Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Game of Thrones Online: Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Game of Thrones is a popular, medieval fantasy book series and television show, but the franchise could translate well into an MMO game setting.

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Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular medieval fantasies of the modern age, but while its book and TV shows received extreme success, a Game of Thrones MMO could conquer another entertainment media sector. The Game of Thrones novels and short stories encompass thousands of pages of lore, but an MMO could allow the game to grow past the restraints of other forms of storytelling. MMO games are meant to be played for hundreds of hours, giving George R. R. Martin and other creatives the opportunity to expand into unknown territory. New characters, quests, objects, and more could join Game of Thrones lore by creating an MMO RPG.

Game of Thrones began as a book series written by George R. R. Martin, whose work on the franchise continues with The Winds of Winter, A Dream of Spring, and the upcoming House Of Dragons. A Song of Ice And Fire takes place in Westeros, during a war between the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Plot armor is notoriously unreliable for all characters, meaning one wrong move could result in the death of a fan favorite. This unpredictability led Game of Thrones to become a thrilling adventure of political intrigue and raging fantasy battles.

The gaming industry has taken impressive leaps and bounds to adapt books, movies, television shows, and board games into AAA or indie titles. Companies regularly employ modern technology to develop astounding graphics, fluid combat systems while providing a seamless internet connection to shared servers. Like all Game of Thrones-related games and projects, expectations are high for any work associated with the franchise. If a Game of Thrones MMO ever comes to light, it will need to ensure it features satisfactory mechanics, gameplay, story, and more.

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Houses Would Make Perfect Game Of Thrones MMO Factions

Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Most MMO games force players to align themselves with different factions to craft a PvP environment, and Game of Thrones has the perfect arrangement, as players could pledge their allegiance as a vassal or soldier to one of Westeros’ Great Houses. Depending on the timeline, families like the Targaryens, Starks, Lannisters, Tyrells, and more could be available for players to choose from the start. Similarly, each faction could provide a buff to player characters who aligned with a specific House.

For example, vassals of House Targaryen could receive fire resistances, while Stark Vassals receive frost resistances. Outside of cities and established fortresses, certain areas of Westeros could feature open PvP against vassals of other houses. Killing vassals of rival houses could offer rewards and renown, while harming allied vassals might cause Lords and Ladies to look down on their servants. A Game of Thrones MMO without Houses as factions would be a wasted opportunity.

A Song of Ice and Fire Has No Heroes

Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

A common mistake in many modern MMOs is the lack of importance on the player character, which results in immersion breakdown and an inability to suspend belief. In particular, games like Final Fantasy feature the main character completing quests that should give them worldwide renown but still force them to become someone’s errand boy. Game of Thrones frequently kills off main characters, and the land’s history is rich with conflict and shifting powers.

Even the most powerful warrior is looked down on in places like King’s Landing, where political power is more valuable than one’s ability to swing a sword. By claiming more power, the player character in A Song of Ice and Fire MMO can become more of a threat, increasing their renown in some places while suffering slander and horrors in other regions. Players should be encouraged to choose different classes with different combat tactics, with their allegiance deciding starting areas and equipment.

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A Game Of Thrones MMO Would Have Diverse Environments

Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire takes place across (and beyond) Westeros, with many biomes featured across the continent. Depending on who players pledge allegiance to, the starting area and regions could adjust scale enemies based on player level. This would prevent a high-level Stark invader from defeating new Lannister players and vice versa. Westeros features numerous fortresses, castles, outposts, and more, located in areas of strategic importance. A base mechanic would extend the reach of Houses while also giving players a sanctuary in the wilds. Fortress building, decorating, and passive profit would be an excellent late-game activity that could hold players over between updates.

A Song of Ice and Fire MMO Could Feature Evolving Storylines

Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Thanks to George Martin’s creativity, Game of Thrones’ lore encompasses a vast expanse of characters and stories, which could continue to grow in an MMO setting. While A Song of Ice and Fire has a set storyline, a Game of Thrones MMO needs to avoid the books’ plotlines. Instead, an MMO would be better set before Robert’s Rebellion, with the Targaryens holding the Iron Throne. This way, players could see familiar characters like Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon, or Catelyn Tully but interact with lesser-known, interesting characters from history.

Knowing where the future leads would likely influence some players, but offering a new chapter of Westeros’ history to explore grants developers more creative freedoms. As players level up, more areas can unlock, such as Dorne or Beyond The Wall, where untold dangers lurk and challenging boss fights can reside. In addition, each House can offer a unique quest motivated by the goals of that specific House. Still, all House vassals can share overarching quests for each region geared towards assisting local inhabitants.

Game Of Thrones MMO Would Need Live Service

Game of Thrones Online Why A Song Of Ice & Fire MMO Would Be Perfect

Like most MMOs, a Game of Thrones video game needs continued live service (or microtransactions) to ensure its viability and profit in the online marketplace. Free updates and expansions, seasons of themed content, paid DLCs, and more could provide a regular source of income, alongside a potential monthly membership (assuming the product is free to play). As per the genre, F2P players would likely receive certain debuffs that reduce experience gain, limit the number of active quests, or restrict resources but don’t bar access to in-game activities.

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DLCs and more significant expansions could explore other lands, like Dorne or Beyond The Wall, where the GOT MMO developer can introduce new enemy types, weapons, armor, NPCs, and quests. This would mirror the Game of Thrones Telltale story, where players could explore several locations in Westeros through the perspective of multiple characters.

A Song of Ice and Fire MMO Would Be A Serious Medieval Competitor

The most critical aspects of any MMO or any video game is its gameplay, combat, and motivation. As a story in a medieval fantasy setting, a Game of Thrones MMO would have lots of competition in the MMO market. Titles like Elder Scrolls Online and Amazon’s recent New World enjoy similar settings with already established player bases. A Song of Ice and Fire’s popularity would likely secure many interested players, but the gameplay and combat systems would be vital in maintaining consistent membership. Combat should consist of several different types, including swordsmanship, archery, and magic, with variations encompassing weapons like daggers, maces, mounted combat, staffs, and more. In addition, the camera angle during gameplay should embrace the traditional third-person so that players are encouraged to collect legendary armor sets that mirror their favorite houses and characters or embrace a unique style.

Previous Game of Thrones games rarely deliver on the same intensity and thrill as the TV show or the novels. The Game of Thrones Telltale game provided a dissatisfying ending, much like the television series. Still, a GOT MMO could solve both problems. Avoiding too much involvement with the main story and giving players their own quests within the Game of Thrones universe would craft a unique narrative opportunity without pressure to follow a given storyline.

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