Dragon Ball Super The One Thing Vegeta Has Always Been Better At Than Goku

Dragon Ball Super: The One Thing Vegeta Has Always Been Better At Than Goku

Goku has always one upped Vegeta in terms of power. However, there is one thing that Vegeta has always been better at than Goku.

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Dragon Ball Super The One Thing Vegeta Has Always Been Better At Than Goku

Even if Goku has always come out on top in terms of strength, Dragon Ball Super’s Vegeta has always beat Goku in one thing – being a husband. Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is one of the most popular rivalries in all of manga. They have been trying to one-up each other ever since they’ve met in Dragon Ball. Despite that, however, Goku has always managed to leave Vegeta behind. Even when Vegeta somehow catches up to him, Goku will just get even stronger in the next chapter, which leaves Vegeta trying to fervently catch up to him again. On that note, their bond has also grown after fighting one strong enemy after the other.

Even before Dragon Ball Super, Goku has already married Chi-Chi and Vegeta has married Bulma. Goku and Chi-Chi are the first to get married and had Gohan. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship starts after some time. Weirdly enough, Bulma is originally Yamcha’s girlfriend, but they’ve separated when Yamcha cheated on Bulma. That’s when Vegeta enters the picture. After the Z fighters have defeated Cell, there’s been a seven-year lapse in the timeline before Buu appeared. This is when Bulma and Vegeta conceived Trunks, and even then, they haven’t get married yet. Nonetheless, they have eventually become husband and wife and even conceive a second child.

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Both Vegeta and Goku are dead set on getting stronger. Both of them are willing to do just about anything to train more and improve their skills. But Vegeta turns out to have some reservations regarding that. When Goku has just arrived to train with Whis for the upcoming Tournament of Power, Vegeta bails out and leaves for Earth. His reason being Bulma’s delivery is getting nearer, so he wants to be by Bulma’s side during that time.

Given that he is absent during Trunks’ birth, his sense of being a proper husband has obviously improved. Of course, Goku isn’t any better. He is both absent during Gohan and Goten’s birth, although he has a valid excuse for missing Goten’s.

Vegeta isn’t necessarily the best partner to Bulma in the beginning. In fact, their first meeting is Vegeta threatening to kill Bulma. As their relationship progress, Vegeta proves to be a rather mature partner. He supports Bulma in all of her endeavors and is willing to protect her. He has even fought Beerus when he slapped Bulma. That is despite him not standing a chance against Beerus. On the other hand, Dragon Ball Super has revealed that Goku hasn’t even kissed Chi-Chi or any woman in that matter.

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