DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

DCEU: 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally ready to be seen by the world. Once audiences get done with it, they’ll want to check out a few somewhat similar films.

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DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

It took more than a years’ worth of delays before Wonder Woman 1984 finally became available for fans to watch. Still, that doesn’t mean it should be considered as the endgame, as the movie instead sets the mood up for one to check out other stories.

Being a superhero movie doesn’t mean fans should only watch films from this genre, as Wonder Woman 1984 has a heavy emphasis on Steve and Diana’s relationship. So much so, that it can be considered a love story. This doesn’t count out other superhero movies, though, meaning there is a lot of potential to dabble in different genres once fans are done with Wonder Woman 1984.

10 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are manipulated into facing off in a clash that is meant to prove fatal for one of them. Instigated by Lex Luthor, the battle between man and God brings in new threats and allies no one could have predicted.

While the film began the trend of bringing ‘DCEU mistakes’ to the series, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will have renewed appeal for viewers since it’s the movie that introduces Wonder Woman to the franchise. It also picks up after Wonder Woman 1984, so it would be like following Diana’s journey straight through.

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9 Justice League (2017)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

After the death of Superman, the New God Steppenwolf arrives to invade Earth with his army of parademons. Forced into drastic measures, Batman and Wonder Woman recruit particular metahumans to form the Justice League to protect the world.

After watching Wonder Woman go through her struggles on her own, it will feel fresh to see her among people similar to herself. It also has her make more bold decisions compared to her solo movies, along with the opportunity to see her really take the charge and become a leader.

8 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

The sickly Steve Rogers gets a chance to fight for his country in World War II when he undergoes a test that gives him super abilities. Once it becomes clear an otherworldly weapon is being used, Rogers dons the Captain America persona on his way to being the world’s first true hero.

It’s become an accepted fact that the Captain America trilogy is the best in the MCU. The First Avenger will feel very familiar to Wonder Woman fans, not only because of the war setting but also because Steve and Diana are similar characters with tragic love stories in common.

7 Titanic (1997)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Rose is a young woman who’s accepted an unhappy engagement for the sake of her family and boards the RMS Titanic to journey into her new life. Along the way, she comes across the free-spirited Jack, resulting in true love that is sadly destined to be doomed as the ship meets its fate.

Titanic is not a superhero movie by any measure, yet Wonder Woman 1984 sets viewers up for a story such as this due to Steve and Diana’s dynamic. Aside from the superhero backdrop, the love of Jack and Rose carries the same sentiments as the DCEU film, and it’s worth experiencing the same yet different kind of love.

6 Arrival (2016)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Mysterious beings from outer space arrive on Earth but seem to pose no direct threat. However, the problem in communicating with these aliens makes governments believe aggression is the key, but not if a particular linguist manages to bridge this gap before things escalate.

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Its emotional punch has led to it being considered better than the book it was based on, as Arrival delivers a science fiction plot as well as a love story. Wonder Woman 1984 viewers will link to the connection between the leads as their love seems to be fated and forbidden. Along with that, the emotional quality is such that it keeps the viewer engaged for the finale.

5 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Joel is a heartbroken man who agrees to undergo a procedure to make him forget Clementine, the woman he once felt was the one. However, as he explores his mind, Joel realizes his love for Clementine is something he treasures more than anything.

This is a story that shows the absolute extent to how a person can be shattered by incomplete love for someone else. And yet, there’s a fulfilling sentiment attached to it as well, seeing as the characters are together in a way through their emptiness. Steve and Diana have elements of such a dynamic, as was seen in Wonder Woman 1984, making this something of an in-depth analysis of what could have been.

4 Mulan (1998)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Fa Mulan is a young woman who can’t live up to the society’s standards of femininity of her time. However, she takes the identity of a man to take her father’s place in the army, proving the strength of her femininity in more ways than one.

Wonder Woman 1984 viewers might want to check out a lighthearted feature after the DCEU movie ends, and Mulan brings just that. The animated film is much better than the live-action one as it covers more aspects while retaining a fun-loving charm. There are also parallels between Mulan and Diana that one can uncover.

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3 Man Of Steel (2013)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

Clark Kent learns he has powers and finds out he’s actually from a planet called Krypton, which grants him physiology that makes him a superpowered being. When malevolent survivors from Krypton arrive, Clark has to use his powers for good and become Superman.

It’s worth revisiting the first film in the DCEU and Man of Steel is a heck of a good story to indulge in. It remains the most mature entry in the series and has proven to possess incredible replay value. Wonder Woman 1984 should put one in the mood to restart the DCEU altogether.

2 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

DCEU 10 Movies To Watch After Wonder Woman 1984

In a dystopian future, the man known as Max is captured by a malevolent leader known as Immortan Joe to be used as a blood bag for his war boys. Eventually, Max teams up with Furiosa, a woman who’s made it her mission to put an end to Joe’s regime.

Blockbuster film fans are always in the mood to watch a badass story play out and Mad Max: Fury Road is considered this in spades. The lead characters get their time to shine onscreen, bolstered by thrilling visuals and incredible pacing.

1 Wonder Woman (2017)

After centuries of training as the ultimate warrior, Diana gets the chance to do right by the world when she comes across Steve Trevor. Convinced by his talk of ending the war, she ventures into the land of humans and eventually realizes her role as the Wonder Woman.

There’s no chance one watches Wonder Woman 1984 and doesn’t feel the need to rewind back to the original. After all, this is where Diana chronologically started her journey and began her romance with Steve, both of which continued in the sequel. While it has both strong and weak points, the movie is still the best to offer in the DCEU.

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