Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Dragon Ball: 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku is one of the greatest heroes to grace Dragon Ball Z but he has many more abilities than most realize. Here are 20 Crazy Powers Goku has!

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Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

The Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama tells the story of Goku. We first meet him as a young child with a long monkey tail who loves making mischief. Goku falls into the trap of adulthood as he grows older. He gets married to Chi-Chi and has two children named Gohan and Goten. Goku’s childlike qualities remain into adulthood, which annoys his family. Goku just wants to fight and doesn’t want to worry about adult responsibilities like getting a job or paying bills. He’s not a guy with unreachable dreams, he is one of the best fighters in the series and gives other manga and anime characters a challenge. When Goku gets knocked down, he always comes back.

For long-time fans of the series, you probably already know Goku’s most powerful attacks. You may even feel tempted to pull off a “Kamehameha” just like Dragon Ball’s lead character. You might be a hardcore fan, but there may be some moves you don’t remember. Some powers that may have appeared on screen for a moment, and you might have missed. For a character over thirty years old, Goku has developed several crazy powers.

Are you ready to learn about some of Goku’s powers you’ve forgotten or had no idea he could accomplish? Check out our list of twenty of Goku’s most incredible abilities.

20 Monkey See, Monkey Do

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Mimicry is a powerful ability. It allows fighters to copy another fighter’s moves after seeing it once. Goku uses the move in a lighthearted way by copying Master Roshi’s peace sign. He would later use Mimicry for more serious purposes. Goku displayed this ability for fighting purposes after meeting Master Roshi. He watches Master Roshi perform what would be Goku’s signature move, a Kamehameha.

Don’t mistake Goku for a move-stealing thief

Goku would later use this move at both the 21st and 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. During the 22nd Tournament, he also uses Mimicry to learn Hasshu-ken or the Eight-Arm Fist. Don’t mistake Goku for a move-stealing thief. Though Goku uses Mimicry to copy the techniques of others, he will put a unique spin on the move.

19 Doesn’t Need To Waste Time At The Barber

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

This ability isn’t going to save Goku in battle, but it might save him some money in the long run. Chi-Chi is likely thankful it’s one less thing she has to nag him about. Goku shares the same power that many of his race have: they have the same hairstyle from the day they’re born. This ability is only for those with pure Saiyan blood. Mixed blood fighters, like Trunks, whose father is Vegeta and mother is Bulma, will still experience hair growth. This ability is part of a Saiyan’s race attributes. They grow much slower than normal humans, so every part of their body ages at a slower rate. It may also explain why Goku is much more childish than the rest of his human friends who are the same age.

18 Could Smell A Home Cooked Meal From Miles Away

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Before Goku met his friends Yamcha and Bulma, he traveled alone. He was strong enough to defend himself in battle, but he also had to feed himself. It’s easy to forget that a super-powered boy is still a boy. All of Goku’s senses are heightened, and it’s helped him survive out in the wild. He can use his sense of smell to find food, no matter where he is.

He can easily find it just with his sense of smell

Goku doesn’t just use the ability to find food. He can also sense the smell of people around him. If someone’s lost or lost an item important to them, he can easily find it just with his sense of smell. This power is often overlooked, but can become powerful, even in battle.

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17 Channels The Arms Of An Octopus In Battle

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

When Goku was just a young boy, many fighters assumed he would be a frail, weak child. He had to prove himself in various tournaments throughout the series. Using the power of Mimicry during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, he showed everyone just how powerful he could be. He learned how to use the Hasshu-Ken or Eight-Arm Fist. This technique allows Goku to move his arms so fast that it appears he has eight arms. This powerful ability enables Goku to defend himself and also attack his foes. The move is just an illusion that also confuses Goku’s enemies. Goku only used it once during the tournament to fight Chappa. It gave him the advantage he needed to defeat the adult man.

16 Can Survive For Long Periods In Harsh Environments

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku has so many abilities that at times, he seems overpowered. Goku’s powers are almost limitless, but sometimes he is defeated in battle. One of Goku’s most useful skills gives him the upper hand against any foe. Goku can hold his breath for an extended period. If he gets punched into space, he can hold his breath long enough to defend himself and get back to Earth.

Goku’s superhuman abilities kept him conscious

He can not only hold his breath in the air but also in the depths of the ocean. While engaged in an intense battle with Frieza, Goku was knocked into the water. He used this time to strategize his next plan. For any other fighter, they would have been crushed under the water’s weight and most likely drowned. Goku’s superhuman abilities kept him conscious for the duration of the battle.

15 Fight Like An Angry Dog

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Not every move in Goku’s arsenal is meant to injure the enemy. Some of his attacks are intended to distract them long enough so he can pounce. These moves are an advantage to Goku since he has to gauge each enemy he faces in battle.

