Doom Movie Reboot Actress Posts Fight And Stunt Practice From The Set

Doom Movie Reboot Actress Posts Fight And Stunt Practice From The Set

Nina Bergman, star of the upcoming Doom movie reboot, has been posting some awesome clips of stunt and fight practice.

You Are Reading :Doom Movie Reboot Actress Posts Fight And Stunt Practice From The Set

Doom Movie Reboot Actress Posts Fight And Stunt Practice From The Set

The new Doom movie seems to be off to a running start as revealed in stunt practice vids posted to Twitter.

Like it or not, Doom is returning to the big screen. Or more likely the slightly smaller screen of your living room. The Doom reboot is being produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, Universal’s non-theatrical division, which means whatever is currently being filmed is likely to go straight to DVD or video streaming services like Netflix.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will be bad–actually, it almost guarantees it’ll be bad. But if it’s bad in the way a B-movie is bad, then it can still be good.

Confusing? B-movies usually are.

On a more positive note, one of the supporting actresses from Doom posted a few videos about life on the set of Doom, so we at least know that filming proceeds at a reasonable pace.

We found out Nina Bergman, an aspiring actress and metal band singer from San Francisco, would be appearing in the film last month. Now we find out she’s very likely going to play a supporting role to the movie’s female lead, Scottish actress Amy Mason.

How do we know? Bergman’s first video posted seems to be of a stunt rehearsal of a fight scene against some sort of demon (being played by a dude waving his hands around). The guy with the assault rifle is probably Bergman’s stunt coordinator trying to teach her the right moves, while the gal on the left with the other assault rifle is likely Mason’s stunt double.

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That was pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as one of the sets for the film. Doom is being filmed in Bulgaria, with one location being set in a real-life cave. You can hear bats and wildlife making all kinds of noises as they get set up to film a scene.

Finally, Bergman posted the classic time-lapse film of just how long it takes to dye her hair blue, go through makeup, and put on her special forces-style costume.

No word yet on when we’ll be able to watch this Doom reboot, but even as a non-theatrical film it can’t possibly be as bad as the 2005 version.


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