Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

WandaVision episode 6 was a Halloween special with colorful costumes that paid homage to the original Marvel Comics character designs.

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Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

WandaVision episode 6 was chock-full of colorful costumes that paid homage to the pages of Marvel Comics. That’s not to say that the costumes viewers saw were quite as elaborate as typically seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The appropriately named “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” saw Wanda and her family trick-or-treating in some amusing knock-offs of some very familiar outfits.

This season of WandaVision has hopped around the decades, exploring the tropes and styles of various American sitcoms. First paying tribute to classics like I Love Lucy and Bewitched. WandaVision episode 6 heads into the nineties and early aughts with a fast-paced Malcolm in the Middle analog (albeit, one whose zaniness is frequently undercut by the lurking darkness that surrounds Westview). Within the sitcom script, the dialogue is delightfully corny, perfectly capturing the mischievous hijinks of Billy and Tommy and the general cartoonishness of the adults that surround them. The low-budget costumes (presumably designed by Wanda as she rewrites reality within the Hex) lend perfectly to the episode’s humorous and over-the-top tone during its lighter moments.

Impressively, WandaVision uses its special holiday episode to its advantage, creatively incorporating versions of superhero costumes that may not have translated to the MCU’s style otherwise. There may be no other way to realistically see the likes of them again onscreen. Here are WandaVision episode 6’s costume Easter Eggs, which are sure to give comic book fans a little chuckle.

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Scarlet Witch

Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

Over the years, Scarlet Witch from the comics has had little variation in terms of wardrobe. For a majority of her on-page history (including the character’s introduction in 1964’s The X-Men #4), Scarlet Witch has worn some version of a red leotard, pink tights, a red cape, and her signature pointed headdress. In the MCU, Wanda’s costume has been a bit more grounded in the real world, usually wearing a more practical red leather jacket, black pants, and fingerless gloves.

According to an interview with Vanity Fair, Elizabeth Olsen fought to have Scarlet Witch’s traditional costume represented in WandaVision episode 6. The actor reveals that originally, “It was kind of like a gypsy thing” before trying to push the creative team in another direction. “I was like ’No, we have to go full into it… this is like the greatest thing, if Paul [Bettany]’s doing it, I’m doing it.” In the episode, Wanda identifies her costume as that of a “Sokovian fortune-teller,” a nod to her childhood in the fictional nation seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vision’s design has been far more desaturated than his most iconic look from the comics. After Jarvis finds his way into a vibranium body, Vision is born and seems to create his own wardrobe in the first seconds of his life. He still is pink-skinned and wears a yellow cape, but the green from his comics version is more-or-less replaced with a dark charcoal gray. The new garb, seen in WandaVision episode 6 has a similar high-collar cape and yellow diamonds on the chest and forehead. Perhaps there was no better time for Paul Bettany’s Vision to don a version of the neon crimefighting outfit — one that he comically notes looks like one worn by a Mexican wrestler. Then again, from his exchange with Wanda, it doesn’t appear that he was left with any other choice.

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Quicksilver & Tommy

Every Original Comics Costume In WandaVision’s Halloween Episode

Pietro (a.k.a. Quicksilver) and Tommy may originally think they’re too cool for trick-or-treating, but — thanks to Quicksilver’s super-speed — they are able to scrounge up some familiar costumes before their mischief-making begins. The outfit design is a fun nod to Quicksilver’s early costume from the comics, which includes a prominent design of a lightning bolt on the chest and silver gloves (to say nothing of the sharp signature hairdo). Interestingly, this version of the costume from the comics — and, indeed, many of Quicksilver’s future costumes — were green, including in his debut in The X-Men #4. However, on the cover for that issue, the outfit is colored blue (and, oddly, Scarlet Witch’s is colored green).

While Tommy has his own superhero identity and crime-fighting outfit in the comics, it’s not the design seen in the episode. Known primarily as a Young Avenger, Tommy Shephard (a.k.a. Speed) usually wears a sleek dark green and silver suit with goggles. In WandaVision episode 6, viewers see that Tommy looks up to his uncle and fellow speedster, so the costume choice is likely inspired by a desire to be as “cool” as him.


For the entire episode (save for the opening theme song), Billy rocks a version of the classic Wiccan costume from the comics. The outfit is complete with a shimmering shirt, red cape, and headband as seen by an older vision of Billy in The Young Avengers and a handful of other Marvel titles. WandaVision episode 6 also hints at Billy’s Scarlet Witch-like abilities which, as in the comics, are identifiable by a blue energy signature. Despite what his twin brother may think, Billy is looking pretty rad in this nod to the instantly recognizable get-up.

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WandaVision has been full of meta moments so far, and these Halloween costumes are no exception. The frivolous ensembles juxtapose effectively with the horrors that have engulfed Westview, which have rendered the thousands of residents under painful mind-control and seem to be fed by Scarlet Witch’s overwhelming grief. It is creative decisions like this that help to keep the story simultaneously unsettling and intriguing while keeping the show’s audience alternating between laughter and heartache.

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