Fan Puts Doom Theme Over Lightyear Trailer Proving It Fits Everything

Fan Puts Doom Theme Over Lightyear Trailer, Proving It Fits Everything

Nothing more badass than watching Buzz Lightyear ping around the sun while the Doom theme plays.

You Are Reading :Fan Puts Doom Theme Over Lightyear Trailer Proving It Fits Everything

The internet continues to prove that the theme from Doom goes with absolutely anything, including the new Lightyear trailer.

Music can really make a game. It’s the sort of thing you don’t realize is missing until you hear it. Or you don’t realize a game needed until it’s taken away. Like when you are forced to play a game on mute while streaming due to the risk of a DMCA takedown. Music can be a killer soundtrack, like the new Guardians of the Galaxy, or what feels like a pretty simple tune staying with you for years.

A song fitting a game perfectly is great. A song fitting seamlessly into any game is even better. However, a theme adding to any video it is played over the top of, game or not, is the holy grail. The internet has been proving that’s the case for the Doom theme over and over again and may have just proved it definitively via the clip below.

The iconic Doom music has been added to the Lightyear trailer dropped by Disney yesterday, and it fits all too well. That’s really saying something considering the actual song used a little later in the Lightyear trailer is David Bowie’s Starman. The unique combination of guitar riffs and drum beats accompany Buzz as he pings around the sun, and it works.

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Disney announced Lightyear almost a year ago but yesterday’s trailer is the first real look it has offered up of the astronaut’s origin story. Bear in mind, Lightyear isn’t the origin story of the Buzz generations of kids have gotten to know over the course of the past 25 years. It’s the tale of the fictional astronaut the Buzz Lightyear toy in the movies is based on.

As for Buzz shooting off into space as the Doom theme plays in the background, that’s just further proof that Doom is the most versatile series of games ever made. Its music captures any mood, and its games can be played on anything. The original Doom has been played on everything from a calculator powered by potatoes to Twitter, while Game of the Year contender Doom Eternal can be played on a fridge.

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