In the early Dragon Ball series, Goku uses this ability, which is formerly called Crazy Fist or Mad Dog. He pretends to be a crazy dog or monkey. The move is so odd that enemies are confused. Goku uses their confusion to his advantage and attacks. Though he can use this ability any time, he only used it when he was young. He may have been using the combination of being an adorable child and a crazy animal to distract his enemies.

14 Can Literally Throw Anything At You

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Several characters in the Dragon Ball series use telekinesis. Most of the enemies use the ability to throw objects at people or even control their victims against their will. In the series, the ability is mostly used to make Goku’s life worse. He often gets trapped in a powerful telekinesis attack but is usually able to break free of the enemy’s control.

He could easily train this ability and become stronger

Goku can use telekinesis after training with King Kai. While he’s recovering in the hospital, he lifts water out of a glass. It’s not one of his most powerful abilities, as he spilled the water as soon as Chi-Chi interrupted him, but it’s part of his arsenal. If Goku wanted to, he could easily train this ability and become stronger in battle.

13 He’s Always Asking For Another Helping

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

When Goku was young, he had a bottomless stomach. He could eat multiple meals in one sitting. Though this may seem excessive, he was also a growing child. He trained hard every single day and needed the extra calories. Goku’s endless appetite continued into adulthood. Goku’s hunger may seem unusual, but it’s not a unique trait to fighters in the series. In the Dragon Ball Z Volume 6 book, it states that all warriors of the Saiyan race have to consume a large amount of food to keep their vital energy high. If Goku didn’t eat everything in sight, he would be weakened and could be easily defeated by a surprise attack. Goku just takes it a notch higher and is seen more gluttonous in some scenes.

12 Can Defeat You With Just A Look

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

When Goku is an adult in Dragon Ball Z, his powers have increased since childhood. He’s developed the power of Kiai, which is an invisible form of ki energy. Goku uses it for powerful attacks such as the Spirit Shot and Flash Fist Crush. Fewer fans know that he can also use Kiai with just his eyes. Named the Invisible Eye Blast or Evil Eye, it is used an as an attack. Goku uses the ability to dig a grave after Vegeta is harmed. Goku doesn’t use the attack to hurt others. When the move was used against him in the Frieza Saga, Goku uses Invisible Eye Blast to deflect the same attack. If he needed to, Goku could use the ability in any battle.

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11 He’ll Be There Instantly

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Instant Transmission is a fancy term for teleportation. Goku learned the technique from the Yardrat people of Planet Yardrat. They’re not a race of fighters but can defend themselves by quickly escaping a dangerous situation. The technique transports the user into the teleportation zone, which enables him to quickly chat with anyone else in the area at that time. Goku uses the technique to teleport himself and others not just short distances, but also light-years or to the Other World.

Goku can also transmit attacks

Not only is this ability powerful by itself, but Goku can also transmit attacks, like the Instant Kamehameha or Instant Spirit Bomb if he can sense his enemy’s ki signatures. By learning one move, Goku morphed teleportation into a brutal attack.

10 Can Strategize Without Saying A Word

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

When Goku travels to Namek, he hones his fighting abilities. During his time training with the mighty King Kai, he learns Telepathy. Along with broadcasting his thoughts into other’s minds without a single word spoken out loud, he can also read the minds of others. He can read minds by placing the palm of his hand on their heads. Telepathy is a powerful ability in the Dragon Ball series. With so many superpowered humans and aliens running around, they can hear what others are saying. Developing a strategy to defeat a villain becomes a challenge if they can hear what you’re saying. Luckily with the ability to project thoughts, Goku and his friends can devise a plan to defeat foes and save innocent people.

9 Can Take Any Hit Of Ki

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku first learns the technique Energy Absorption during the Android Saga. The Android quickly get the upper hand, and he has to think fast. During the film, Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Goku, in Super Saiyan form, creates a Spirit Bomb. He absorbed the power attack and used the power to defeat the deadly Android. Later, he absorbs the energy of the Revenge Death Ball Final during the battle with the Great Ape Baby. He turns that power into a Kamehameha ten times larger than normal. This power has also impressed villains so much that they chose to stop fighting. While battling Beerus, Goku absorbs the Ki of the Sphere of Destruction. By doing so, Goku is worn down, but Beerus is so impressed he decides not to destroy the planet.

8 Was Always In The Air

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

We know that Goku can fly, thanks to his ki ability. It’s one of the earliest moves most fighters can accomplish. Gohan even taught the move to Goten and Videl. Even before unleashing his Super Saiyan abilities, Goku was able to fly on his own. By using the power of Hikou, or Tail-Helicopter Technique, young Goku swung his tail like a helicopter to fly.

This move was seen more as a joke

He first used this ability in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. This move was seen more as a joke, but he was so good at it that he could hover above the ground and fly around freely like a bird. When Kami permanently removed his tail, Goku lost this ability, but it was helpful while he was still developing the power of flight.

