Finally Blastoise Is Getting Nerfed In Pokemon Unite

Finally, Blastoise Is Getting Nerfed In Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite’s latest update is hitting Blastoise where it hurts, right in its Hydro Pump.

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Finally Blastoise Is Getting Nerfed In Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite has been hit with a significant update today. A number of its Pokemon have received buffs, while Blastoise is among those to receive nerfs.

Pokemon Unite is a live service game that is being added to and updated all the time. That doesn’t only mean the addition of new Pokemon to its playabale roster over time. It also means trying to balance the strength and abilities of all those Pokemon. Its latest update, which will have gone live by the time you read this, does a lot of that.

Blastoise is one of the biggest casualties of Unite’s latest update. That will probably be music to the ears of every Unite player who isn’t a Blastoise main. The gen one Pokemon can do some serious damage when fully evolved, which doesn’t really add up when it is supposed to be a defender. That all changes today as Blastoise will have the damage it can do via Hydro Pump and Hydro Typhoon reduced.

Blastoise isn’t the only Pokemon getting nerfed in Unite today. Lucario, Slowbro, and Venasaur have also suffered a reduction in power to some of their moves. Venasaur will no longer recover as much HP when using Giga Drain, and Lucario’s basic attack stat has been reduced.

It’s not all bad news. Well, that actually depends on which Pokemon you do battle with in Unite. If your go-tos are Pikachu and Garchomp then today’s update is reason to celebrate. Pikachu’s Thunder and Volt Tackle will now dole out more damage starting today. As for Garchomp, which was pretty powerful already, its Dragon Rush ability will now deal more damage to opposing Pokemon.

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Unite might be about to enter its busiest period since launch. The game will house a Halloween event before the end of the month adding special holowear to mark the occasion. It will also be adding another playable Pokemon to the mix, Greedent. That presumably means Skwovet will also join the MOBA as it is the pre-evolved form of the incoming Pokemon. There have also been leaks and hints that Decidueye and its pre-evolved forms will also be added to the game in the near future.

Source: Kotaku

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