Doom Eternal Switch Port Will Feature Optional Motion Controls

Doom Eternal Switch Port Will Feature Optional Motion Controls

Doom Eternal on Switch will feature the same implementation of gyroscopic aiming that fans already love in several other Doom ports on the platform.

You Are Reading :Doom Eternal Switch Port Will Feature Optional Motion Controls

Doom Eternal Switch Port Will Feature Optional Motion Controls

Players preparing to rip and tear through Doom Eternal on their Switch next week will find the bonus motion controls that only Nintendo can provide. The second game in the rebooted Doom series follows up from developer Panic Button’s expert-level port of 2016’s Doom, and the same team is in charge of Eternal. While the game may no longer be coming to a physical release, would-be demon slayers will be lining up to download the game on December 8, with those ordering before launch day getting the familiar preorder bonuses of Doom 64 and a few unlockable cosmetics.

Besides the lack of a physical copy, the Switch version is different from other versions of the game in a few ways. For one, the DLC campaign known as The Ancient Gods: Part One will release on Switch sometime after launch day, perhaps when the second chapter is ready for release on other consoles. The Switch version will include the full Battlemode experience and multiplayer progression, but cosmetics and saves currently don’t transfer between any versions of the game, and there’s no indication that Switch will change that in any way. For now, if a player wants the Slayer to look like Santa Claus on multiple systems, they’ll have to earn it the old fashioned way.

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The most interesting difference between Switch and other versions of the game is found buried in an FAQ on the official Slayers Club website. Amidst talk of retail refunds and pre-order details, the article notes that the Switch version of the game will feature “optional gyroscopic controls” that are compatible with both the regular Switch and the Switch Lite. It’s unclear if the controls will be turned on by default, but those who choose to use the feature will be able to aim their weapons with subtle movements of the console itself in portable mode or by flicking a JoyCon or the Pro Controller on the couch.

Gyro aiming has been included in several games across the last few Nintendo consoles, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon. It also found a home in Panic Button’s last Doom port on Switch, being patched in after the game launched on the platform. If the Eternal controls are similar to what was included in its prequel, then players may find that using a combination of the normal navigation and motion aiming works best. Twisting the wrist to turn the Slayer is a bit much, but flicking controllers up and down feels natural and shows why some players swear by the control scheme.

Gyro aiming is one of those features that has crept up to become a standard in shooters on Switch like Doom Eternal. Everything from multiplayer deathmatches to single-player adventures is more likely to have them than not, and even some third-person games and open-world titles have begun to include the option. While Microsoft’s Xbox hasn’t included the technology in its gamepad as of yet, both Sony and Nintendo have the capability, and it will be interesting to see how much longer it will before it stops flying under the radar and becomes something that gamers expect.

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