Dead By Daylight On Xbox Series X Darkness Never Looked So Good

Dead By Daylight On Xbox Series X: Darkness Never Looked So Good

Dead by Daylight is moving into the next-gen and it looks better than ever before. But are there enough differences to warrant the switch over?

You Are Reading :Dead By Daylight On Xbox Series X Darkness Never Looked So Good

Dead By Daylight On Xbox Series X Darkness Never Looked So Good

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight released back in 2016 to pretty lackluster reviews. The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game drops four players into a spooky-themed map with the goal of escaping from the one killer player. Over the years, Behaviour has devoted much time and effort to the game. Now with a devoted fanbase and a huge roster of original and licensed killers, Dead by Daylight has become one of the staples of modern horror-themed video games.

Dead by Daylight is one of the early adopters to enter into the next generation of consoles with 60 fps and 4K resolution on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The upgrade itself is also free to anyone who owned the game previously, which makes it an easy choice as to whether players will want to switch over to the new version. There may not be any new mechanics as far as the gameplay is concerned, but what it lacks in new features it definitely makes up for in polish.

What’s Different In Dead by Daylight On Xbox Series X

Dead By Daylight On Xbox Series X Darkness Never Looked So Good

The only real difference in the next-gen versions of Dead by Daylight is the graphical overhaul. The maps are brighter, the textures are crisp, and the generators now have a more realistic animation compared to the past. It is definitely a work in progress though as not all of the maps have gotten that next-gen makeover yet. Behaviour is currently pushing out the map revisions in small updates, which creates a weird in-between with some matches looking glorious while others still have the older feel of past Dead by Daylight maps.

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Character models really pop off the screen in 4K resolution, which is quite an important thing when playing as a killer. The lack of muddled textures and blurry environments can significantly help players track down survivors. This can work both ways though, as survivors will now be able to spot a killer’s movements from further away, thus giving them more time to run and hide. The grotesque nature of some of the killers really looks amazing when playing in 4K and adds to the heightened suspense of the game itself.

What’s Stayed The Same In Dead by Daylight Next-Gen

The gameplay of Dead by Daylight has not changed at all, as survivors repair generators to escape and killers hunt them down. This has stayed the same since Dead by Daylight launched with only minor adjustments and player feedback helping with balancing done over the years. Currently, there is no mention of next-gen exclusive features or characters and the game itself runs as smoothly as it would on PC. It really is all about the visuals, but with an already decent PC, users making the switch won’t notice much of a difference even there.

Overall, the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of Dead by Daylight are a welcome edition of a solid multiplayer title. It’s brighter, smoother, and more enjoyable than past console versions. With a free next-gen upgrade for console owners and a commitment from Behaviour to continue supporting an already well-made title, there’s no reason not to make the leap for anyone who has also done so between the past generation of consoles and the arrival of next-gen.

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