Dragon Balls Vegeta or Narutos Sasuke Who is Mangas Greatest Rival

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta or Naruto’s Sasuke, Who is Manga’s Greatest Rival?

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta and Naruto’s Sasuke are two of the most famous rival characters in all of manga, but who works as a better foil to their hero?

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Dragon Balls Vegeta or Narutos Sasuke Who is Mangas Greatest Rival

The rival character is an iconic part of anime and manga, with the two most famous being Dragon Ball’s Vegeta and Naruto’s Sasuke. More than just supporting characters, these two titans are absolutely iconic, with popularity rivaling or even eclipsing that of their more conventionally heroic counterparts. Though both are remarkable characters who have more than earned their rabid fanbases, it’s only natural to wonder which one is the superior rival.

Debuting in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Chapter 204, Vegeta began as a villain who sought out the titular Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Though he is ultimately defeated by Goku and the heroes of Earth, he would later make an appearance in Dragon Ball’s famous Frieza saga. After begrudgingly working together with Goku, Vegeta is killed but was resurrected by a wish from the Dragon Balls. This all leads Vegeta to settle down on Earth, start a family and become a full-blown hero. Vegeta’s rivalry with Goku is one of the series’ most compelling aspects, as both Goku and Vegeta push each other to become stronger.

In contrast, Sasuke almost has the opposite arc of Vegeta. First appearing in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto Chapter 3, Sasuke is motivated by one thing, revenge against his older brother for killing their family. Initially put on a team with series protagonist Naruto, Sasuke starts out having little respect for his teammate. Though they get close to becoming friends, Sasuke eventually turns evil in exchange for power. Getting Sasuke back becomes Naruto’s primary motivation throughout the remainder of the series, culminating in two battles that rank among the best battles ever put in a manga. By the series’ end, Sasuke comes to the light and comes to respect Naruto as an ally and friend.

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It’s important to note that Vegeta was undoubtedly an influence in the creation of Sasuke. Both characters are noble-born, have strong motivations, and possess raw talent for fighting. These traits make them natural foils for their more heroic counterparts. Even visually the two are similar, with cool blue outfits that contrast with their protagonist’s fiery orange getups. Despite this inspiration though, within the confines of their respective stories, Sasuke is the better rival.

There’s a good reason that Sasuke’s rivalry with Naruto is the series’ backbone. Despite how divisive the character has become, his role within the story works because it’s so much more than a test of strength. Both Naruto and Sasuke were intensely lonely as children, leading them to develop completely different coping mechanisms. Whereas Naruto tried to get attention by being obnoxious, Sasuke withdrew and isolated himself even further. These divergent paths lead Naruto to find acceptance and love within his community while Sasuke viewed those around him as nothing more than a means to an end. Making the conflict even more compelling is that, in the end, the two are evenly matched in terms of power. After both of them lose an arm fighting each other, Sasuke concedes, not because Naruto physically defeated him, but because Sasuke’s resentment just couldn’t beat Naruto’s love.

None of this is to downplay Vegeta’s strength as a character or rival either. He is one of the most influential manga characters of all time and is undeniably more influential than Sasuke. Though he also has his ideological differences with Goku, Dragon Ball is much more driven by its action than its themes. Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is also more one-sided, with Goku being the stronger of the two Saiyans. Vegeta’s rivalry in Dragon Ball is compelling, however, Sasuke’s conflict with Naruto is deeper, making it the stronger manga rivalry.

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