Far Cry 6 How to Get Boom Boom (Amigo Location Guide)

Far Cry 6: How to Get Boom Boom (Amigo Location Guide)

How to find and complete the mission Boom or Bust on Far Cry 6 to unlock the stealth Amigo Boom Boom, formerly Boomer from Far Cry 5.

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Far Cry 6 How to Get Boom Boom (Amigo Location Guide)

For fans of the guns-for-hire gameplay, Far Cry 6’s Amigos have a returning cast member, Boom Boom. While the mission to get Boom Boom is relatively straightforward, and has minimal required combat, the path to unlocking this mission is a bit more involved.

For those whose first Far Cry game is Far Cry 6, Boom Boom is essentially the Gun for Hire Boomer from Far Cry 5. Both are mixed breeds and both have similar abilities, Boom Boom’s description also includes that his skills were gained in Montana, where Far Cry 5 took place. Boom Boom has additional abilities that Dani can unlock by completing the tasks that are listed next to each one.

To unlock Boom Boom in Far Cry 6, Dani will need to gain access to the operation “Boom or Bust”. In the operation “Meet Máximas Matanzas”, Dani will need to rescue two of the main Libertad forces, Paolo de la Vega and Talia Benavidez of Máximas Matanzas in Valle de Oro. After this is completed, Dani will be able to grab the quest from a note nailed to a post near the Camp Máximas Foreman.

The Boom or Bust Mission Guide in Far Cry 6

After grabbing the Far Cry quest, Dani will need to travel to Feroza, which is northeast of the Judía Verde River in Valle de Oro. Upon arriving, there will be a yellow search area where Dani will need to open light blue shipping containers by shooting, or hitting, the locks with the machete to find which one holds the weapons. The container with both the weapons and Boom Boom, whom Dani will hear barking, is in the southwest corner of the search zone in a derelict warehouse, though the other containers do contain resources Dani can use.

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After opening the container, and having Dani give Boom Boom his name, Boom Boom officially becomes one of the unlocked Amigos. From here Dani can see all of Boom Boom’s abilities which initially include Fetch Boy, to retrieve resources from dead enemies as the first one unlocked. The others, Pointer, Expert Tracker, and Thick Coat, require Dani to complete the associated combat tasks with Boom Boom selected as their Amigo. With all of these abilities combined, Boom Boom makes an excellent addition to help with scavenging, and to free Yara from Antón Castillo in Far Cry 6.

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