Everything We Know About The New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Everything We Know About The New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has announced the release of a second Dragon Ball Super movie. Here’s what we know about the new film.

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Everything We Know About The New Dragon Ball Super Movie

A second Dragon Ball Super movie is on its way, and here’s everything currently known about it. A new one being made has been discussed for a while, but now it’s since been officially confirmed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama himself. For the past three years, the story has only been advanced through the manga, and not through any movies or shows.

Dragon Ball Super wrapped up with episode 133 back in March 2018 and it concluded with Android 17 winning the Tournament of Power for the Universe 7 team. At the end of the year, Toei Animation released Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the first film under the “Dragon Ball Super” branding. The film was a huge box office success for the studio, and it reimagined Broly from the Dragon Ball Z movies and brought him into canon for the first time. Dragon Ball Super: Broly saw Frieza unleash the out-of-control Legendary Super Saiyan on Goku and Vegeta.

Now, it appears that a new installment in the Dragon Ball universe is finally in development. It hasn’t received a title yet, but it is known that instead of launching another season of Dragon Ball Super or a new series entirely, it will continue via a sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Here’s everything that’s been revealed about the upcoming movie.

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Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Release Date Info

Everything We Know About The New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Toei Animation has confirmed that Dragon Ball Super’s second movie will release sometime in 2022, though a more narrow window hasn’t been announced yet. It could be that like the last film, it will release near the end of the year. Broly hit Japanese theaters in December 2018, and wasn’t seen by American audiences until it received a limited release in the United States in January 2019. It’s possible that the sequel will follow the same model.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Story Details

Everything We Know About The New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Nothing has been said about which villains Goku and Vegeta will be facing as of yet. There’s a chance that the plan is for Dragon Ball Super to adapt the Moro arc from the manga continuation. After all, this is what followed the Tournament of Power in the Dragon Ball Super manga, so that would make sense to some degree. If this did happen, it would involve the Z-Warriors battling an evil sorcerer named Moro who escapes from the prison operated by the Galactic Patrol. The problem though, is that the length of this story may be better-suited for a full saga than a two-hour film. Alternatively, the sequel could always tell an all-new story or adapt another non-canon villain like they did with Broly.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Possible Characters

It’s all but guaranteed that both Goku and Vegeta will be back for the next installment, but as for everyone else, it’s difficult to say for sure. Gohan was sidelined completely, as was Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha. Piccolo only received a small role. Depending on the scale of the threat, it’s possible that more than just Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza will be receiving an opportunity to take part in the fighting. Plus, Toriyama has teased the inclusion of an “unexpected character”, which suggests that the Z-Warriors will be crossing paths with a hero or villain who isn’t always around, such as Future Trunks.

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