Capcom Teases Resident Evil Announcements With HalloweenThemed 25th Anniversary Site

Capcom Teases Resident Evil Announcements With Halloween-Themed 25th Anniversary Site

‘Tis the season for teases.

You Are Reading :Capcom Teases Resident Evil Announcements With HalloweenThemed 25th Anniversary Site

Capcom has launched a Halloween-themed Resident Evil 25th-anniversary website and is teasing several announcements through it.

2021 is the 25th-anniversary of Resident Evil and it looks like Capcom is looking to combine that with the spooky season to deliver some news on the series.

The existence of the website was pointed out by gaming insider Nibel, who Tweeted a link to the site and noted that there were several announcements scheduled throughout October.

The site shows the background of the story that Rose reads Mia in Resident Evil Village, although with the addition of several Halloween banners into the story. There’s also an image of the Duke which, when clicked, lets you Tweet out in celebration of the anniversary.

Although the site itself is a cool nod to both Resident Evil and Halloween, by far the most exciting thing is the announcements that are being teased. There are currently two revealed, one being a sweepstake that gives you the chance to win Resident Evil merchandise, and the other being the release date for Resident Evil 4 Oculus.

Three of the announcements are scheduled for October 21, with two more on October 22, one for October 25, and one final announcement set to debut on October 29.

There are no hints as to what the announcements are going to be, but the number of them implies that most of them aren’t going to be very big. Temper your expectations and expect a fair few merchandise announcements, with the possibility of a new trailer for Welcome to Raccoon City. The only announcement that seems likely to be a big one is the final reveal on October 29, as it’ll be the last on the website.

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One reveal that seems fairly likely is more details on the Resident Evil Village DLC that was revealed back in June. We weren’t given any details on the DLC when it was confirmed to be in development, so even a title reveal or some sort of plot hint would make for a good announcement.

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