Batman The Penguins Ultimate Form is a Disgusting Monster

Batman: The Penguin’s Ultimate Form is a Disgusting Monster

In the latest tie-in issue to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the War for the Multiverses has begun, and even Batman’s foe Penguin joins the fight.

You Are Reading :Batman The Penguins Ultimate Form is a Disgusting Monster

Batman The Penguins Ultimate Form is a Disgusting Monster

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last 52 – War of the Multiverses #1.

In Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Death Metal, all of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe have united as one, taking the fight to the Darkest Knight and his legions of dark Batmen. The evil new god is attempting to supersede the normal Multiverse with his own Dark Multiverse comprised of the Last 52 worlds of his own creation. The new tie-in, Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last 52 – War of the Multiverses #1, shows the massive war from multiple angles. This includes the personal battle of Batman’s foe Penguin, who’s facing dark versions of himself, becoming disgustingly transformed and mutated as a result.

Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last 52 – War of the Multiverses #1 is a one-shot containing multiple short stories from an all-star cast of DC creatives. The short story featuring Penguin from writer Marguerite Bennett with art by Inaki Miranda is titled “Apicius,” named after the Roman lover of food and luxury who was believed to have lived during the 1st century, rumored to have created one of the earliest cookbooks. It’s also believed that he was one richest men in Rome at the time. As such, the title is quite fitting for a story featuring a villain that has much in common with Apicius himself. As Penguin battles his dark doppelgängers, he reflects on his own life and his own persistence no matter what has befallen his domain in Gotham. He’s always been in power, believing himself to be the last holdout that keeps civilization and the systems that run it alive. While this is a rather high opinion for Penguin to have of himself, it does give him the resilience and determination he needs to fight the dark Penguins he comes across.

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In this Death Metal one-shot, the Penguin of the prime Earth faces three dark Penguins. One is extremely thin, as he chose to feed on vengeance rather than physical food. Another rides a large leopard seal (the natural predator of the penguin), having turned on the only creatures that adored him. Lastly, the third is the most grotesque: a mass of irradiated green flesh that had absorbed his own parents into himself. It’s this last Penguin that seems to get the upper hand when it attempts to consume the Prime Penguin. However, Oswald Cobblepot proves to be too strong and stubborn to die, instead becoming transformed into a disgusting and large mutated penguin monster that explodes out of the gelatinous dark Penguin.

While it may not seem as though Penguin is one of Batman’s more formidable foes to some, this issue dramatically shows the true power of Oswald Cobblepot: he does whatever is necessary to survive, guarding and ensuring that civilization continues so that he can continue to thrive. Penguin is at his most dangerous when he’s backed into a corner, and this issue proves that (albeit in a very drastic and gross way).

While it may have initially been viewed as odd that Penguin was getting a spotlight in the War for the Multiverses, he totally earns it by the story’s end. Penguin is just as much of a force to be reckoned with as any of Batman’s other foes. While it’s unclear when/if Penguin will be able to revert back to his normal self, seeing him mutate into frightening a gross final form was certainly a sight to behold as the Dark Nights: Death Metal nears its end from DC Comics.

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