Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

The clues to the Sandlerverse can be found in characters that repeat in several different movies, from the O’Doyles to Chubbs. We explain how.

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Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

The idea that all of Adam Sandler’s films are connected in a cinematic universe is a popular one, and a collection of characters that appear in multiple Happy Madison flicks may support that theory. Sandler himself has said that he likes the idea of a “Sandlerverse,” which could easily be implemented in his multi-film deal with Netflix, but many fans say the movie-to-movie connections have been well underway since the 90s with Sandler’s first major film release, Billy Madison.

Part of Sandler’s success has been in giving his fans something recognizable to grasp onto through his decades-long career. Not only do audiences find humor in the callbacks and self-referential comedy, but the tone, style, and returning sight gags create a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality, something that even his harshest critics have had to acknowledge. Sandler fans are loyal and devoted, and their delight at seeing a new Sandler flick come out – particularly one with in-jokes, Easter eggs, and reappearing characters – keeps them coming back for more.

Theories about the Sandlerverse have floated around for years now, particularly as Sandler likes to reuse a lot of his talented friends as cast members, with actors like Blake Clark, Rob Schneider, and Allen Covert (among others), making up a colorful cadre of characters that provided the memorable moments and lines that endeared audiences to the fun and goofy movies. Some of these actors were not only familiar faces but the exact same character they played in previous Sandler films, giving further rise to the theory that all of these movies are connected.

“You Can Do It” Guy

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

A fan favorite since his first appearance in 1998’s The Waterboy, the townie who enthusiastically bellows, “You can do it,” has been the most recognizable and oft-recurring character in the Sandlerverse. The character is most often played by Rob Schneider, but he has also been portrayed by Sandler himself (The Animal), and Rudy Giuliani (Anger Management). Schneider made a repeat appearance of the character in Little Nicky, again as an inmate in The Longest Yard, in a cut scene in Click and, in a meta-joke, Schneider says it while playing a fictionalized version of himself in Real Rob.

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10-Second Tom

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

Allen Covert first appears as Tom in 50 First Dates, a man whose brain injury causes him to lose his memory every ten seconds. As he repeatedly introduces himself with relentless cheerfulness, the characters react with confusion and pity while audiences wheeze with laughter. 10-Second Tom was apparently able to gain some independence despite his condition, as he is seen again in Blended picking up a prescription in a pharmacy.

Chubbs Peterson

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

Played with great warmth by Carl Weathers, Chubbs was the character in Happy Gilmore that pushed Happy to realize his full potential. Chubbs lost his hand in a confrontation with an alligator, but he still managed to share his knowledge with Happy. Unfortunately, Chubbs died falling out of a window before Happy could spend a lot of time with him, compelling Happy to become a golf star on his own. Luckily, this is not the last time fans saw Chubbs, as he popped up again four years later in Little Nicky. This time, Chubbs is in heaven gaining acclaim through being a stellar dance captain. Apparently, Chubbs Peterson is a man of many talents.

Otto The Caddy

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

When Otto (Allen Covert) first appears in a Sandler film, no one mentions his name. He is an unhoused person who becomes Happy’s caddy for a golf tour in Happy Gilmore. The humor of the caddy is in his almost completely wordless presence and deadpan expressions. He stands by Happy through the golf tour, saying nary a word. He doesn’t appear to be mute, rather not very fond of talking. He appears again in the Sandlerverse in Jack and Jill where his name is finally revealed: Otto. There is a deleted scene from Happy Gilmore that uses Otto’s name, but most fans were excited to finally learn more about this mysterious, virtually silent character.

Hal L.

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

The sadistic orderly who tortures Grandma (Frances Bay), in Happy Gilmore is recognizable through his manic, buggy eyes and a handlebar mustache. Ben Stiller was diabolical in the role, terrorizing a sweet little old lady and making audiences love to hate him. Happy’s main reason for winning the tournament is to help his grandma financially, so viewers are invested in her plight.

Twenty-four years later in Hubie Halloween, Hal has apparently been transferred. It’s possible he was found bullying patients and had to relocate to Salem, Massachusetts. This time he works in a stereotypical spooky asylum, where thunderclaps and lightning strikes punctuate the vitriol and mocking aimed at his new patient. “The name’s Hal L.,” he states, introducing himself. He quickly grows testy as the patient refuses to respond and take the plate of hot dogs and Jell-O. He pulls a blanket aside to reveal that the patient has replaced himself with a mountain of Jell-O, spelling out the word “Bye,” with hot dogs before escaping out the window. It’s a classic horror movie setup, and the despicable character helps to punch up the comedy in the moment.

