Free Guy Disney Release Date Set For February 2022

Free Guy Disney+ Release Date Set For February 2022

Director Shawn Levy’s Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, and Channing Tatum gets a Disney+ release date set for February 2022.

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Reynolds plays a bank teller NPC in an open-world video game who decides one day to be “the hero of his own story,” leveling up and taking on the powers that control the game to become his own player. Reynolds confirmed that Disney wants a Free Guy sequel, although no specifics have been given as of yet. Reynolds is currently taking an acting hiatus after completing The Adam Project (also directed by Levy) and the Will Ferrell holiday comedy Spirited.

Now comes word that Free Guy will release on Disney+ on February 22nd, 2022. This will make the movie free to watch for subscribers of the streaming service within a six-month window from theatrical to streaming. Free Guy is one of the few new IP franchises created for Disney+ in 2022 that took off, making the film an even stronger entry for the year, especially with pandemic woes still in effect.

Feb 23 won’t just be a good day, it’ll be a GREAT day. #FreeGuy is headed to @DisneyPlus in the US!

Reynolds has had a solid year with both Free Guy and Netflix’s Red Notice, which he co-starred in with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Free Guy had tremendous box office success, while Red Notice had tremendous streaming success, becoming the 2nd highest-viewed original movie ever for Netflix (just behind Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box). With sequels planned for both films and a full slate of films on the way, Reynolds is set to have an even busier year in 2022, which makes his current hiatus all the more understandable.

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Streaming dates have now become a thing to look forward to, as the theatrical window shrinks and the flow of content has begun to move much faster than before. Even with that being the case, Free Guy still had a healthy run at the box office, pulling in numbers that are great even out of the pandemic window. As the model of exhibition continues to evolve, one thing is for certain, and that’s that streaming is here to stay and the push for stronger content to make its way to homes has never been more prevalent.

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