Goku and Vegeta Cant Beat Dragon Balls Most Powerful Being Zeno

Goku and Vegeta Can’t Beat Dragon Ball’s Most Powerful Being, Zeno

Goku and Vegeta have proven time and again how they can surpass most any foe they face in combat, but Zeno is a being whose power is beyond fighting!

You Are Reading :Goku and Vegeta Cant Beat Dragon Balls Most Powerful Being Zeno

Goku and Vegeta Cant Beat Dragon Balls Most Powerful Being Zeno

In the Tournament of Power Dragon Ball’s Goku and Vegeta recently displayed their ever-growing power levels with both warriors reaching new heights throughout the competition, most notably Goku when he unlocked Autonomous Ultra Instinct for the first time. While Goku and Vegeta ended up being victorious in the Tournament of Power, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the elder being that initiated the contest. In the twelve remaining universes across Dragon Ball’s multiverse, each has its own respective gods, both in the form of Kais and Gods of Destruction, but reigning supreme over them all is a being known as Zeno, someone Goku and Vegeta could never hope to defeat.

Zeno made his first appearance in the Dragon Ball Super manga titled “The Winning Universe Is Decided!” by Akira Toriyama. In that storyline, universe seven within the Dragon Ball multiverse, which is the universe where Goku and Vegeta are from, has a tournament with universe six. After the tournament reaches its end, Zeno appears, and the Gods of Destruction from universe six and seven respectively, Lords Beerus and Champa, are struck with fear upon Zeno’s arrival. At this point in Dragon Ball lore, Lord Beerus is the most powerful character fans have been introduced to, aside from Whis. To see Lord Beerus cower before a being fans haven’t even been introduced to yet was a shocking development, though the reason for Beerus’ actions would soon be revealed.

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The first true example of Zeno’s power came from the Goku Black saga when a Kai from an alternate universe named Zamasu possessed Goku and began dismantling the multiverse on a crusade against life. Future Trunks takes the brunt end of Black’s destruction and goes back in time to recruit Goku and Vegeta. While the two Saiyan warriors give it their best effort, they are no match for Goku Black, but Goku made friends with someone who operated on a whole other level. After the tournament with universe six, Goku becomes friends with Zeno, and the god of gods gives the Saiyan a means to contact him. When all hope seemed lost with Goku Black, Goku called Zeno who promptly appeared and not only defeated Black, but erased his entire universe from existence in the process.

While at the moment the Saiyans are friendly with Zeno, one never knows in which direction Dragon Ball will go next, and if Goku and Vegeta ever cross paths with Zeno they would have no chance in defeating him. Zeno doesn’t operate like other gods across the multiverse. His power has nothing to do with fighting prowess. Without any effort, Zeno can obliterate a whole universe, so fighting against a single entity, no matter how good at fighting that person is, would be absolutely no trouble for the Omniking.

Zeno is the end-all-be-all powerhouse of the Dragon Ball multiverse, and while the other gods fear him because of his great power, they really shouldn’t. While fans have heard stories of Zeno’s indifference in deleting whole universes, no examples of that apathetic cruelty have been shown. Zeno helped the Z-Fighters take down Goku Black, held a tournament where universes were eliminated but were to be brought back at the end regardless of the outcome, and only wanted to make a friend out of Goku when they met. There has been no indication that Zeno would ever fight anyone, let alone Goku and Vegeta, which is definitely a good thing for the Saiyans because there is simply no way the two can beat Dragon Ball’s most powerful being, Zeno.

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