7 Can Hear You Approaching

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

As a member of the Saiyan race, all of Goku’s senses are heightened to levels humans could only wish to achieve. He can deflect attacks with his eyes, smell dinner cooking, and fight without seeing his opponent. Goku’s heightened senses are often used as a comedy relief, but they could save his life. One of Goku’s most important super senses is his ability to hear an enemy or their attack coming. If his sense of sight or smell is hindered, he can still hear the boost of air from a fast-approaching enemy or the sound of their attack. Goku can still attack and, most importantly, defend himself and his friends. We often take our sense for granted, but for Goku, it’s a matter of survival.

6 Doesn’t Need Health Insurance

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Senzu Beans are an incredibly powerful healing item in the Dragon Ball universe. They can save a person from the brink, but can’t heal injuries that have already healed by themselves. How can you heal yourself without a Senzu Bean? Goku’s been shown in the hospital a few times during the series and even suffered fatal injuries. In Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, he doesn’t have the ability to heal himself after getting hurt. This would later change in Dragon Ball Super.

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The wound hurt Goku so badly that he fell into the ocean

During the fight with Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, Beerus stabbed Goku with just his hand. The wound hurt Goku so badly that he fell into the ocean. Thanks to his Super Saiyan God form, the wound regenerated, and he continued the fight.

5 Can Take It To The Next Level With A Friend

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

If you’ve watched any of the original Dragon Ball series, you know that it takes a long time for fighters to get charged up. Goku has to increase his powers in battle, either by strategizing or asking a friend for help. One of Goku’s most powerful abilities is the Fusion Dance. He first learns of the ability after meeting the Metamorans in the Other World. With Fusion Dance, he can temporarily fuse with another fighter around the same power level to become a living weapon. Both users have to be perfectly synced down to their breathing, or else it will fail. Goku also has the ability to use God Fusion, which was granted after making a wish from Shenron. In this form, he can fuse with any willing participant, regardless of power level.

4 A Full Moon Transforms Him Into A Wild Beast

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

When Goku was young, he had a long, brown monkey tail. This tail didn’t do much normally, but he could use it to hover around. When there’s a full moon, Goku can transform completely into a giant monkey. This ability is granted upon all Saiyans, but most predominantly with young Goku. When in Great Ape form, the fighter’s power level is multiplied, but their speed remains the same, which is still fast. Though Goku is a powerful fighter, he was almost uncontrollable in this form. Yamcha stated that “When Goku transforms like that, he loses all sense of himself. He’s just a big hairy ape with a sweet tooth for ripping people’s limbs off.” The child was able to transform into the creature because he had a tail, and he can no longer transform as a tailless adult.

3 Deflect A Variety Of Attacks

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku has had to defend himself from powerful opponents from a young age. He learned how to develop an Energy Shield to protect himself from attacks. He creates it by manipulating his ki to create an airtight barrier around him. The shield is so tough that nothing but visible light and voices can pass through it. Though the technique can be used by anyone, Goku has almost perfected it. Goku first made the shield when fighting against King Piccolo, and later to stop a combined attack from Daiz and Cacao. The shield isn’t always a half-circle. It can also become skin-tight, like in the battle against Lavender, so he can both defend himself from a Poison Fist attack and go on the offensive.

2 The Team’s Resident Healer

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku cares deeply for his friends and family, even if he appears to be childish. He tried to help them to the best of his ability. The Saiyan has even reluctantly helped villains, even though they didn’t deserve it, like Frieza. Goku uses a powerful technique called the Ki Transfer to pass energy to his injured teammates.

Other powerful fighters can also pass their Ki to Goku

While in Super Saiyan mode, he uses Ki Transfer to heal a bird. This ability comes at a price. Ki needs time to regenerate. When Goku uses this ability, he moves the Ki from his body to someone else’s, which puts him at a loss. Other powerful fighters can also pass their Ki to Goku if needed. If someone isn’t injured, they can transfer Ki to make the other person stronger.

1 A Heart So Pure He Can Soar Into The Heavens

Dragon Ball 20 Crazy Powers We Didn’t Know Goku Had

Goku was already able to fly thanks to his helicopter tail and using his ki. After helping master Roshi, he was awarded the Flying Nimbus cloud. The cloud can only be ridden by a person with a pure heart. At the time, Master Roshi and Bulma were not pure enough to ride. Goku would later lose this cloud but would wind up with others in the series. The cloud would later fly around his wife, Chi-Chi, and his two sons. Goku’s pure heart is often displayed in the series. He gives enemies a second chance, like Vegeta, because he believes that being kind can turn someone’s violent ways around. In the violent world of Dragon Ball, Goku’s kindness is a powerful trait that many can possess, but only Goku fully wields.

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