Chrissy Teigen Chooses BalletInspired White Swan Halloween Costume

Chrissy Teigen Chooses Ballet-Inspired White Swan Halloween Costume

Chrissy Teigen and her family are already celebrating Halloween. She took to social media to share photos and videos of their at home party.

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Halloween came a day early in the Legend-Teigen household. Chrissy Teigen shared multiple videos of herself and family dressed up in costumes ready to celebrate the spooky holiday. Chrissy dazzled in a white swan costume.

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend have had a rough few months. The power couple announced their third pregnancy back in August before encountering many complications due to Chrissy’s placenta. In late September Chrissy shared the heartbreaking news of the loss of their baby, Jack. During her time of healing and mourning, Chrissy took a step away from social media in an effort to focus on herself and her family. After a month long hiatus, Chrissy returned to her highly followed platforms with a letter to her fans, thanking them for their support as well as giving some insight on her experience. Chrissy then slowly began her return to posting her usual content.

Just days after her return to the public eye, Chrissy Teigen has given her fans an inside look to how she and her family are celebrating Halloween. Chrissy shared a video of her daughter Luna getting her Halloween makeup done on her Instagram story, writing “Our little pod class is having Halloween today.” She then shared a video of herself in full glam ready to step into her beautiful white swan costume. Chrissy shared two photos to her Instagram feed. One was just of herself posing like a ballerina swan. The other was of herself and John who was dressed as Spiderman with the caption, “My spidey.” Everyone got in on the Halloween fun, including Chrissy’ mom and even her nurse. In a video shared on Chrissy’ Twitter, her mom looked to be dressed as a hippy. She also shared a photo of her nurse in costume with the caption, “It’s Halloween here at the legend household. Made my nurse be a medieval plague doctor (I have a nurse for a bit yes lol).”

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The food fanatic family went all out for their home celebrations. Last night (October 29) Chrissy shared multiple videos of herself, John and Luna prepping some festive snacks for their party. Chrissy shared step by step videos as they made Zebra Cakes that looked like spiders as well as a photo of the recipe. They then made Mummy-Wrapped hot-dogs. Chrissy posted a video today of herself in costume (carefully) carrying a platter full of the hot dog mummies down the stairs. The family also made and decorated caramel covered apples. Two year old son, Miles, couldn’t wait till the celebrations to snack on one of the spider cookies. They did look pretty delicious.

The Legend family really went all out this year for Halloween, even if it is a day early. It is nice to see Chrissy Teigen in good spirits following her rough few months. It will be interesting to see if the family has another set of costumes for Halloween day.

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