Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Futurama: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Futurama is a cult classic animated series known for its hilarious characters. But some are smarter than others. We rank faves like Zapp and Leela.

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Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Considering it’s made by the same crew who gave us the The Simpsons, we always knew Futurama was going to end up becoming a brilliantly perceptive, cleverly written and absolutely hilarious show. In the relatively few seasons we got, we were able to explore a futuristic world alongside a cast of brilliant characters.

A few of them, however, were considerably smarter than others. Here is Futurama: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence.

10 Zapp Brannigan

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

This arrogant macho man is supposedly a military hero, but in every episode he appears in, Zapp demonstrates his place at the absolute bottom of the intelligence scale. He seems to think that his power and status are enough to not need basic smarts.

Having been romantically involved with both Leela and her mother Munda, Zapp’s strange womanizing and absolute certainty that he is a genius ladies’ man are made even more painful when we have to watch him attempt to flirt. Sample pickup line: “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you take your pants off and dance around a little?” Cringeworthy.

9 Philip J. Fry

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Fry is the closest to normal we’re ever going to get in Futurama, despite him being born in 1974 and being cryogenically frozen for 1000 years. Thanks to a genetic anomaly caused by being his own grandfather (it’s a weird show), Fry is immune to psychic attacks. While this seems like a cool power, he often doesn’t prove his own intelligence.

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His general outlook on life is one of laziness and boredom, though he is surprisingly loyal. This means he often doesn’t get much done unless it is absolutely necessary. Maybe he’d rank higher on this list if he spent less time on the couch drinking Slurm.

8 Kif Kroker

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Kif Kroker, the mostly unexplained alien, is a strange one. Having spent so long being bullied and undermined by his boss Zapp Brannigan, Kif is very shy in most situations. This makes it pretty difficult to judge how clever he really is. He does manage to stand up to Zapp a couple of times, showing that he can’t be that stupid. Plus, Brannigan frequently blames Kif for mistakes he hasn’t even made. So at the very least, Kif is more intelligent than his boss.

7 Hermes Conrad

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Hermes was once an Olympic athlete, representing Jamaica at the limbo before moving into a career as a robot inspector. He oversaw the creation of Bender before getting a job at Planet Express.

While not noticeably intelligent, Hermes’ main passions are his overwhelming hatred of Zoidberg and his desire to avoid demotion. Both of these fuel him to work hard and make no mistakes, which sort of forces him into becoming more intelligent than he actually is.

6 Dr. Zoidberg

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

This is another difficult one. Zoidberg is technically employed as a human-expert doctor onboard Planet Express. Despite this, he has basically no ability to understand human anatomy in any way, and comes across as completely clueless and, as a result, is frequently depicted as homeless. However, he proves himself to be a genuinely brilliant doctor when it comes to alien anatomy, his true specialist subject — even if his doctorate is in art history. Does that make him intelligent…or simply misleading?

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5 Amy Wong

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Amy is a student of engineering at Mars University while she juggles her 12-year internship at Planet Express. While she is often losing things and ending up in complex situations due to her naivety, she must be pretty clever if she managed to graduate with a doctorate in physics. She also has an impressive grasp of language, being able to speak Yeti, Cantonese and a little bit of Martian among other things. Considering how rich her parents are, it’s impressive that she even made the effort to become as intelligent as she did.

4 Bender Bending Rodríguez

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Considering he is a robot Homer Simpson with a self-proclaimed “shiny metal ass,” Bender is actually pretty intelligent deep down. After all, he is a robot. However, a lot of the time, he is seen to make some pretty questionable decisions like smoking “because it makes him look cool” and stealing from his friends.

But he is also able to think of jokes and quips in milliseconds and when required, is surprisingly good at some of the world-saving tasks he is faced with. Also, he has to drink alcohol in order to stay sober, which is pretty cool.

3 Turanga Leela

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Considering she has purple hair and one massive eye in the middle of her head, Leela is pretty normal. She has been both “Orphan Of The Year” and “Miss Universe,” but also has a no-nonsense personality fueled by intelligence.

Leela plans everything out perfectly, aiming to have total control over each situation she is in. This means that she is frequently the most prepared and knowledgeable, making her one of the most intelligent main characters in the series. In comparison to most of her immature and lazy friends, Leela is able to acknowledge her own mistakes and learn from them.

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2 Nibbler

Futurama Every Main Character Ranked By Intelligence

Lord Nibbler has an interesting list of professions, acting both as a crew member at Planet Express and an ambassador to Earth for the Nibblonians. He has also existed since the beginning of time. Despite his relatively childlike persona semi-crafted by Leela’s adoption of him, he is actually an incredibly powerful, advanced being with a range of abilities. His species are literally in existence to protect the earth, while Nibbler specifically must protect Fry, which he manages quite well.

1 Professor Farnsworth

Despite being a human, Professor Farnsworth is shown to be exceptionally clever, the CEO of Planet Express, and at least 160 years old. On top of all this, he is the (30 times over) nephew of Fry, who is now his own employee. Even though Farnsworth’s age has an impact on just how genius he is, he still has the most cunning mind of anyone on the show. His intelligence isn’t exactly well-placed, however, and his maniacal inventions and theories are a danger to the entire universe. This includes a variety of doomsday devices, the creation of which seems to be a particular passion of his.

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