Destiny 2s Crucible Team Balance Update Should Make Matches More Even

Destiny 2’s Crucible Team Balance Update Should Make Matches More Even

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has released a limited update that will better balance how Crucible players are teamed up to make matches more even.

You Are Reading :Destiny 2s Crucible Team Balance Update Should Make Matches More Even

Destiny 2s Crucible Team Balance Update Should Make Matches More Even

The latest Destiny 2 is getting an update for its Crucible game mode that should make team balancing more even. The game’s PVP game mode has recently been hounded by issues, particularly in Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris game type which was disabled for several weeks due to a rise in the number of cheaters and several bugs the studio found. Fortunately, Bungie was finally able to resolve the issues with Trials of Osiris and bring the mode back online last week.

Bungie also recently fixed the drop rate of the Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic rocket launcher after the studio discovered that the bad luck protection for the weapon was not working as intended. The developer explained that the bad luck protection for The Eyes of Tomorrow was mistakenly being applied on a per-character basis rather than being account-wide, which led to players playing on multiple characters were only getting the bad luck protection improvement to the first character the Deep Stone Crypt raid, where The Eyes of Tomorrow drops, was run with. The latest update now targets balance changes to the Crucible mode.

Bungie explained that the game currently balances Crucible teams by simply making the average skill level of both teams even, which may lead to one team having better players than the other. The changes to the algorithm, which will be similar to a “schoolyard pick,” will attempt to distribute the best players in the match between the two teams more evenly by placing the best player in the match on team one, the next two best players in team two, then the fourth-best player on the team, and so on. For now, the update will only be applied to the Iron Banner and Iron Banner: Freelance playlists but may be expanded to more depending on player feedback.

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The studio also explained that the changes were brought about after monitoring the effects and feedback connection-based matchmaking has made to Destiny 2’s Crucible experience since it removed skill-based matchmaking from many of PVP mode’s game types back in June of 2020. Bungie revealed that one of the main concerns has been lobby balancing and how players are distributed between the mode’s two teams, which led to the new changes. The studio clarified that the changes don’t affect how matchmaking works and only how the players are placed between the two teams after a match has been formed.

Matchmaking and team balancing in competitive games or game modes have always been a challenge for developers, leading many to try different approaches or solutions to improve the experience. The Crucible mode provides a nice alternative to Destiny 2’s many PVE modes. This latest change by Bungie to Destiny 2’s Crucible game mode seems like a potentially good approach to make teams more balanced, by making sure the top players in a match are evenly distributed, but only time will tell whether that will prove to be true.

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