God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

God Of War: 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

From dooming the Greek world to bringing the end of the Nordic realms, Kratos has several reasons to be considered as the real God of War villain.

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God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

The God of War series is unique for placing fans in the sandals of Kratos, who is far from the normal idea of what a hero is supposed to be like. Kratos will return in God of War: Ragnarök, and the story will feature him and his son Atreus once again taking on the Nordic gods.

Although the 2018 soft reboot brought a new personality to Kratos, he has, more often than not, acted as the antagonist of the series. Most of his villainy occurred during his time in ancient Greece when he took pleasure in war, but there are also overarching elements to Kratos’ character that fit the description of an antagonist rather than a protagonist.

8 His Killing Of All The Gods Without Caring For The Consequences

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

Considering that the best-known quotes from God of War’s Kratos are about his bloodlust, he had no qualms with taking lives. Although he was manipulated into killing the gods, Kratos was well aware that humanity would suffer through their deaths.

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When confronted about this, Kratos openly said he would let humanity suffer, as all he cared about was killing Zeus. In effect, his role in God of War III was as a playable villain who was just as bad as the antagonists he sought to bring down.

7 Refusing To See Reason Even When His Own Wife Called Him A Killer

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

It’s interesting to ponder how Faye would have reacted to learning about Kratos’ past, and it’s a question that God of War: Ragnarök will hopefully answer. What is known is how Kratos’ first wife felt about his warmongering ways.

Despite being the only person who ever loved him romantically by then, she eventually faced Kratos and told him that he’d crossed the line. Kratos’ response was that he wanted the glory of Sparta, but his wife saw through his lies by pointing out that he killed people for personal glory. Kratos’ silence on the matter reflected the fact that he knew she was right.

6 His Intention To Let The Gods & Humanity Die In Favor Of Reuniting With His Daughter

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

Kratos was relatively calm in God of War: Chains of Olympus until he arrived at Elysium. Here, he was reunited with his daughter and gave away all his powers to be with her. Persephone, who had plotted this, even warned Kratos beforehand that humans would pay the price.

Kratos openly revealed that he didn’t care about humanity and didn’t intend to continue with his mission to save the gods, either, and it was only when his daughter’s existence was threatened that Kratos saved humanity from Persophone. Though he ended up playing the role of the hero, Kratos’ actions were inherently selfish.

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5 Manipulating Pandora’s Need For A Father Figure To Sacrifice Her

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

Pandora was separated from her father, Hephaestus, and imprisoned for years by Zeus, making her one of God of War’s most tragic characters. Kratos not only killed Hephaestus, but he used the memory of his love to goad Pandora into sacrificing herself to extinguish the Flame of Olympus.

Kratos didn’t reveal his role in killing Hephaestus to Pandora and initially claimed he wanted to protect her. He was willing to become a father figure to her simply because it made his task of sacrificing Pandora easier. Although he ultimately did grow to truly care for her, his bid to protect her by then was out of his own selfishness.

4 Being Prophesized As The Person Responsible For Ending The Greek & Norse Worlds

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

The sequence before heading into the room containing Pandora’s Box has a hidden detail in God of War in the form of a mural detailing the prophecy of a warrior killing all of the gods. This came to pass by God of War III, with Kratos being the one to complete the prophecy.

The ending of 2018’s God of War also featured a similar carving of the future, with Kratos’ role in raising Atreus leading to the death of the Norse gods. Even if being a harbinger of war wasn’t his intent, Kratos still ultimately lays waste wherever he goes, leading to countless deaths.

3 The Many Innocent Lives He’s Taken Without Cause

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

Kratos admitted he had killed many innocents in 2018’s God of War, but simply admitting this fact doesn’t make up for the many times he eliminated people simply because they were in his way. It was first shown in the original God of War game when Kratos ignored a helpless soldier’s pleas for mercy and brutally burned him alive to open a door.

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He continued this practice in subsequent games, sacrificing an injured soldier to a gruesome death by trapping him in gears just to jam a gateway and encasing King Midas in crystalized lava forever just because he wanted a pathway to walk on.

2 His Lack Of Care Toward Everyone Until They Benefit Him

God Of War 8 Ways Kratos Is A Villain

Kratos has technically made a number of allies during his journeys, but he’s entered these partnerships purely for his own benefit. In God of War III, Kratos heard Hepheastus’ request to save Pandora, but he had no problems telling him that Hephaestus’ child wasn’t his concern, even if Pandora was suffering.

Kratos later returned when he learned that Pandora was the key to extinguishing the Flame of Olympus, proving his help was available only when he had something to gain. Kratos largely ignores people if he sees them in trouble, which is a kind of indifference expected from villains.

1 Killing Most Of His Family Members

Perseus, Hercules, Athena, Ares, and Persophene are just some of the siblings that Kratos has killed, while he’s also eliminated his parents, grandparents, and even his cousins. Although some of them did attack Kratos first, the fact that the list continues for long shows that Kratos is the main problem.

He could have avoided fighting them altogether if Kratos had heeded their warnings not to meddle in their affairs, but his own bids for vengeance superseded any familial attachment. Even certain villains have shown restraint when it comes to fighting family, which doesn’t make Kratos out to look very good in comparison.

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