Boruto Villain Ada Flips How Naruto Mishandled Sakura

Boruto Villain Ada Flips How Naruto Mishandled Sakura

Ada’s obsession with Boruto and Kawaaki reinterprets how much Sasuke mistreated Sakura in Naruto, with Ada as the one in control.

You Are Reading :Boruto Villain Ada Flips How Naruto Mishandled Sakura

Boruto Villain Ada Flips How Naruto Mishandled Sakura

Warning: spoilers ahead for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 63!

Many fans understandably expressed their displeasure when Sakura ended up with Sasuke at the end of Naruto because of how badly he mistreated her throughout the series, and although its Boruto spin-off has many failings, it reverses this trend in the villain Ada.

Sasuke is a silent, brooding type attractive to fans and fellow characters, but that cool exterior heralds another set of emotions that cause the young shinobi to come across as kind of a jerk. He’s indifferent to all of his admirers’ advances in the cruelest manner possible. Sasuke doesn’t waste his time with such frivolous pastimes because he has more important things to think about, like killing his brother for perpetrating an act of genocide against his clan. Many of Sasuke’s female companions therefore give up on him early on, but Sakura can’t, mostly because she’s on the same team. Throughout their many adventures, Sakura continually throws herself at Sasuke, who rejects her each time. Despite this, she is willing to become evil for him and continually changes her own personality to accommodate his opinions, like when she comes to accept Naruto only after Sasuke expresses his disapproval of how she spoke about him. Ultimately, they get married.

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Ada’s experience with love in Boruto basically flips Sakura’s struggles upside-down, even though she faces a similar form of indifference. The villain is utterly obsessed with Boruto and Kawaki due to how one of her accursed abilities functions: everyone who sees Ada falls irrevocably in love with her. The only exceptions are blood relatives and members of the Ōtsutsuki clan. Ada is therefore rarely the recipient of true love, a major point of contention with the villain who wants nothing more than to be loved for real. And because Boruto and Kawaki are part Ōtsutsuki, they are partially exempt from the effects of her powers and are therefore the objects of her desire. However, her companion Code currently needs one of them to serve as a sacrifice for cultivating a deadly God Tree. She might be obsessed with them both, but she effortlessly chooses to be with Kawaki at the expense of Boruto.

Of course, Boruto and Kawaki aren’t aware of Ada or her obsession with them. They are therefore indifferent to her because they don’t know she exists. In chapter 63 of Boruto, Kawaki does, however, conclude that someone wants to meet him and offers himself up as a sacrifice to the villain Code to protect Naruto. This gesture is obviously not an example of a person doing something because they want to, but Ada only perceives this act as the love of her life wanting to meet her, even though Kawaki doesn’t know who she actually is.

Ada is a unique reinterpretation of Sakura’s character and her feelings in Naruto. Like Sakura, she’s obsessive of at least one shinobi who spurns her advances – and yet, Ada isn’t the victim of anyone’s shifting loyalties. Ada’s fantasy world constantly brings her pleasure, while Sakura must be content with constant rejections. Additionally, Sakura frequently changes who she is and is willing to sacrifice herself so the object of her desire will accept her, while Ada doesn’t give up anything for her crushes. In fact, she’s willing to literally sacrifice them. Her only concern is that she’s aware that her “love” ability will still have some effect on Kawaki or Boruto. In Naruto, Sasuke truly hurt Sakura and fans hated it, but in Boruto, they get another view at blind love in Ada, and this time it’s the “suitors” who better watch out.

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