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Nazo The Delivery Guy

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

In Big Daddy, Sonny (Sandler) finds himself saddled with looking after a six-year-old boy after the child is left at his home with a note pinned to his collar. Luckily he has help from an unlikely source: the delivery guy he has befriended from ordering a whole heap of food from Cozy Soup-n-Burger. Played by Schneider, Nazo the delivery guy isn’t a large part, but provides a buoyant sense of fun and silliness in the film. Big Daddy is mostly devoid of Sandler’s usual zany characters, but the delivery guy serves up a small touch of Sandlerverse flair.

Nazo the Delivery Guy is spotted again in Mr. Deeds as he is riding by, minding his own business, when suddenly a cat flies toward him and lands in his delivery basket. Longfellow Deeds is saving cats from a burning building, and Nazo unwittingly helps out a Sandler character yet again. He appears in one other small scene in the film, but sadly his part is even smaller than it was in Big Daddy. Audiences would certainly like to see more of Nazo.

Police Officer Jack Pugh

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

Sportscaster Dan Patrick, best known for his stints on ESPN and NBC, appeared in many Sandler films, but his role as a police officer in both The Longest Yard and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was among the most memorable. Officer Jack Pugh is so star struck when he pulls over football legend Paul Crewe (Sandler), that he joins in with Paul in heckling his partner about his height and the size of his ears. The officer’s reaction to Paul’s saucy humor is winsome and funny.

Presumably, the same cop appears in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but here is not so charming. Perhaps the encounter where Paul slammed into his squad car hardened him. He approaches Chuck (Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) to tell them that a burglar is stuck in an air duct and makes several homophobic comments, much to the annoyance of Chuck and Larry.

Father/Doctor Shakalu and Dante

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

In a story about characters in arrested development, Dante, played by Peter Dante, is a hapless weed dealer whose plans to adopt a wild lion. His plans disrupt Alex’s (Allen Covert), intentions to live with him, and eventually, Alex is forced to move in with his grandma, played by Doris Roberts. Dante gets the lion and a monkey through a fellow weed-enthusiast Doctor Shakalu. Doctor (or Father) Shakalu makes a repeat appearance in That’s My Boy as the priest marrying Todd (Andy Samberg) to his sweetheart Jamie (Leighton Master). One of the guests at the wedding is none other than his old pal Dante, who laughs maniacally while turning to his father. “I’m not looking so bad now, am I dad?”

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“You Can Put Your Weed In There” Guy

Every Adam Sandler Movie Character In Multiple Films

Sandler has also made references to his career at SNL with repeat characters. Once more, Schneider and Sandler swap roles, but the character remains the same. Schneider appeared on Saturday Night Live playing a guy who makes colorful suggestions as to where one can store their cannabis. Sandler recreates the character in 2002’s The Hot Chick, pointing out that seemingly innocuous items are perfect places to stow away some pot.

Other Character Connections In Adam Sandler Movies

Oftentimes in the Sandlerverse, it is names that get repeated, though the characters may not necessarily show up onscreen. Some such names are Whitey, Colonel Sanders, O’Doyle, and Lamonsoff. Whitey is a reference to a name from a song in Sandler’s album Stan and Judy’s Kid. Whitey appears voiced by Sandler in Eight Crazy Nights and as a referee played by Dana Carvey in Little Nicky. Colonel Sanders appears verbally or visually in several Sandler films: The Waterboy, The Longest Yard, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Grown Ups, Jack and Jill, and Reign Over Me.

O’Doyle, or rather the phrase, “O’Doyle rules!” first shows up in Billy Madison. The O’Doyle family seems bound and determined to torment a collection of Sandler characters, as they return for more ridicule in Click and Hubie Halloween, going so far as to chase Hubie on bicycles while lobbing flaming bags of excrement at his head. The name Lamonsoff crops up several times, often paired with the first name Eric. Every now and then, as in Jack and Jill, an actor is credited with playing him, so he appears somewhere in the film, but it is not always obvious as to who Eric was supposed to be. Other times, he is merely mentioned. He is brought up in The Wedding Singer, Click, Pixels, Grown Ups (here Eric Lamonsoff is played by Kevin James), Grown Ups 2, The Week Of, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Stanley Wexler, and Murder Mystery, so it’s safe to say Adam Sandler fans will most likely hear of Eric Lamonsoff again.

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