Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Dianas Story After 1918

Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Diana’s Story After 1918

Wonder Woman 1984 jumps forward 66 years after the first movie. Here’s everything the sequel reveals about Diana’s story after 1918.

You Are Reading :Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Dianas Story After 1918

Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Dianas Story After 1918

WARNING: There are SPOILERS ahead for Wonder Woman 1984 below.

While Justice League brought Diana Prince into modern times, Wonder Woman 1984 gave audiences a look at what happened in her life between the events of both Wonder Woman movies. The first film took place in 1918 and the sequel jumped forward 66 years, offering some insight into the years between.

In the first Wonder Woman, Diana (Gal Gadot) is a woman out of her element. World War I pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes up on the shores of the isolated island of Themyscira. When Trevor informs its inhabitants of the war ravaging the outside world, Diana accompanies him to England in hopes to stop the war. In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana is magically reunited with Steve. Through her interactions with Steve, the movie reveals details from Diana’s life over the last six decades.

Wonder Woman 1984 reveals that Diana mainly kept to herself between 1918 and 1984. But the events that were revealed to the audience all stemmed from one sole motivation — love. Whether it was for Steve or the people she felt obligated to protect, every move that Diana ever made was out of love.

Diana Has a Thriving Career in Wonder Woman 1984

Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Dianas Story After 1918

Previous glimpses of Diana’s life in the 21st century show her working in museums. Wonder Woman 1984 shows her in the midst of a thriving career at the Smithsonian Museum. When she bumped into her new colleague Barbara (Kristen Wiig), Diana introduced herself as a member of the cultural anthropology and archeology department. The movie gave a more in-depth look at Diana’s career than previous films had.

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The Smithsonian is a prestigious museum, so Diana would’ve needed to work her way up the ladder in the anthropology and archeology worlds. She casually mentions to Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) that she tends to skip the flashy museum fundraiser events, insinuating that she’s been a Smithsonian employee for at least a couple of years at this point. Diana isn’t in it for the swanky events — she truly cares about the artifacts the museum curates.

That makes sense, as everything Diana loves was left behind in the past. She both left her home and lost Steve in 1918. Traces of her life with the people she loved can be found in the Smithsonian’s artifacts. Not only did Diana get to relive the happier moments of her life by resisting artifacts, but she was also able to use research from the museum to fight against modern-day evils. A prime example of this was Diana and Barbara teaming up and using the museum’s resources to research an artifact called the Dreamstone. Wonder Woman 3 will likely continue to show glimpses of Diana’s career at the museum, and how it ties back to her past.

Diana Visited the Trevor Ranch

Everything Wonder Woman 1984 Reveals About Dianas Story After 1918

Steve tragically sacrifices himself in the ending of the first Wonder Woman in order to ensure Diana’s victory in her battle with Ares, God of War. Diana is completely gutted by Steve’s death. While his absence didn’t turn her into the complete recluse shown in Justice League, she never fully healed from losing him. Her apartment is evidence of that. She has a couple of pictures and trinkets honoring Steve’s memory, including a photo of herself visiting Trevor Ranch. Judging by Diana’s fashion and the fact that the photo is in black and white, she likely visited the ranch sometime in the 1960s. Trevor Ranch is completely unique to Wonder Woman 1984. Since it doesn’t have roots in the original comics, the audience is left with some questions. Is this a family ranch? If so, does that mean Diana tracked down Steve’s descendants? Or maybe it’s a ranch she started in his memory?

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Whatever the answers to those questions may be, the picture was meant to prove that Steve was always on Diana’s mind. She still has an obligation to protect those around her, but with Trevor Ranch, she was given a place to escape and think about no one other than Steve. Both Wonder Woman films and Justice League hint that Diana leads a somewhat solitary life and seemed to intentionally not make any friends along the way. Odds are that once Trevor Ranch was built, she visited quite often. Steve was the only person outside of Themyscira who knew who Diana really was. Trevor Ranch likely gave her a place where she could completely feel at ease and at peace.

Diana Found Asteria’s Armor

Near the end of the movie, Wonder Woman’s iconic Golden Eagle armor is revealed. Steve and Diana return to her apartment, and he questions a large covered bundle in the corner. Diana proceeds to tell him the story of Asteria. She was the Amazons’ greatest warrior. After Diana’s mother freed the Amazons, Asteria stayed behind to fight off the enemy and give them a head start to escape to Themyscira. As a thank you for her sacrifice, the Amazonians gave Asteria all of their armor in order to make a suit strong enough to take on the whole world. Wonder Woman 1984’s climax sees Diana don the armor in order to reverse the world’s ill-advised wishes through the Dreamstone.

All that was left of Asteria after the attack was her armor. While it’s never confirmed, the odds are that Diana used her museum research to track down the ancient artifact — there’s a reason it resides in her apartment and not the Smithsonian. Wonder Woman 1984 also doesn’t confirm how long it took Diana to track the armor down, only that she was unable to find the warrior who wore it. Asteria sacrificed herself out of fierce love for her people. As Diana carries that same trait with her, she wanted to track down the armor in order to ensure that it would be lovingly protected.

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While Diana never gets to see Asteria again, the audience gets a glimpse of her in the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene, in the form of a fun cameo from the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Since Wonder Woman 3 has been given the green light, that scene immediately has fans wondering if they should expect another appearance from Carter as Asteria in the upcoming film. Not only would that be a fun Easter egg for fans, but bringing Asteria back would help to fill in the blanks for Diana’s past even more than Wonder Woman 1984 did.

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