clear that he wanted to wipe out half of the population through randomization. In making this decision, Thanos severely underestimated the heroes he was up against.

Had Thanos thought more carefully about which people he wiped off of the Earth, things would have been very different. He could have intentionally snapped away all of the Avengers and then randomized the rest, erasing any possibility of defeat.

5 Thanos Should’ve Killed Tony Stark

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Thanos had a perfect opportunity to kill Tony Stark on Titan. To spare Tony’s life and give the world its best chance at survival, Dr. Strange offered up the Time Stone, making a deal with Thanos to keep Tony safe. Thanos accepted this deal and held his part of the bargain when he secured the Infinity Stone.

He could have easily taken the stone and then turned around and killed Tony. Instead, Thanos takes the stone and heads on his way to secure the Mind Stone in Wakanda. This mistake ultimately costs Thanos his victory.

4 Thanos Should’ve Considered The Knowledge Of His Adversaries

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

When traveling back to the events of the first Avengers movie, Steve and Tony almost fail in their mission to acquire the Space Stone. They realize that they actually have one more opportunity to get their hands on it and collect some extra Pym Particles needed to complete their journey home.

Had Iron Man and Captain America not had the foresight and knowledge necessary to make this trip, Thanos would have succeeded.

3 Thanos Should’ve Wiped Out The Survivors’ Memories

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

When (Past) Thanos learns that his future self accomplished his genocidal mission, he is thrilled. He also states that people are ungrateful for not appreciating what he has done. He decides that this time, he will start over, wiping out every one and beginning again with individuals who have never known any other way of life.

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While he is right to recognize that people will continue to fight him as long as they can remember what he has done, there is a simple solution to this problem. Had Thanos wiped the memory of the survivors of the snap, they wouldn’t feel the need to hunt him down and undo his work.

2 Thanos & (Past) Nebula Should’ve Been More Discreet

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

Thanos can be a bit hot-headed, often charging into battle without stopping to think. This was showcased when (Past) Nebula opened the time portal and allowed the past Thanos to enter the present. He quickly opened fire on the Avengers’ base the moment his ship materialized. This resulted in the climactic battle that he ultimately lost which, in retrospect, could’ve been avoided.

(Past) Nebula already infiltrated the Avengers’ base and no one suspected her. After Professor Hulk severely injures himself when snapping the dead back to life, (Past) Nebula could’ve just easily grabbed the Gauntlet and snuck it to Thanos while everyone else was preoccupied with Banner. Instead, Thanos announced his arrival with a missile barrage and any element of surprise was lost.

1 Thanos Should’ve Killed OG Nebula

Avengers Infinity War  10 Ways Thanos Could Have Won

When Thanos captures the redeemed Nebula fans have grown to know and love, he holds her hostage. While alternate Nebula takes her place, (Past) Gamora is left alone with her. OG Nebula is able to convince (Past) Gamora to turn against Thanos, and the pair sets off to find and stop the past Nebula.

They find her with the Gauntlet in hand, and OG Nebula shoots her past self dead, allowing the Gauntlet to fall back into the hands of the heroes. Had Thanos simply killed OG Nebula, (Past) Nebula likely would have succeeded in bringing the Infinity Gauntlet back to him.

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