Dan Levy Bids Emotional Farewell to Schitts Creek

Dan Levy Bids Emotional Farewell to Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek star and co-creator, Dan Levy, took to Instagram to say his final goodbye to the show as its sixth and final season wraps filming.

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Schitt’s Creek has officially wrapped filming on its sixth and final season, and the series’ co-creator and star, Dan Levy, bid farewell to the show in a touching Instagram post. The CBC/Pop TV sitcom first debuted back in 2015, and garnered a massive following once it hit Netflix in 2017. The Canadian-produced comedy follows the extremely wealthy Rose family and their fall from grace after losing all of their money due to a fraudulent business manager. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, they’re forced to take up residency in the small town of Schitt’s Creek, a place that was purchased for their son as a joke by the Rose parents, Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira (Catherine O’Hara).

Schitt’s Creek has been praised by both critics and fans for its heartwarming storyline and welcoming atmosphere. It became a top-rated comedy in Canada after the release of the series’ first episode on the cable network Pop TV, and ratings skyrocketed nearly 26% after season two was released. Then, when Netflix came into the picture, ratings began to climb even further until the show reached roughly 3.3 million viewers on Pop’s various platforms.

Unfortunately, season 6 is stated to be Schitt’s Creek’s last. Dan Levy, who plays David Rose in the show, took to Instagram to share a photo of the Rosebud Motel, the residency for the Rose family throughout the series, stating, “that’s a wrap, friends. Don’t think my heart has ever felt more gratitude than it did last night.” He went on to thank everyone involved, from his family to the cast and crew, adding in a lovely thank you at the end for the fans, exclaiming, “you’ve got a season made with a whole lot of love coming your way next year.” He even added in a little goodbye to his own character on the show, stating, “and lastly, to Prince David, long may you f*cking reign.” Check out the post here:

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That’s a wrap, friends. Don’t think my heart has ever felt more gratitude than it did last night. Thank you to everyone who made this little show happen. To my family, thank you for being patient with me while I fussed over every detail, big and small, for six life changing years. To our magnificent cast and crew, I am still trying to find the words to properly describe the breadth and strength of your talents and how much you’ve inspired me… To our fans, you’ve got a season made with a whole lot of love coming your way next year. And lastly, to Prince David, long may you f*cking reign. ❤️✌🏼🥂

A post shared by Dan Levy (@instadanjlevy) on Jun 28, 2019 at 10:33am PDT

Unlike a lot of show’s that have taken to cancellations all-too-soon, Schitt’s Creek is ending on the Levy’s own terms. They happily made the decision on their own, and they’re excited to bring the show to an emotional close. Recently, Pop TV made its rounds in the news circuit for a different reason, as it picked up the Netflix original series One Day at a Time. The series had been in search of a home for awhile after Netflix took to cancelling it, and with the cable network stepping into the spotlight to save the show significantly raises its profile.

With Pop TV now being the home to two very popular and critically-acclaimed sitcoms, it not only brings the cable network further into the spotlight, but it gives cancelled shows hope for redemption. With various platforms taking to cancelling shows before their time, having a network like Pop TV to fall back on can help give down-on-their-luck show-runners some faith in reviving their programs. And even though Schitt’s Creek will be coming to an end, subscribers can now look towards more uplifting and culturally-significant content from One Day at a Time.

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