Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

Harry Potter: 10 Best Supporting Characters, Ranked

There are many supporting and secondary characters in Harry Potter who round the story out and make it great. From Ginny to Cedric, here are the best.

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Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

The Harry Potter franchise is a huge series that has dozens, probably hundreds, of characters mentioned at one point or another in the seven books. While the main cast, including the trio, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Snape, Draco, etc, is very memorable and interesting, there are also many supporting and secondary characters who round the story out and make it great.

Whether they are Harry’s classmates, professors, or other characters he meets along the way, without these ten best-supporting characters, the Harry Potter series wouldn’t’ have been nearly as successful.

10 Dobby

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

While Dobby only features in a few books, there is something charming and also weird about him that makes fans love him. He goes through a lot of trauma, and it’s very rewarding to see him get his freedom and be able to make a life for himself. Plus, his friendship with Harry, although odd, is rather endearing.

It’s extremely tragic when he dies, and fans will never forget how heartbreaking that scene was.

9 Fleur Delacour

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

Fleur might not seem like she belongs on this list given how many wonderful, interesting, and strange Harry Potter characters there are, but she’s here precisely because she’s so underrated.

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While people in fandom and in the world underestimate her, she’s actually a very talented witch who isn’t just shallow and beautiful. She definitely could have been given more scenes, however.

8 Molly Weasley

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

Most of the Weasley family is well-loved by fans, and they are all unique in their own way. However, other than Ron, Molly is one of the most lovable and important characters from the family.

She’s fierce and protective, and she acts as a mother figure to Harry as well as all of her children. She’s a stable force who puts a lot on the line to try to help defeat Voldemort, and her strength combined with her motherly warmth makes her great.

7 Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

While there are many classmates that Harry interacts with over the years, Cedric Diggory is one of the best.

He is overall just a good, talented, compassionate person, and while this might make him seem uninteresting, there’s something pure and great about this. His death is extremely tragic, and even though he’s only really featured in one book, he’s memorable.

6 Remus Lupin

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

All of the Marauders, including Lily, are loved by the majority of fans. Most fans want to know more about them, but given that Lily and James only really appear in the books in flashback form, they aren’t on this list.

Remus is one of the more interesting side characters given that he’s a werewolf and his connection to Harry. He’s a great professor and a good person, but he also has many flaws and insecurities which makes him well-rounded.

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5 Sirius Black

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

While many fans love Lupin, and he’s a great supporting character, Sirius Black is even more so. His family history and being arrested for a horrible crime he didn’t commit make him automatically a fascinating hero with a traumatic past.

He’s moody, reckless, and makes a lot of mistakes, but his good looks, charm, and broodiness make up for his arrogance. It’s no wonder that many fans are obsessed with him.

4 Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

Ginny might not be the most overall loved character by fans, but she had a ton of underdevelopment potential. She was actually a very skilled witch who had a tough personality and a great sense of confidence that she grew into.

While she might just seem like Harry’s love interest, she would have been a great addition to the Horcrux Hunt, and it seems silly that she wasn’t allowed to go along.

3 Professor McGonagall

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

While Dumbledore might be the main authority figure at Hogwarts as Headmaster, McGonagall is a very prominent and important character, too. While she doesn’t get as much development in the story as she should, she’s strong, talented, protective, strict, and beneath it all, rather soft and caring.

In many ways, McGonagall looks out for the students more than Dumbledore does, and while she’s not always an easy professor, she is a good and fair person.

2 Neville Longbottom

Harry Potter 10 Best Supporting Characters Ranked

Neville is closer to a member of the main cast than a minor character, but he doesn’t actually feature all that often. While he’s more prominent in book five, and then in book seven, in scenes we don’t really see, he often is in the background.

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However, his glow-up from awkward, forgettable kid to a badass leader of the resistance at Hogwarts it’s extremely memorable. He’s just as heroic as the trio.

1 Luna Lovegood

Just like Neville, Luna features in certain books more heavily, but she’s not really even a character until The Order of the Phoenix. However, she’s very iconic and well-loved by many fans.

Her eccentric personality and kind heart make her extremely likable. Other than Hermione and Ron, Luna was one of the most loyal friends Harry Ever had. And, just like Neville, she was also a leader of Dumbledore’s Army after the trio left Hogwarts.

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