Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Fortnite: 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9’s Battle Pass

Be it Battle Royale or Save the World, Fortnite cannot be escaped. Here are ten cool items coming to Epic Games’ Season 9 Battle Pass.

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Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Season 9 of Fortnite, the game that continues to perplex people over the age of 40 across the world, is currently in full swing. With the start of season 9, Fortnite is bigger and better than it has ever been. As such, the current season’s battle pass is filled to the brim with new content to obtain.

The new season has a loosely high-tech, futuristic vibe to it. There’s new skins, pets, emotes, and more rewards to win. Here are 10 of the best items offered in this battle pack.

10 Rox

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Rox is one of the brand new legendary skins offered in this season of Fortnite. The female skin is part of Tier 1 of the Pass. By completing the Rox challenges that come with her, you’re also able to obtain a brand new emote and the Harmonic Axes.

Just like some of the other skins that are available, her fully upgraded version resembles a space suit of sorts. These space suit upgrades are all available in a variety of different colors as well. From a simple mini skirt to an entire space suit; that’s what I like to call character development.

9 Sentinel

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Sentinel is another legendary skin added to the battle pass. The robotic character comes in a few different colors that you can unlock by various means. No matter which color you pick, Sentinel radiates a really powerful chicken vibe that is 100% the correct choice for a legendary skin.

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The words “Mecha buff chicken” were really just meant to be strung together. So, thank you Fortnite. As with Rox, Sentinel also comes with a few snazzy unlockables himself, such as brand new back bling and emote.

8 Bunker Jonesy

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Bunker Jonesy, another skin from the battle pack, is, well he is a lot to take in. Bunker Jonesy is an epic skin that is unlocked at tier 23 (or with a nice little in-game purchase if you’re feeling extravagant) of the battle pack.

Bunker Jonesy is based on the regular Jonesy skin found in the game and has a beard that one could only ever dream of growing. This skin has unlockables as well, mainly in the form of a harvesting tool and cape, the latter of which is based on bananas. Well, might as well be fueled up on bananas if you’re out battle royaling.

7 Demi

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Demi is a rocking epic skin from the battle pack of season 9. This red-eyed firecracker is based around dragons. Who doesn’t love a good dragon? Demi’s set includes the standard harvesting tool, back bling, and glider, with the former two available through beating the Demi Challenges.

Dressed in a pair of heels, Demi’s outfit itself doesn’t really scream “battle ready,” but who are we to judge someone’s footwear? She certainly has the confidence to claim the #1 spot in spades.

6 Vega

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

This brand new epic skin radiates a powerful vibe that should really motivate enemies to try and keep their distance on the battlefield. As with the other skins available in the battle pack, Vega comes with back bling and a new harvesting tool after completing her challenges.

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She also comes in multiple styles: Black and yellow, black and red and brown and black. This bounty hunter skin can be unlocked once tier 47 of the battle pass is reached, and is certainly worth your time and effort to collect.

5 Vendetta

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Vendetta is another brand new legendary skin for Season 9’s Battle Pass and is the main attraction. The Vendetta skin is unlocked after reaching tier 100, so buckle in and get ready if you plan on unlocking this one.

As with the other previously mentioned skins, Vendetta comes with a few unlockables once certain criteria are met. These unlockables include a brand new glider, harvesting tool, wrap and back bling. While this skin requires a great deal of effort to unlock, Vendetta is definitely worth it.

4 Vendetta’s Tiers

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

Vendetta is a bit different from the other skins offerings by the Season 9 Battle Pass; primarily, this one comes with a lot of different variants. In fact, there are a whole lot of options.

Vendetta has five different stages, with each step suiting him up with more armor than before. All of these stages are included in his six different color schemes, so feel free to match your personality to compliment your Vendetta. Whether you’re wanting to suit up or dress down, there is a Vendetta for every mood. How wholesome!

3 Kyo

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

The indisputable star of the battle pack, though, is Kyo, the neighborhood robot cat. The adorable cat is part of Rox’s Sky Set and comes in four different colors: Red, purple, green and orange. Regardless of the chosen color, the resulting creation is an irresistibly cute pet that – frankly – needs to be in our lives.

Kyo functions as other pets do in Fortnite and can be unlocked once reaching tier 28 of Season 9’s Battle Pass. If you do choose to make friends with one of them, please give Kyo lots of love and treats.

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2 Sad Trombone

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

What’s better than a boring old regular trombone? Well, a sad trombone of course! Sad trombone is another brand new emote introduced through battle pack season 9, and is one of the standouts.

This item is literally just your character pulling out a trombone to play a truly sad tune. This “womp womp womp” of an emote can be unlocked once reaching tier 46, a worthwhile tier to reach for the best emote of the entire battle pass.

1 Bananas

Fortnite 10 Awesome Items Offered in Season 9s Battle Pass

A Major highlight of the battle pass is bananas. They’re just about everywhere, with Bunker Jonesy being a big proponent of the potassium-high fruit. One good banana cosmetic change is a contrail that releases bananas from your hand as you fall to the map at the start of the game.

There’s also a banana skin wrap for all of your necessary healing needs. These two different cosmetic changes can be unlocked at tiers 49 and 19 respectively, in case you’re planning on getting into some banana hijinks during Season 9.

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