Dragon Ball Super Broly Ending Explained

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Ending Explained

Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s ending is an epic brawl and a worthwhile conclusion to the Super series, but it also leaves the door open for more stories.

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Dragon Ball Super Broly Ending Explained

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest creation from Akira Toriyama and the team of animators at Toei Animation, recently released in theaters across the US after rising to the top of the Japanese box office, but the film’s ending left some fans scratching their heads. Despite the rather straightforward premise of the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly steered the Dragon Ball franchise into some uncharted waters.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly picks up just after the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Super anime series. Goku and friends are fresh from the Tournament of Power, a fighting tournament organized by Zeno, the ruler of the twelve universes that make up Dragon Ball’s multiverse. Having preserved the existence of the multiverse by winning the tournament, the heroes relax at a resort, playing near the ocean and, of course, training. Vegeta and Goku’s sparring session grinds to a halt when they discover that Frieza has plans to use Earth’s Dragon Balls to make a wish. A wrench is thrown into Frieza’s operation when he encounters Paragus and his son, Broly – Saiyans stranded on the hostile planet Vampa for decades. Altering his plan to see how strong Broly, a supposed Saiyan prodigy, might be, Frieza arranges for the warrior to come into conflict with Goku and Vegeta – and then the fight begins.

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Right from the beginning, Broly is on a completely different level from his first opponent, Vegeta, even holding his own in an unpowered state when facing off against Vegeta’s Super Saiyan form. The power of both combatants continues to rise as they fight, Broly learning with every passing punch. Near the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Broly has decimated not just Vegeta, but Goku as well, both in their strongest Super Saiyan forms while seemingly only in a variant version of Super Saiyan himself. That’s when Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta and manage to turn the tide of battle. However, the fight reaches no decisive conclusion as the Dragon Balls are used to instantly transport Broly back to Vampa.

What Happened in Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s Ending

Dragon Ball Super Broly Ending Explained

The final act of Dragon Ball Super: Broly ratchets up the power scale to such a degree that near the end of the conflict Broly and Gogeta nearly break the universe. Their blows become so powerful that they rip a hole in the fabric of space-time, sending the battle into a strange, multidimensional space that fans haven’t been able to identify. When the energy blasts and fists stop flying, Broly receives a visit from Goku to provide him and his allies with homes and supplies to make living on Vampa tolerable. The two fighters end Dragon Ball Super: Broly on good terms with Goku turning to say goodbye, saying, “I’m Goku. But Broly, you can call me Kakarot,” thus giving his adversary both his Earth name and also his lesser used Saiyan name.

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All of that leaves the audience with an abundance of questions. How was Broly even capable of producing such potent feral power? He’s shown able to hold his own against Super Saiyan Blue versions of both Goku and Vegeta. Even Jiren, the final combatant of the Tournament of Power, paled in comparison to the overwhelming strength Broly demonstrated. What exactly was that otherworldly dimension glimpsed toward the end of the film? We’ve never seen it, but it might hint at a larger multiverse than we have known up until this point. And, now that the Super anime has ended and the fate of animated Dragon Ball remains undecided, where will the series go and will that future include Broly’s return?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly takes place during an interesting period in Dragon Ball canon. Dragon Ball Super as an anime series seems to be done for now with the conclusion of the Universe Survival Arc. The manga for Super hasn’t finished the next arc quite yet, either. However, with ideas from Dragon Ball GT, the ongoing and limited release of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes spin-off, and the manga popping up, a plethora of great stories and concepts continue to float around for the core series to use to its advantage. From the Oozaru Great Ape transformations to space criminals to straight up sorcery, the answers surrounding Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s most pressing questions get pretty crazy.

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What Dragon Ball Super: Broly Means For The Future Of The Anime Series

Dragon Ball as a franchise focuses on examining people who hit their limit and don’t give up, finding it within themselves to go beyond and rise to any challenge. That sort of approach comes with some inherent risks in anime, such as power creep, where the protagonist becomes so powerful that the dramatic tension bleeds out of the series. Dragon Ball Super’s conclusion with Goku and company literally saving the multiverse left many fans wondering how the series could continue. Where can a series go once our heroes have triumphed over the best fighters of all 12 universes?

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly tackles this problem while sticking with the theme by giving Goku and Vegeta an antagonist who can compete with them on their level, throwing into doubt their victory. Cleverly, this accomplishes two things. First, it preserves the dramatic tension that might otherwise have been lost. Seeing Vegeta get punched through several mountains while in the most powerful Saiyan form we’ve seen him achieve has that effect. Second, Goku – and, by extension, the audience – realizes that there are still stronger beings in the Dragon Ball universe. Numerous times in the series we see and hear about entities that are capable of bringing down Dragon Ball’s various deities. Beings like that still roam the multiverse or lurk on its fringes, much like Broly. Despite winning the Tournament of Power, Goku knows that he has to keep surpassing his limits to both better himself and get ready for the bigger fights to come.

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