Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Harry Potter has an entire world of magical beasts, wizards and creatures that can be made into plush toys. Check out the best from this gift guide!

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Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

With the success of the Harry Potter books and movies, many people turn to products that are based on or inspired by this magical story. Mugs, shirts, school/desk supplies, decorations and toys are just a few of the most popular products that fans of all ages adore buying, receiving and giving.

If anyone out there is, in particular, looking for plushes and stuffed animals that are centered around the story of Harry Potter, then look no further. This gift guide has 10 ideas that make great collector’s items and toys to add to collections.

10 Funko Supercute Plush: Harry Potter

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Funko is a brand that is known for creating unique and detailed products that can be played with and/or put on display, such as this Supercute Plush of Harry Potter himself. It stands eight inches tall, it features Harry in his school uniform, and it even shows off his scar and glasses, which are both very iconic.

While there are tons of awesome characters within this tale, this guy right here is the star of it all, so every fan needs a plush version of The Boy Who Lived.

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9 The Noble Collection Dobby Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Another brand that fans turn to for original collectibles is The Noble Collection, and another character that many fans liked in these books and films was Dobby, a house-elf that was quite loyal to Harry.

A 12.5″ plush replica of Dobby would be a wonderful thing to give on a birthday, during a holiday or as a “just because” present. Plus, this one can even be posed to sit or stand, as it is made out of high-quality materials and is officially licensed by Warner Brothers.

8 Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Collector Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

A neat thing about plush toys is that they can help celebrate more than just characters… This one celebrates a very popular candy from this magical world, the chocolate frog! Lots of pretty details went into creating this stuffed replica of this sweet treat, such as a silky star pattern and a gold trim.

It gets even better, though: This eight-inches frog can stay down inside of the 13-inch pillow, or it can be removed from this fake package completely, making this sort of a two-in-one gift.

7 Fang 15″ Large Size Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

To bring a larger-than-life toy home, in order to show off a love for Harry Potter even more, consider this 15″ large-size plush of Fang, Hagrid’s dog. This piece is an exclusive of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as it is from Universal Studios Florida.

It is true that stuffed animals that depict dogs are pretty common, but a big one that looks just like this particular dog… Now, that is not something that everyone has! So when shopping for Harry Potter fans, remember this cute version of Fang.

6 Funko Supercute Plush: Hagrid Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

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Speaking of Hagrid, there is also a Funko Supercute Plush of him, as well. He is one of the fan favorites, a character that showed care, kindness and friendship from the very beginning.

Plus, he became the teacher of one of the coolest classes at Hogwarts, Care of Magical Creatures, which makes sense, since he always had amazing animals around. And for all the fans of his out there, there is this stuffed replica, straight from Funko, that shows him off in the cutest way possible.

5 Funko Supercute Plush: Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Of course, there are two more characters that deserve mentions on this gift guide and that also have their own Funko plushes. First up is Hermione Granger, who is smart, who was known for her bushy brown hair, who is brave and who helped complete the main trio of this story.

For many, Hermione, played by Emma Watson, was the best part of these flicks, so it is easy to see many people out there turning to this Funko Supercute Plush (either to give to someone else or to just keep!).

4 Funko Supercute Plush: Quidditch Ron

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Don’t forget about Ronald Weasley! He can be a bit awkward and nervous, but he is another brave and noble guy who stood by Harry’s side through it all. Oh, and he ended up with Hermione, so good for him.

He also played Quidditch, and that fun detail led to the creation of this fun plush: This is Ron in his Quidditch uniform! As usual, there are lots of awesome details, and those who enjoy Ron’s part of this story deserve to have this cute plush in their lives.

3 Harry Potter Hedwig Collector Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

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While at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, students can have an animal, and as everyone knows, Harry had an owl named Hedwig. This collector plush, which is officially authorized by Warner Brothers and manufactured by The Noble Collection, shows off this well-known bird is a great way.

This version of Hedwig is 14 inches, and it would look wonderful either put on display with other pieces of memorabilia or in a baby’s nursery or a child’s room, next to other fun toys.

2 The Noble Collection Fantastic Beasts Niffler Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

After the original Harry Potter films came the Fantastic Beasts movies, and through those, fans got to see a Niffler. These creatures have long snouts and black fur, and they are attracted to shiny things.

These creatures are also pretty cute, so The Noble Collection decided to put out a plush version; with a toy like this, those who liked Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them can celebrate the story in an even bigger and better way, by having their very own Niffler.

1 Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Collector Plush

Harry Potter Plush Toys Gift Guide

Everyone remembers the scene when Harry got his Monster Book of Monsters and had to jump down on it in order to keep those chomping teeth from doing any harm. While this was all a bit scary, a plush version of this book sounds awesome!

That being said, it is time for the last suggestion on this gift guide… another product that is officially authorized by Warner Brothers… something else that is made by The Noble Collection… and a final item that is full of embroidery and embellishments… a Monster Book of Monsters Collector Plush!

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