Batman Isnt Afraid of Any Superhero Except Wonder Woman

Batman Isn’t Afraid of Any Superhero… Except Wonder Woman

Batman has no fear, choosing instead to put fear into the hearts of criminals. None of his superhero allies scare him either…except Wonder Woman.

You Are Reading :Batman Isnt Afraid of Any Superhero Except Wonder Woman

Batman Isnt Afraid of Any Superhero Except Wonder Woman

Batman is known as the hero who is prepared for everything. Any scenario or outcome, and Batman will have a plan at the ready. This is largely in part due to his own paranoia and desire for control, which allows him to have little fear towards most enemies and threats. He even has contingency plans for every member of the Justice League… except for Wonder Woman, which scares Batman. Here’s why.

The reason Batman doesn’t have plan for Wonder Woman is revealed in Justice League #20 of the New 52 line from DC Comics from Geoff Johns. In that run, Superman and Wonder Woman become romantically involved, which causes some concern for Batman. Meanwhile, a kryptonite ring was stolen from the Batcave and the thief gave it to the villain Despero (not before taking a sliver out of it for a yet unknown reason at this time in the series). Once Despero was defeated and the kryptonite ring was recovered, Batman claimed to the rest of the Justice League the Superman gave him the ring so that he might study it, and work on a cure so that it would no longer be lethal for Superman. In truth, Superman gave the ring to Batman so that Batman could use it in the event that Superman ever went dark, via mind control, manipulation, or a variety of other potential events where Clark could become compromised.

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Later, Batman takes Superman to a hidden room within the Batcave, wanting to show something to Clark. In the room, Batman has a variety of boxes, each containing a contingency plan to take down each individual member of the Justice League if need be. Superman is somewhat taken aback, admitting that he could never do what Batman has done, imagining the worst case scenarios and thinking the worst of all their allies and friends. Batman’s response is that it’s more pragmatic than hoping for the best. However, he then shows Clark the reason why he brought he down into the room. He asks Clark to open Wonder Woman’s contingency box.

Batman has no contingency for Wonder Woman because she essentially has no weaknesses or invulnerabilities. She doesn’t have an Achilles Heel like Superman’s kryptonite, and she’s one of the most powerful and strongest beings on the planet, alongside Superman. In fact, Superman himself is the only semblance of a plan Batman has to deal with an out of control Wonder Woman. He’s the only one who would even stand a remote chance of taking her down, which is why Clark and Diana’s recent romance has Batman worries and scares him. How could Superman be asked to take down or even kill the woman he loves if the situation were dire enough? He might hesitate, or even refuse altogether which could have possible disastrous results.

Thankfully, the romance between Clark and Diana does not last all that long in the DC Comics continuity, however fans can be sure that that couldn’t have eased Batman worries completely. She’s still incredibly powerful and Superman would still probably have hang ups all the same. All Batman can really do is be thankful that she’s on the side of peace and justice and the rest of the League, and hopefully never get on her bad side.

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