Batmans Intense Training For Robin Absolutely Infuriated Alfred

Batman’s Intense Training For Robin Absolutely Infuriated Alfred

Alfred wasn’t too pleased with Batman when the Dark Knight sent Robin on a reconnaissance mission when he was supposed to be having fun instead.

You Are Reading :Batmans Intense Training For Robin Absolutely Infuriated Alfred

Batmans Intense Training For Robin Absolutely Infuriated Alfred

Warning! Spoilers for Robin & Batman #2 by DC Comics

Alfred Pennyworth is letting Batman know he’s not cool with the hero turning what should have been a fun birthday present for Robin into a secret reconnaissance mission. In Robin & Batman #2, Alfred is delighted to see Robin have a good time visiting the Justice League and meeting other young heroes. However, when Batman reveals he actually used Robin to gain intel on other heroes, Alfred can’t help but call him a “bastard.”

Batman has always pushed his Robin sidekicks to the limit, often putting them in dangerous situations to best protect Gotham City. While the Dark Knight views the Robins as an integral part of helping him be a hero, often at extreme costs, Alfred hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with his surrogate son about how he handles the youngsters. Alfred has preferred the Robins have a chance to have some sort of childhood while also assisting Batman. However, the Dark Knight views things much differently, as he’s willing to sidestep making childhood memories to focus on the tasks at hand – even if that means Robins have to grow up quickly.

In Robin & Batman #2 by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, Steve Wands, and Ben Abernathy, the story shows some of the earliest adventures of Batman alongside Dick Grayson’s Robin. In the issue, Batman tells Robin he’s got a birthday present for him and takes him into space to Justice League headquarters. Robin is incredibly excited to meet some of the Justice League’s greatest heroes, including Wonder Woman and Hawkman, and assists the eventual Teen Titans in a secret mission. However, when he returns to Earth, Batman asks Robin for a mission debrief. Robin reveals key details about each of the young heroes he spent time with, as he actually was a recon mission for the Caped Crusader.

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Alfred is absolutely perplexed after learning Batman turned Dick’s birthday present into a recon mission, asking him how he could do it. Batman tells him if Robin will be in the company of demigods, he needs to know how to defeat them. After Alfred asks why he can’t just let Robin be a child for once, Batman responds, “I never did. Why should he?” An angry Alfred calls Batman a “bastard” and storms off in frustration.

While Batman is teaching Robin how to be a hero in all situations, it’s still messed up he’d turn a birthday present into a recon mission for the young hero. Batman’s robotic, analytical nature has caused numerous problems throughout his time as a hero, and the issue illustrates how his “always working” approach ruffled feathers, even with Alfred. Robin & Batman #2 is in comic book stores now.

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