Chainsaw Man Has A More Terrifying Ability Than Itachi From Naruto

Chainsaw Man Has A More Terrifying Ability Than Itachi From Naruto

Itachi Uchiha’s Tsukuyomi was thought to be the most outrageous psychological attack in all of manga, until Chainsaw Man’s Cosmo came along.

You Are Reading :Chainsaw Man Has A More Terrifying Ability Than Itachi From Naruto

Chainsaw Man Has A More Terrifying Ability Than Itachi From Naruto

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Chainsaw Man chapter 70!

Very few manga characters have wielded an attack that affects the mind like Itachi Uchiha’s Tsukuyomi from Naruto, that is until Chainsaw Man introduced the Devil Fiend known as Cosmo. Before her introduction, all eyes were on this powerful sensory illusion from Naruto for rendering countless shinobi comatose, including Kakashi. Tsunade may have been able to cure the psychological damage that Kakashi sustained after three days in Itachi’s Tsukuyomi world, but it takes quite some time before he regained full control of his mental faculties.

Itachi Uchiha is able to choose what his victim experiences while trapped inside his mental hellhole. For Kakashi, he finds himself restrained to a cross that is hovering over a body of water. Clones of Itachi soon materialize in front of him and explain his unfortunate predicament before proceeding to stab Kakashi repeatedly throughout the duration of the 72-hour torture sequence. Either a product of Tsukuyomi itself or him losing his insanity, Kakashi later witnesses himself getting stabbed in exactly the same manner as he did when he first fell victim to the genjutsu’s hold as Itachi explains to Kakashi’s other self what is happening to him.

In chapter 70 of Chainsaw Man, the Devil Fiend known as Cosmo inflicts her so-called Total Understanding technique on a dangerous villain with the deceptively innocuous name Santa Claus. Originally, Cosmo is believed to be just a mentally deranged creature who is only capable of saying the word “Halloween” repeatedly like some strange, drooling humanoid Pokémon. But after she performs a move reminiscent of Dragon Ball’s Kamehameha wave, her true terrifying power (and the reason behind her incessant use of the word “Halloween”) is finally revealed. Santa Claus finds that she has been transported to a strange room filled with rows upon rows of an incalculable amount of books. Cosmo is there, too, sitting behind a desk, but she can somehow speak quite eloquently and proceeds to inform her victim that these books contain every speck of knowledge in the cosmos, the contents of which will soon be forced into her mind. All she will be able to think of from that moment on will be Halloween. And that’s exactly what happens.

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While unsettling on its own, the true extent of Cosmo’s power in Chainsaw Man is depicted by all of the human bodies that Santa Claus controls. As Santa Claus says before her descent into madness, her mind is connected to numerous dolls across the globe, so no psychological attack should have any effect on her. But that turns out to be untrue. In fact, not only is Santa Claus afflicted with the ability of saying nothing else but Halloween after succumbing to the knowledge of the universe, but so, too, are all of her “dolls” around the world as reported by a confused news anchor on television.

While the thought of being subjected to three days’ worth of torture by Itachi Uchiha’s Tsukuyomi in Naruto is terrifying, the mind can wrap around why those who are unfortunate enough to experience this hell have difficulty regaining their sanity. Conversely, it’s difficult to grasp the concept behind Cosmo’s odd “gift” that she so thoughtlessly bestows upon her victims in Chainsaw Man. Why can they only think of Halloween after learning everything there is to know in the universe? The fact that readers can’t answer this question only makes the technique much more unsettling.

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